Lavender (French) Essential Oil

Kate's Magik

Size: 5 ml Amber Glass Dropper Bottle
Lavender (French) Essential Oil - Kates Magik Essential Oil Single Notes,
Botanical Name:
Lavandula officinalis
Plant Part:
Extraction Method:
Steam Distilled
Perfumery Note:
Therapeutic Qualities:
Lavender Essential Oil is good for many uses and applications. The scent of Lavender is calming for body and mind and can help reduce anxiety, stress and promote sleep. It is an antidepressant and when applied to the temples can provide instant relief of stress or even headaches. It is also a great healing aid when applied to burns, scrapes and blemishes. Lavender can be a great help to calm and relax children.
The French variety of Lavender Essential Oil has a sweet floral note that is preferred by many.
According to legend, the clothing of baby Jesus carred the aroma when Mary laid them on a Lavender bush to dry. This may explain why the plant is also regarded as a safeguard against evil. In many Christian homes, a cross of lavender is used over the door for protection.

Furthermore, grave-robbers were known to use Four Thieves Vinegar, which contained Lavender, before doing their dirty work; protecting them from contracting diseases. In 16th-century France, lavender was also used to resist infection. For example, glove-makers, who were licensed to perfume their wares with lavender, escaped cholera at that time.