meet kate

At a young age, Kate began to learn and practice alternative healing techniques as she was battling various illnesses that resulted from underlying depression. With the help of her mother, she abandoned allopathic medicine and turned to alternatives such as tinctures, essential oils and homeopathy. This discovery helped improve her well-being and opened the door on a path to the healing arts. Kate became a certified Reiki practitioner as a teenager and has since graduated as a Reiki Master Teacher. With the help of many methodologies and mentors, she became a strong believer in intention-based work and incorporated it into her practice as a spiritual counselor. She is also a singer-songwriter and strongly believes in the power of music as medicine for the soul and has released two albums to date.

After moving to Tucson, Kate developed an approach that unites Energy Work (Reiki) with the combination of medicinal plants (Essential Oils) and the power of the mind (Intention). She sought to create products made from Pure Essential Oil Blends to aid people facing normal, everyday challenges: overcoming fear, sadness or insecurity; conquering bad habits or addictions; re-instilling confidence and trust, enhancing joy, sensuality and success.