Libra Season Energy and Aromatherapy

sun in LIBRA

On Wednesday September 22nd, the Sun moves into the air sign of Libra. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, which in astrology rules pleasure, social engagements, art and adornments. Venus is also the ancient Roman goddess of Love and beauty with her Greek counterpart as Aphrodite. The symbol of Libras is the image of the scales which represents balance and harmony; something that most Libras strive for! 

Libras are generally active, quite artistic and creative, can be easygoing, social butterflies, diplomatic and highly value beauty; beauty within themselves, their surroundings, in nature and in the people they encounter. Ruled by Venus, Libras are also considered to be the quintessential romantics of the zodiac. They are typically easy to like and very charming. Libras are people persons and treasure healthy and balanced partnerships, both romantic and otherwise. Julie Andrews, Ray Charles, Matt Damon, Julio Iglesias, Paul Simon, Margaret Thatcher, Serena Williams and Oscar Wilde are just a few famous Libras you may know! 

libra correspondences

Duality: Masculine

Element: Air (Cardinal)

Ruling Planet: Venus

House: 7th House - Relationships + People

Symbol: Scales

Glyph: Scale- ancient Egyptian symbol for the setting sun

Body Part: Lower Back, Buttocks + Kidney

Animals: Snakes + Lizards

Tarot Card: Justice

Color: Blues + Purples

LIBRA season energy 

As the wheel of the zodiac continues to turn, we move into the second half of the signs and now focus on Libra energy. As the seasons also change, we may all be feeling a collective time of transition and transformation. Libra Season is all about balance and finding harmony in every facet of our lives. This is so much easier said, than it is done. So while you are experiencing changes, big or small, it’s imperative that you find balance, harmony and ultimately tranquility in your everyday life. 

Because Libra is an air sign, we are being called to find this state of harmonious balance through our mind and thoughts. This might require us to let go of mental constructs or a set of old beliefs that don’t really serve us anymore. Doing this allows new energy and ideas to enter our minds in order to live a more fruitful life. With the scales representing the sign of Libra, you are encouraged to look at all sides of a situation or circumstance, weigh all the facts, balance your emotional reactions with responses of reason. All of this is extra important this Libra season because we will experience both a Mars and Mercury retrograde, which can exasperate situations and create unnecessary tensions. Libras value justice, equality and fairness, so the Libra scales also remind us to look within at our own set of values and truth. It is a reminder to act in accordance with what we believe to be true and right in order to honor our inner divinity

While Libra is all about fairness, justice, and equality for all, there is a deeper message that the scales offer us as well and that is the idea of Divine law. In Egyptian astrology, Ma’at is associated with the sign of Libra. Ma’at is the ancient Egyptian goddess of truth, justice, harmony and balance. Ma’at wears a feather in her crown that is weighed against our hearts when we die in order to see if we lived our most, true, just and authentic lives. Ma’at encourages us to keep this symbolism in mind as we make decisions and judgements during our everyday lives.

new moon in libra ritual

The New Moon in Libra takes place on October 6, 2021. Libra is all about balance and harmony and the New Moon gives us an opportunity to start over or cultivate balance and tranquility within our lives. Focus on balancing the busy schedule of your life with gratitude, peace and harmony with Spirit.

1. Clear negative or stagnant energy by burning cleansing herbs and incense or spraying Purification & Protection Aura Mist around you and your space.

2. Write and journal about your intentions for the next month by embracing the energy of Libra Season. Libra Season is a great time to set intentions for balance, harmony, gratitude, peace, grounding and fairness. 

3. State your intentions, release and let go of limiting beliefs and use Peace & Purification Anointing Oil as meditate on the serenity and balance that you would like to call into your life. For an added dimension, wear on your temples, third eye, throat and behind the ears or massage into neck and shoulders to release tension or on the chest to calm and promote relaxation.

aromatherapy for libra season

Here we have compiled a list of Libra products that will help you with balance, tranquility, harmony, honoring your inner sense of truth and justice and embracing the many aspects of Libra Season!   

$ 89.00$ 69.42

Inanna -- the ancient Sumerian Goddess of sensuality, fertility (grain) and war -- dates as far back as 3500 BC. She was known as the queen of the heavens and associated with the planet Venus and the Star of Ishtar. Her powerful, self-willed and independent nature is what her to Kate. She may be more than 4000 years old, yet she embodies many qualities needed for the modern mystical woman of this era; fearlessness, strength, creativity and resourcefulness. Inanna’s myth was born in pre-patriarchal times when honoring the divine feminine was still part of everyday and every man's life. She was the daughter of the moon couple Nanna and Ningal and the ancient Sumerians believed she was born out of the primordial sea. Here in the Inanna Bastet Perfume, Heavenly Morroccan Rose is married with earthly Indian Sandalwood. A touch of Clove adds a courageous, sensual fire -- a creation worthy of any Goddess!  

Lakshmi Sacred Perfume
$ 27.99$ 21.83

Lakshmi Sacred Perfume evokes beauty and prosperity. Hindu Goddess Lakshmi is the embodiment of beauty, wealth and prosperity. This sacred perfume conjures both material and spiritual success while revealing authentic beauty with notes of Turmeric, Jasmine, and Honey.  

Blue Morpho Body Perfume Oil
$ 29.99$ 23.39

Use Blue Morpho Body Perfume Oil for times of transformation and change. The Blue Morpho Butterfly is an iridescent, blue tropical butterfly that represents transformation and metamorphosis - the ability to change. Blue Morpho Body Perfume Oil will help you grow into your next life stage with strength and an open heart. Let yourself be guided to the enchanted place that awaits you. Embrace change and visualize your life full of beautiful things. Here you are! Gentle Vanilla and mystic Sandalwood create a warm and sacred note, while savory Nutmeg and Pink Grapefruit add spice and zest to Blue Morpho Body Perfume Oil. The result is a smooth, velvety aroma with a powerful undertow for people who crave change. 

$ 17.99$ 14.03

Use Healing Anointing Oil to create restorative vibrations and help fight illness. Healing Anointing Oil instills joy and faith to overcome physical weakness and restores good, vital health. This blend is great for headaches, nausea, anxiety, anger, panic, fear and irritability and is a powerful tool to aid in the healing of the body, mind and spirit.

Healing Anointing Oil is a fresh blend of comforting, restorative Lavender and sunny Bergamot. Apply to your appropriate chakra(s) for desired healing and balance.

Peace & Purification Anointing Oil
$ 17.99$ 14.03

Peace & Purification Anointing Oil promotes relaxation and helps to counter stress. Peace & Purification Anointing Oil is a comforting and calming blend that helps support us during times of anxiety, stress, and depression. This blend of soothing and comforting floral Lavender and calming Roman Chamomile instills a deep sense of peace. Peace & Purification Anointing Oil is also a great aid against headaches and migraines and supports rest and relaxation.  

Purification & Protection Aura Mist
$ 17.99$ 14.03

Purification & Protection Aura Mist is a cleansing aromatherapy mist that removes negativity, relieves stress and restores balance. Use Purification & Protection Aura Mist as an instant aromatherapy treatment by spraying in a circular motion above the crown of your head. As the mist falls down all around you, breathe deeply and feel the purifying power of the essential oils as any anger, negativity or stagnation dissolves away. Take a moment for reflection and embrace your new lightness of being. This mist is also a great way to remove bad vibes and cleanse any space to create a balanced atmosphere. Make it a part of your yoga or meditation ritual to help clear the mind and set your intention for practice. Additionally, Purification & Protection Mist is a powerful alternative when you can't burn sage or other cleansing herbs. Purification & Protection Aura Mist is a blend of Exotic Sandalwood comforting Lavender.  

Breath of Life Diffuser Oil
$ 27.99$ 21.83

Breath of Life Diffuser Oil is a calming blend of Lavender, Lemon, Sandalwood and Frankincense created to nurture the spirit and inspire sacred wisdom. Breath of Life Diffuser Oil is a perfect oil to diffuse in your home or office space to relieve stress and use during yoga, meditation or any spiritual practice.  

Aphrodisian Fire Massage & Body Oil
$ 24.99$ 19.49

Aphrodisian Fire Massage + Body Oil was created for love, passion and sensuality; perfect for Venus-ruled Libra Season! Aphrodisian Fire Massage + Body Oil is a bewitchingly sensual massage and body oil that enhances romance and excites the senses. It evokes Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. Massage this oil over your partner's entire body and feel the passion rising or self-apply as a skin-nourishing, fiery body oil to bring fourth passion, love and confidence. Use to heighten sensual pleasures or wear to entice, attract and seduce. Aphrodisian Fire Massage + Body Oil is an exotic wood and flower essential oil blend. Sandalwood and Patchouli are deep and sensual while sultry Rose and flowery Ylang Ylang add a touch of the feminine.  

Wind Aromatherapy Body Lotion
$ 19.99$ 15.59

Use Wind Aromatherapy Body Lotion for energy and inspiration. The Wind is energizing, awakening, and purifying. It sweeps away confusion and instills life force. Wind Body Lotion will help you find mental clarity and direction, while energizing your body to meet the day or tackle a challenge. The divine essence of Neroli will elevate your spirit, while Geranium provides a steady flow of energy. 


$ 75.00$ 58.50

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