Kate's Magik

Aphrodisian Fire Massage & Body Oil

For Love, Passion and Sensuality

A bewitchingly sensual massage and body oil, Aphrodisian Fire enhances romance and excites the senses. It evokes Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty.

DIRECTIONSMassage this oil over your partner's entire body and feel the passion rising or self-apply as a skin-nourishing, fiery body oil to bring fourth passion, love and confidence. Use to heighten sensual pleasures or wear to entice, attract and seduce.

AROMA PROFILE:An exotic wood and flower essential oil blend. Sandalwood and Patchouli are deep and sensual while sultry Rose and flowery Ylang Ylang add a touch of the feminine.

INGREDIENTS: Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Pure Essential Oil Blend of Patchouli, Sandalwood, Ylang-Ylang, Morrocan Rose and Other Pure Essential Oils, Vitamin E (non-GMO from sunflowers)

  • Gluten-free
  • Soy-free
  • GMO-free
  • No Parabens
  • No Synthetic Fragrances 
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free
  • Reiki-Charged

Customer Reviews

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Love all the products!

wonderful scent - but strong!

I bought this as a gift for my husband for Valentine's Day. I had used it years before and remembered that I really enjoyed the scent, but that it was a bit strong for me. The same has held true this time. I am very sensitive to scents and smells, and unfortunately this one is just too much for me. He gave me a massage with it and I had to shower afterwards so I could get to sleep. That said, it's a well-made product and the scent itself is great. We probably just need to dilute it with an unscented oil.

Great product!

I am a loyal customer of Kate's Magik and Aphrodisian Fire. It has multiple uses and I apply it daily across the upper regions of my torso to eliminate natural odors and enable me to enjoy the fragrance all day. I encourage you to try it out!

Fire oil

I used to order this oil from a organic catalog a few years ago.
I do not remember the name of the catalog, but found yours and may be the same.
The bottle is different but the scent is almost the same.
I was glad to find the scent again and
wear it as a perfume oil ,and many
compliments are given.

Aphrodisian Fire Massage & Body Oil

I love this oil. I massage it all over my body every single day. It makes my skin soft and smells fantastic (others comment on how good I smell too). It's like I give myself a spa day every morning and it carries me through the day.