Sagittarius Season Energy and Aromatherapy

“In the eye of the storm, you will find the peace to summon the fire that safely carries you to shore.”

-Kate Becker


On the 21st of November, our luminous Sun moves into the joyful and exuberant fire sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarians are ruled by the planet Jupiter; the planet of good fortune, optimism, expansion and abundance. Truthful, generous, cheerful, big-hearted Sagittarians are all about adventure and taking the path less traveled. Sagittarians are often the gypsies of the zodiac because they yearn for travel and are constantly afflicted with that delightful wanderlust they’re always talking about! They can be very independent and strong-willed and they are not afraid to venture off on their own. A natural born leader, Sagittarius will go after what she wants, without necessarily caring what others might think. Trail-blazing Sagittarians do not need permission or approval from others because they have such a strong sense of self. Because of this, head-strong Sagittarius does not always want to hear the opinions or advice from those around them. 

Even with their infectious energy and enthusiasm extending to others, a Sagittarius loves to hang out alone with herself. She’s comfortable planning a whole day of adventure just for her own joy and pleasure. This solo time is truly self-care and a way that she can recharge, reboot and connect with her deepest self. Frank Sinatra, Louisa May Alcott, Jane Austen, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Sammy Davis Jr, Walt Disney, Billie Jean King and Britney Spears are just a few notable Sagittarians!

Sagittarius Correspondences

Duality: Masculine

Element: Fire

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

House: 9th House of Expansion, Travel + Language

Symbol: Archer

Glyph: Pointed Arrow

Body Part: Liver, Hips + Thighs

Animals: Horse

Tarot Card: Temperance

Color: Purple

Sagittarius Season Energy

As always, you don’t need to be a Sagittarius to embrace the Sagittarian energy of the season! If you know a Sagittarius, look to them as an example or ask yourself, “What would a Sagittarius do?” The spirit of Sagittarius Season is to GO BIG OR GO HOME! Open your heart and open your mind to the endless opportunities and possibilities that the Universe may offer you this season. Channel bold, fiery Sagittarian energy as you respond to questions, requests and opportunities. Look outside the box and push your boundaries to try something new! If you have big, wild ideas and dreams, now is the perfect time to go after them. Stop hiding in the shadows and let your truth be known. It is time to stop accepting the bare minimum and go after what you really want. Stay optimistic and keep it fun, but be bold and daring.

this sagittarius season you should...

  • Say “YES” to something you normally might decline
  • Read a new book
  • Meet new people
  • Learn a new craft or skill
  • Find a way to expand your mind
  • Go somewhere new
  • Always be ready for an adventure!

kate's magik sagittarius feature

Kate Becker is the owner and founder of Kate's Magik! Kate shared, "I love the sunset and the moonrise, the scent of desert rain and soulful tunes. Felines and caprines never cease to comfort me and tenacious, spicy people make my world go round. Magik is everywhere, in this world and beyond, to experience it we just have to finetune our perception. The sacred essences of this magnificent planet help conjure our own divinity and remind us of who we truly are. I am honored to be a steward for these mystical, healing oils and have deep gratitude for the work I do." Happy Birthday Kate! Read more about Kate here!


As you go boldly where no Sagittarius has gone before, nurture and guide that adventurous spirit that may be hiding or lying somewhere dormant inside of you. It’s easy to say “go big or go home,” but some of us may need a little extra help! In bold, you will find notes from our resident Sagittarius Queen and Kate’s Magik Owner + Founder, Kate!

Fearlessness & Confidence Anointing OilSun of Success Anointing Oil and Stream of Success Aura Mist are some of Kate’s most go-to Sagittarian products! 

"Before all intentions setting I always cleanse my aura with Purification and Protection Aura Mist or burn a little white sage. For courage and intention setting in matters of business and worldly successes, I anoint my throat and tail bone with Fearlessness & Confidence Anointing Oil and apply Sun of Success Anointing Oil on my heart to ensure it is for the highest good of all involved. I complete the ritual by misting myself with Stream of Success Aura Mist to instill joyful abundance and spiritual success.”    

Fearlessness & Confidence Anointing Oil
Sun of Success Anointing Oil
Stream of Success Aura Mist

Fearlessness & Confidence Anointing Oil is a blend of Vanilla and Ginger to help you conquer fears and insecurities, while instilling courage and the ability to manifest the necessary motivation to walk your path with strength and confidence! Fearlessness & Confidence Anointing Oil helps fight fear and insecurity and gives you power.

Sun of Success Anointing Oil is blend of deep and grounding Frankincense with bright, uplifting Citrus used to help achieve goals in any aspect of life, such as career, creativity, legal matters, fame, health and more. Sun of Success Anointing Oil opens doors, fosters communication and brings success.

Stream of Success Aura Mist was designed to bring forth the inner smile and help radiate the joy needed to attract the rewards we deserve and manifest the energy of success in our endeavors. It's a powerful tool to attract success and good fortune as well as encourage confidence and effective communication.


Inanna -- the ancient Sumerian Goddess of sensuality, fertility (grain) and war, and dates as far back as 3500 BC. She may be more than 4000 years old, yet she embodies many qualities needed for the modern mystical woman of this era; fearlessness, strength, creativity and resourcefulness. Inanna’s myth was born in pre-patriarchal times when honoring the divine feminine was still part of everyday and every man's life. Here in the Inanna Bastet Perfume Society Perfume, heavenly Moroccan Rose is married with earthly Indian Sandalwood. A touch of Clove adds a courageous, sensual fire -- a creation worthy of any Goddess! 

"Inanna is my newfound Queen. I strongly identify with her and look to her for ancient priestess wisdom. I apply her when I need to tap into the spiritual leader archetype - her scent is mesmerizing and is said to be reminiscent of a high-end conventional French perfume." 



"Lion-headed Goddess Sekhmet has been a strong guide for me since getting reacquainted with her at the Met in early 2019. She helps me to trust my decisions, tap into fierce energy when needed and connect with the power of our sun - her scent is deeply magical and evocative of ancient Egypt."  

Sekhmet Bastet Perfume Society Perfume is a blend of sacred Myrrh and spellbinding Tuberose which brings heart magik and citrus infuses the solar power needed to face the toughest of challenges.

$ 89.00

 Pan is the therianthropic Greek goat God of all nature. His deep connection to the natural world is profoundly needed in our current time. Pan links us to our own animal nature and awakens our connection to the wild and untamed. The goal is for the archetype of Pan to ignite a healthy instinct to connect to the wildness within us and fine-tune our relationship to our mother planet; where we can find the deep healing we all long for. Pan Bastet Perfume was created to evoke the alluring musky scent of flora and fauna. Forestry noted are folded in with balsamic Amber - Rose and Oud create a majestic balance. 

“Pan is a great Sagittarian blend, not only because he is also a centaur (half man half beast) but for his connection to the wild and untamed. Pan is especially evocative for those who identify as male or gender neutral.”

Apply Creativity & Performance Anointing Oil, a blend of Cedarwood and Patchouli, when you need grounding, inspiration, help with manifesting creativity, enhancing artistic expression or overcoming blocks in self-expression and creativity.  

“Creativity and Performance Anointing Oil has helped me write songs, move through creative blocks and trust my abilities as a performer.”

Apply Energizing Wind Massage + Body Oil after you shower in the morning to help wake you up and get ready for the day! With notes of Geranium, Citrus and Rosemary, Energizing Wind Massage + Body Oil serves as a potent pick-me-up and keeps the mind and body alert while encouraging a bright attitude to overcome challenges. Massage this oil over the entire body to revitalize muscles and stimulate the senses or self-apply as an invigorating body oil to nourish the skin and uplift the spirit. 

“Energizing Wind Massage + Body Oil is my version of coffee. I start every single work day with this invigorating body oil - it instills vitality and helps me focus on the tasks at hand!”

Fire Aromatherapy Body Lotion

Fire fuels confidence, passion, and creativity. Fire Body Lotion is sensual and empowering while evoking love, passion and sensuality. Sandalwood will encourage faith and trust, while Moroccan Rose opens the heart and raises your vibration. Lavish this lotion generously from head to toe while setting your intention for the day or evening. Inhale the divine aromas and visualize your wishes coming true.

Wood Nymph Body Perfume Oil

UseWood Nymph Body Perfume Oil to evoke love and trust.  Wood Nymph Body Perfume Oil helps you feel grounded and compassionate while revealing your inner beauty. It stimulates internal knowledge, brings peace, trust and awareness. Earthy, sweet Cedarwood with protective, woodsy Juniper envelop regal Rose and sensual Jasmine. A touch of spice makes this balanced blend an intoxicating and grounding experience. With both feet on the ground you can sway like a tree, be rooted, yet flexible and free. 

“I created this ancient Egyptian style body perfume in 2003 to help me birth Kate’s Magik. Wood Nymph Body Perfume Oil has the deep woodsy, resinous notes I love most and was created for the intention of instilling trust in my gifts. I wear it often, it’s always comforting and it feels like my own personal signature scent.” 

Firefly Body Perfume Oil

Apply Firefly Body Perfume Oil for passion, love and creativity. Fireflies use a specific flash pattern to attract a mate after dark. If a flashing male catches a female's fancy, she will signal back and they mate.  Firefly Body Perfume Oil unveils your unique beauty, reveals your highest creative potential, arouses your senses and lets you be seen for who you truly are: beautiful, magnificent and powerful. Royal Jasmine married with seductive Patchouli forms the foundation for this captivating body perfume oil. Luminous Neroli with the blessing of sacred Frankincense makes this blend an alluring elixir. Let your passion rise, your fire shine and intoxicate the world around you.  

“For musical performances with my band, I wear Firefly Body Perfume Oil to ignite my inner star and magnetic Sagattarian ways.” 

Blossom of Joy Diffuser Oil

Blossom of Joy Diffuser Oil is a cheerful blend intended to lift the spirit and instill bliss. This blend creates a welcoming atmosphere with a joy-inducing aromatic bouquet of Sweet Orange, Mandarin, Geranium, and Clove. 

sagittarius gift tin

Kate's Magik has the perfect gift tin for that special Sagittarius in your life, curated by Kate herself!


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