Our Process

Kate's Magik Essential Oil Blends and Therapeutic Aromatics are handcrafted with vision and purpose and further enhanced by the Power of Intention and Reiki. Kate is a Reiki Master Teacher, and every person who handles our products is a certified Reiki Practitioner.

In order to maintain our high standards, we control every aspect of manufacturing process at our facility in Tucson, AZ. During each step of production, our products are treated with deep respect and honor for the powerful essences that the Earth's plants have provided us.

See our Ingredients page for more information about our Quality Standards.

Here is an overview of how we craft our Intentional Aromatherapy Products:

Blending the Essential Oil Synergy:

The majority of our products are still blended personally by Kate. The actual blending area is treated as a sacred space where one can clear her or his energy and focus on creating powerful healing tools by combining the pure essences of plants and flowers from around the world. With the mind set on the purpose of the product, we follow elaborate recipes and procedures to marry (mix) each of the essential oils one at a time. Once all the essential oils have come together, we then charge the Synergy (completed blend of essential oils) with Reiki Energy according to the purpose of the product. 

Combine with Carrier Medium:

The Essential Oil Synergy Blend is then passed along to our production team to be incorporated into the carrier medium. Depending on the product line, this is one of the following or a combination of: Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba, Distilled Water or Lotion. Once the fat-soluble essential oils are fully incorporated into the carrier, we are ready to start filling bottles. At Kate's Magik we choose to produce our products in small batches to ensure the freshest products are always on our shelves.

Continued through the Production Process:

The batch of product is then bottled, capped, labeled and boxed, all with the help of human hands and lots of love. Throughout this process, our production team maintains an awareness of the energy and intention of the product being produced. 

Once the production run is completed, the products move to our shipping department where they are sent out to stores and individuals around the world, spreading the united power of Intentional Aromatherapy.