Aries Season Energy and Aromatherapy

Sun in Aries

The Sun moved into the sign of Aries on Thursday March 19, 2020. Coincidentally, Thursday March 19th is also the day that we honored and celebrated the Spring Equinox, also known as Ostara! Aries is a fire sign ruled by the planet Mars and is the first sign in the wheel of the zodiac. As the first sign in the zodiacal calendar, Aries is the sign of fresh beginnings and can represent the start of a new year for you! Aries are generally understood to be the babies of the zodiac and often thought of as impulsive, active, energetic, excitable but very open to change and exciting new experiences.

Kate's magik Aries Season Features

Our resident Aries at Kate’s Magik is Scott, our shipping master, whose birthday is April 19th! Scott lovingly packages and sends all of your Kate's Magik orders that you place online through our website and over the phone.  

Kate was going to travel to Switzerland to be with her Aries mom, Anita, for her big birthday on April 10th this year and is very sad to not be able to go and be with her mom during this time.

Happy Birthday and Happy Aries Season to these two hot, Aries balls of fire!

Aromatherapy for Aries Season

With signs of Spring just around the corner and the onset of Aries season, this is an optimal time to set some intentions for the coming months and to begin anew. As Pisces season comes to a close and we’ve surrendered and let go of that which needs to be released, begin planting your intentions to manifest everything you’ve ever dreamed of!

Normally we would suggest all of the fiery, passionate scents for the first fire sign of the zodiac wheel such as Fire Lotion, Aphrodisian Fire Massage + Body Oil, Sensual Lust & Passion Anointing Oil, Pure Passion Aura Mist and Passion Rising Diffuser Oil. However, considering the unprecedented times we are all experiencing together, the products to be highlighted may be a better fit for this current season of Aries. The following products were also chosen for our Spring Equinox and Ostara collection as a way to honor the changing of the seasons but also to confront and engage with our current situation in a positive and life-affirming way.

Fearlessness & Confidence Anointing Oil helps fight fear, insecurity and instill power.This powerful blend of luscious, warm Madagascan Vanilla and a kick of courageous spicy ginger provides the motivation and courage needed to conquer challenges in all realms of life. This mighty oil blend is great for interviews, speeches and performances.

Fertility & Manifestation Anointing Oil is meant to help manifest new ideas and create miracles! The word Fertility signifies the preparation of fertile ground for planting or creating something new - in art, relationships, health, business and money etc. - in other words, fertile energy to manifest a new creation. Fertility & Manifestation Anointing Oil is a blend of musky Indonesian Patchouli and purifying Cedarwood with sunny sweet orange and a touch of Indian spice used as a tool to help bring forth our inner visionary and create something uniquely our own.

Peace & Purification Anointing Oil promotes relaxation and helps counter stress and stressful situations. Peace & Purification Anointing Oil is a comforting and calming blend that helps support us during times of anxiety, stress, and depression. It helps instill a deep sense of calm. A soothing & comforting blend of floral Lavender and calming Roman Chamomile, Peace & Purification Anointing Oil is also a great aid against headaches and migraines and supports rest and relaxation.

Woman See Bright Anointing Oil - Kates Magik Aromatherapy Anointing Oils,
$ 15.99$ 13.59

Woman See Bright Anointing Oil is the ultimate blend for women. This blend evokes divine feminine wisdom and brings clarity and inspiration while balancing female energies. Woman See Bright also helps conquer fear and insecurity and is beneficial during PMS, menopause and childbirth as Clary Sage promotes a healthy hormonal balance. Woman See Bright is a rich, sophisticated blend of Clary Sage and Jasmine.

Archangel Michael Sacred Perfume
$ 25.99$ 22.09

Archangel Michael Sacred Perfume is meant to instill courage and provide protection. Archangel Michael is the great protector and guide of light and love. Notes of sacred Frankincense and courageous Ginger help shield you from the unwanted and instill the trust needed to follow your path.

Purification & Protection Aura Mist
$ 15.99$ 13.59

Purification & Protection Aura Mist is a cleansing aromatherapy mist to remove negativity, relieve stress and restore balance. This mist is also a great way to remove bad vibes and cleanse any space to create a balanced atmosphere. Additionally, Purification & Protection Aura Mist is a powerful alternative when you can't burn sage or other herbs.Purification & Protection is a supportive blend of exotic Sandalwood and purifying Frankincense with comforting floral notes and bright, clean Lemon.

Heart & Spirit Aura Mist - Kates Magik Aromatherapy Aura Mist,
$ 15.99

Heart & Spirit Aura Mist lifts the spirit and opens the heart to compassion, love, healing and grace. With its highly spiritual vibration, Heart & Spirit Aura Mist is an instant aromatherapy treatment that empowers grace from within. It creates an atmosphere that promotes healing and is a great way to open the heart for meditation, yoga, or any spiritual practice. Heart & Spirit Aura Mist is a beautiful blend of the sweet wood notes of Cedar with sunny, uplifting Neroli and balancing Geranium.

Lavender Essential Oil
$ 9.95

Lavender Essential Oil is good for so many uses and applications. The aroma of Lavender is calming for the body and mind and can help reduce anxiety, stress and promote sleep. It can act as an antidepressant and when applied to the temples can provide instant relief of stress or even headaches. It is also a great healing aid when applied to burns, scrapes and blemishes. Lavender can be a great help to calm and relax children.

Courageous Spirit Diffuser Oil
$ 10.99$ 9.34

Courageous Spirit Diffuser Oil is an uplifting blend of Ginger, Litsea Cubeba, Rosemary and Clary Sage meant to instill clarity and build confidence. This oil empowers you to conquer fears and inspires courage.

Use Water Aromatherapy Lotion for purification and healing. Water is purifying, rejuvenating, and transformational. Visualize your emotional pallet being cleansed as Lavender tames your nerves and night-blooming Jasmine intoxicates your senses. Allow the energy of water to flow through you, leaving you cleansed, feeling safe and nurtured. Water Aromatherapy Lotion is a blend of the intoxicating floral notes of Lavender and Jasmine.

Tranquil Moonlight Massage + Body Oil was created for peace, relaxation and sleep. A deeply calming and relaxing oil, Tranquil Moonlight Massage + Body Oil helps release tension and promotes comfort, relaxation and rest. It supports sleep and rest by inducing a state of calm and tranquility as your worries and mind-chatter dissolve away into the ether. Lavender comes together with Sandalwood to nurture and promote tranquility and grounding, Peru Balsam provides warmth and Clary Sage fosters deep calm and relaxation.

Wood Nymph Body Perfume Oil
$ 26.99

Use Wood Nymph Body Perfume oil to evoke love and trust. The Wood Nymph is an earth-loving butterfly that dips through the sagebrush, juniper-pinyon woodland, dry chaparral and open pine forests. Wood Nymph Body Perfume Oil helps you feel grounded and compassionate while revealing your inner beauty. It stimulates internal knowledge, brings peace, trust and awareness. With both feet on the ground you can sway like a tree, be rooted, yet flexible and free. Wood Nymph is a blend of earthy, sweet Cedarwood with protective, woodsy Juniper, enveloped with regal Rose and sensual Jasmine. A touch of spice makes this balanced blend an intoxicating and grounding experience.

Ostara was created in honor of the Spring Equinox as well as the holy season of Passover and Easter. Ostara gets her name from the folkloric Germanic goddess of Spring and Dawn. She represents the awakening Earth, the first warm breeze that touches your face, the return of the chirping birds and the eggs that appear in their nests. Ostara beckons the animals to come out from their warm, winter hideouts and calls forth sprouting plants from the fertile ground with the promise of blooming flowers. Delightful Mimosa brings a gentle cheer of Spring while sweet-herbaceous Geranium Absolute encompasses the energy of the feminine, birth and renewal. Sunny, uplifting Sweet Orange brings joyful vitality to encourage abundance and fruitfulness.

Freya is known for her lustrous beauty and sexual freedom. The aspect of Lady Freya that inspired this formulation was her ability to unveil passionate joy and authentic sensuality. In these times of heightened stress and a society that embraces the overachiever mentality, it is imperative to counterbalance these pressures by fostering pure joy and continuously conjuring the beauty and passion that is ever-present. Freya is also honored as a bringer of success and plenty, often depicted in a chariot drawn by two cats - a discovery that elated me as a devotee of the feline species. Kate’s muses for the Freya Perfume formulation were seductive Moroccan Rose and balancing Geranium. These floral notes are cradled by the highly spiritual vibration of Frankincense and warm, resinous balsam. A burst of zesty citrus rounds out the blend and brings forth joy, vitality and the courage to follow our bliss through darkness into the light.

Pan is the therianthropic Greek goat God of all nature. His deep connection to the natural world is profoundly needed in our current time. Since the ancient past, his mirthful yet wise ways have intrigued the hearts of many mystics. Pan links us to our own animal nature and awakens our connection to the wild and untamed. He lives in dells and grottoes, woods and water, and represents the uncivilized divine masculine - primal and often lustful. The focus of the archetype of Pan is to ignite a healthy instinct to connect to the wildness within us and fine-tune our relationship to our mother planet; where we can find the deep healing we all long for. Pan Perfume was created to evoke the alluring musky scent of flora and fauna. Forestry noted are folded in with balsamic Amber - Rose and Oud create a majestic balance. 

White Sage, with its incredibly strong, aromatic resin, is the most highly prized Western Sage. It is found in the rugged mountains of the Southwest, where it is burned ceremonially for purification rituals. Its beautiful leaf clusters and enormous flowering stalks burst forth in the Spring, painting streaks of white against the rusty green hillsides and filling the air with the pungent scent of wild Sage. Burn White Sage in your space to cleanse and purify the air and energy.

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