Chakras and Intentional Aromatherapy

Chakra Healing Energy Centers is a Sanskrit term for wheel, relating to a center of activity that receives, expresses and distributes life force energy. Referring to a spinning sphere of bioenergetic activity, Chakra energy centers are located along the spine, at major branches of the human nervous system. They connect to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. Each Chakra functions at optimum level when in balance.

Chakra Healing

The Seven Main Chakras:

Chakra Diagram

  1. Crown: Higher Consciousness, Spiritual Gate, Connection to Divine
  2. Third Eye/Brow: Intuition, Sight, Visualization
  3. Throat: Voice, Communication, Self-Expression, Song, Words
  4. Heart: Love, Compassion, Emotion
  5. Solar Plexus: Center of Will, Truth, Self
  6. Sacral: Creativity, Sexuality (f), Strength
  7. Base/Root: Grounding, Sexuality (m) (located at the base of the spine/back of the body)