The Kate's Magik Philosophy: Intention-Based Aromatherapy

Founder, Creator, and Formulator Kate Becker is a strong believer in intention-based work. Setting your intentions each day is a practice that helps us remain anchored in the present and live each day with mindfulness.Kate's Magik Intention-Based Essential Oil Blends are formulated as tools to support intentional living with the assistance of Earth's sacred plants, flowers, and trees.

When confronted with the everyday challenges of fast-paced contemporary living, we easily forget to ask ourselves what we need to overcome difficulties and be successful in our daily lives. Harnessing the power of our minds and setting our intentions each day gives us an opportunity to break out of autopilot and greet each day with meaning and purpose.

Kate’s Magik combines aromatherapy with the power of intention to help release unhealthy thought patterns while identifying and clarifying our needs to manifest our desires. By uniting aroma, plant medicine and intention, we amplify the mind to empower change and growth."


Quote by Kate's Magik Founder Kate Becker