meet kate

Born to a New Yorker father and a Swiss mother, Kate grew up between two worlds. She spent her childhood moving between continents, absorbing two cultures, speaking two languages and often feeling pulled in both directions. In response to this instability, and being an exceptionally sensitive child, she developed challenges with her physical and emotional health. After having her spleen, appendix and tonsils removed and being on and off antibiotics for years on end, her mother looked beyond allopathic medicine and turned to natural remedies. This discovery greatly helped improve Kate’s overall well-being and opened the door to a path of the healing arts. On the healing journey Kate was awakened to her love for herbs, oils, ritual and everything magikal. She became a certified Reiki practitioner as a teenager and has since graduated as a Reiki Master Teacher. With the help of many methodologies and mentors, she became a practitioner of intention-based work and incorporated it into her practice as a spiritual counselor. Kate is also a singer-songwriter and strongly believes in the power of music as medicine for the soul. She has released three albums to date and started Kate’s Magik, an intention based aromatherapy company, in 2002. She now also creates masterful natural perfumes for her high end line, the Bastet Perfume Society.

Kate spent the majority of her formative years in Bern, Switzerland, going to school and studying dance. At around fourteen, her knees could no longer support her dancing. Heartbroken, she lost her direction and fell in with “the wrong crowd.” She was sent to live with her journalist father, a former New Yorker who was living with his new family in Toronto, Canada. After breaking off film school, she decided to go discover the world in search of her calling. She traveled the Americas, from Mexico to Brazil and lived on Guanaja, a Bay Island of Honduras for a couple of years. During this era she lived with many different cultures, learned to speak Spanish, spent time with Indigenous peoples, sailed the Caribbean and endlessly explored the underwater world as a free diver. In addition, she spent much time deep in the virgin rainforest of the Mosquito Coast where howler monkeys and giant iguanas abound. During these years, she experienced raw awakening, profound healing and became conscious of her innate devotion to the natural world and everything mystical and magical. It was an unusual kind of adulting. After seven years of living through the ups and downs of such wild freedom, she left that life of reckless abandon and moved back to her place of origin, New York City.

Over the following decade of living in Manhattan, she fully immersed herself in the study of healing and music. She deepened her Reiki practice and committed to the teachings of A Course in Miracles by studying under Yasuko Kasaki (CRS), learned from and worked for the renowned Dr. Catherine Riggs Bergesen and dedicated herself to a 7 year jazz vocal training with Nanette Natal (Benyo Music) which included daily inner child therapy. She spent endless nights in the city's infamous jazz clubs and long days absorbing all she could about healing and magik. She learned from the best, discovered her gifts and finally found her direction. New York City was a fierce but loving teacher. By the time she left New York in 2002, she had become an accomplished spiritual coach and gained experience as a songwriter and performer in the city that never sleeps. Finally armed with some worldly chops, at 33 years old, the city in ashes from the wake of the 9/11 tragedies, Kate felt it was time to leave the concrete jungle and return to a more natural based existence.

In the Spring of 2002, Kate moved to the heart of the Sonoran desert. In Tucson, Kate developed an approach that united channeling universal healing energy (Reiki) with the combination of pure aromatic healing essences (Pure Essential Oils) and the power of the mind (Intention) in order to help people clarify needs and make positive changes. Drawing from all the teachings she had absorbed and practiced, she sought to create products made from 100% Pure Essential Oil Blends to aid people facing normal, everyday challenges; overcoming fear, sadness or insecurity, conquering bad habits or addictions, re-instilling confidence and trust, enhancing joy, sensuality and success. Kate’s lines of Reiki-charged products include Anointing Oils, Aura Mists, Massage Oils, Body Perfume Oils, Diffuser Oils, Element-Inspired Aromatherapy Body Lotions, Sacred Perfume Roll-ons, Intention-based Herbal Teas, Undiluted Pure Essential Oil Single Notes and her latest creation, Banditos, an essential oil-based natural defense line, and her most masterful creations Bastet Perfume Society.

Kate's Magik operates independently and controls its entire manufacturing process. Kate’s Magik is currently an ALL-women run company. Each product is lovingly crafted with human hands at their production facility in historic downtown Tucson, Arizona. The entire Kate’s Magik team is Reiki certified and the production magicians (those who blend the synergy into the carrier medium) conduct a purification and sacred intention ritual that includes REIKI and a gold-dipped crystal singing bowl on every batch produced. Music is selected and played during the filling process based on the intention of the product.

Kate remains active in daily operations and still blends many of the essential oils herself. She personally selects every component by quality, scent, sustainability and vibration. She is proud to have had the opportunity to create healing tools and beautiful aromas that enrich people’s lives and continues to develop new products that contribute to the overall well-being of this planet by helping people help themselves.