Kate’s Magik strives to provoke the senses, conjure wisdom and call forth peace, love and trust.  We create 100% pure, intention-based aromatherapy products to support people on their life-path in order to invoke positive changes by uniting the power of intention with the beautiful aromas of earth’s sacred and medicinal plants.  Each product is hand-blended in small batches with love and intention in historic downtown Tucson, Arizona. Healing music is played during production that is in line with the purpose of the oil. Our entire staff is comprised of Reiki practitioners who support our mission to contribute to the overall healing of the planet by helping people empower themselves with intention-based aromatherapy.  

Essential Oils are concentrated liquefied extracts containing the volatile aromatic compounds from plants, flowers and trees. They have been used for thousands of years for both ceremonial and medicinal applications going back to Ancient Egypt, China and India. Pure Essential Oils contain numerous complex components that often cannot be replicated in a lab, which makes them powerful tools for healing and well-being. Synthetic fragrances do not have any of the therapeutic benefits of Pure Essential Oils. At Kate's Magik, we only use pure essential oils and naturally extracted aromatic compounds; never synthetic fragrance or perfume oils. 

Our essential oils come from all over the world. Some are organic and many are wild-crafted. Wild-crafted essential oils are extracted from the most natural form of the plant, growing out in nature, not cultivated by people, thus free from any pesticides or fertilizers. It takes a large amount of plant material to produce a comparatively small amount of essential oil, so it is common for the extraction process to take place close to where the plant is grown. 

Kate personally selects the essential oils in our products by quality, scent and vibration.

Our oils are tested to ensure they are not adulterated. We embrace exotic and precious oils such as Rose, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Neroli and Vanilla. Even though their availability is an invaluable luxury, they possess powerful therapeutic qualities and add important scents to the aroma palette. We also choose sustainably harvested Essential Oils over other alternatives (For example the Indian Sandalwood forests are now in danger due to rapid deforestation so we choose Australian Sandalwood Essential Oil, which is sustainable and highly regulated).


Quality is extremely important to us! Aroma quality control is performed on each and every product by the owner and creator, Kate, or her trusted operations manager when she is out of town. If you have any concerns about the consistency of the aroma of a product, we are able to check a sample from that exact batch made. Please email us with any issues. Many of our natural perfumes are colored due to their natural ingredients. We only work with 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils (sustainable, organic & wildcrafted when possible) and absolutes, so the aromatic profile can vary slightly between batches due to the nature of plants. Our products DO NOT contain synthetic fragrance oils, dyes, parabens, phthalates or chemical fragrances. They are gluten-free, soy-free, vegan* and cruelty free. Our products are for EXTERNAL use only.

*Our Bastet Perfumes may have animal products that are sustainably and ethically sourced and harvested.


Our carrier oils are selected to combine with the fat-soluble essential oils. They carry the essential oil onto the skin. For our blends we selected these nourishing oils:


Sweet Almond is rich, skin-nourishing and is naturally absorbed by your skin. We choose only the finest available quality. Naturally soothing and wonderfully smooth, Sweet Almond Oil helps restructure and soften the skin. We source ours from California almonds. It serves as the primary base for our Anointing OilsBody Perfume Oils and Massage Oils.  


Avocado Oil is the secondary carrier oil in our Body Perfume Oils and Massage Oils that affords a wholesome silkiness and is wonderfully absorbed by your skin. It is full of beneficial antioxidants and has strong regenerative and anti-wrinkle properties. We source ours from some of the highest quality avocados grown in Michoacan, Mexico.  


Jojoba is actually a liquid wax rather than an oil that is deeply conditioning and is the closest thing to the natural oils in our skin. It is a deeply conditioning carrier that sources from the seeds of the Jojoba bush that thrives in the harsh conditions of the Sonoran Desert. It serves as the base for our Sacred Perfume Roll-Ons and Bastet Perfume Society Perfumes.  


In our Aura Mists, distilled, purified water is the only ingredient besides the natural aromatherapy grade essential oils. These mists are free of alcohol and other emulsifiers! Our distilled water comes from a small, independent, natural grocer, where it is carbon filtered, UV treated and magnetically enhanced. Since we do not use alcohol or emulsifiers in our Aura Mists, please shake well before use - a small price for the ability to experience an alcohol-free, all-natural product.  


Our Premium Intention-Based Herbal Teas only contain the highest quality organic herbs and spices.