Virgo Season Energy and Aromatherapy

sun in VIRGO

The Sun moves into the Earth sign of Virgo on Saturday August 22nd. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury. In astrology, Mercury is the planet of communication, commerce, technology, intelligence and reason. Mercury is also the ancient Roman god of finance, communication and travel. Virgo is represented by the symbol and philosophy of “the virgin,” meaning that modesty, purity of motive and service are highly valued and cherished. The virgin symbol is typically a woman holding a piece of wheat which represents the industrialization of ideas and skills in order to sustain the world. 

Virgos are usually very practical and realistic people. They are often reserved and restrained to a fault. Virgos are planners, perfectionists, detail-oriented and analytical. Because of these characteristics, Virgos are sometimes stereotyped as critical, judgemental, cold, unfeeling, high strung and stingy. These stereotypes are not necessarily untrue of Virgos, but they stem from much deeper, complex, and usually very reasonable traits like being good at saving money and being highly intellectual. Mother Teresa, Patsy Cline, Roald Dahl, Stephen King, Freddie Mercury, Margaret Sanger and Leo Tolstoy are just a few famous Virgos that exemplify the best traits of this Earth sign.

VIRGO season energy 

As we make our way back to reality from our fun and playful Leo Summers, Virgo helps us get back into the swing of the coming Autumn months focusing on important matters like school, career, goals and planning for the future. You will undoubtedly feel the need to take control of the many facets of your life and look for ways to become more efficient in everything you do. Embrace this energy and find that new flow! You may start to feel an inclination and motivation to old projects or things you’ve always wanted to do. Virgo season is a great time to start these new enterprises as planning, research, analysis and details are invaluable and essential during this month. 

While being detail-oriented and judicious can be great qualities to exude, they can also keep people, especially Virgos, in their heads a little too much, easily blocking out the rest of the world. It’s very important to find the time to relax, unwind and engage in intentional self-care. Try not to get too caught up in the planning and the particulars of Virgo Season, because at the end of the day, there is only so much you can control. 


kate's magik virgo season features

Jess is our amazing Finance and Operations Manager at Kate's Magik and has been here for 4 years! Jess loves to travel, spend time outdoors and play with her dog Sunny. 

Eva is our beloved Kate's Magik Production Assistant and has worked at Kate's Magik for about 2 years! Outside of Kate's Magik, Eva is an incredible visual artist.   

aromatherapy for VIRGO season

Get in the Virgo spirit this year with these Kate’s Magik products specifically chosen with Virgos in mind and to aid everyone else on their journeys through Virgo Season! We’ve got a few Virgos here at Kate’s Magik and these are also some of their recommended products for heart opening, relaxation, clarity and joy!  

Woman See Bright Anointing Oil is the ultimate blend for women. This rich, sophisticated blend of Clary Sage and Jasmine evokes divine feminine wisdom and brings clarity and inspiration while balancing female energies. It can also help to conquer fear and insecurity and is beneficial during PMS, menopause and childbirth as Clary Sage promotes a healthy hormonal balance. Apply Woman See Bright Anointing Oil to your Sacral Chakra for creativity, sexuality and strength, to your Heart Chakra for love, compassion and emotion and to the Third Eye for intuition, insight and visualization.  

Heart & Spirit Aura Mist - Kates Magik Aromatherapy Aura Mist,
$ 15.99

Heart & Spirit Aura Mist was created as an instant aromatherapy mist to lift the spirit and open the heart to compassion, love, healing and grace. With its highly spiritual vibration, Heart & Spirit Aura Mist is an instant aromatherapy treatment that empowers grace from within. It creates an atmosphere that promotes healing and is a great way to open the heart for meditation, yoga, or any spiritual practice. Set your intention and spray generously in a circular motion above your head, as the mist falls down all around you, breathe deeply and feel your spirit soar. 

Dragonfly Body Perfume Oil
$ 26.99

Use Dragonfly Body Perfume Oil for clarity, strength and endurance. Evolved over 300 million years, the Dragonfly is a beautiful, strong flier that can twist, turn and change direction in an instant or hover in mid-air with incredible endurance. It is the messenger of peace and inspiration in Native American culture. Dragonfly Body Perfume Oil will enhance your inner, vital fire, keeping you alert and awake. Focus on what you want to achieve. Don't believe in obstacles! Watch the picture getting clearer and let yourself be carried into focus. Lavish yourself and apply from head to toe to perfume your whole body in the fashion of the Ancient Egyptians. It’s a great way to start the day after a bath or shower and can also be mixed with your favorite unscented lotion. Grounding bottom notes cradle the energizing spirits of Geranium and Rosemary. Fiery Ginger is added for its power to overcome obstacles. This creates a deep and full aroma with the needed spark to ignite your spirit.  

Tranquil Moonlight Massage + Body Oil was created for peace, relaxation and sleep. A deeply calming and relaxing oil, Tranquil Moonlight helps release tension and promotes comfort, relaxation and rest. It supports sleep and rest by inducing a state of calm and tranquility as your worries and mind-chatter dissolve away into the ether. Massage over the entire body with emphasis on the heart and solar plexus. Breathe deeply and visualize the gentle calming moonlight wash over you and cleanse any worries or burdens. Tranquil Moonlight Massage + Body Oil is a blend of warm, supportive wood notes and vanilla balsam which cradle Sage and floral notes. Lavender comes together with Sandalwood to nurture and promote tranquility and grounding, Peru Balsam provides warmth and Clary Sage fosters deep calm and relaxation. Self-apply before bed and drift off into deep restorative rest. Sweet dreams!  

Quan Yin Sacred Perfume
$ 29.99

Quan Yin Sacred Perfume inspires kindness and forgiveness to one’s self and those around. Quan Yin is the Goddess of mercy, compassion and loving kindness. Heavenly Rose evokes the vibration of the divine feminine and re-instills faith, while Sandalwood and Vanilla encourage forgiveness and help you live in the present.

Use Earth Aromatherapy Body Lotion for grounding and empowerment. The Earth is magnetic, fertile and nurturing. Earth Body Lotion will help you live in the present moment and inspires grounding and empowerment. Captivating, complex, piquant Vetiver settles the mind and calms turmoil, while deep, sweet Cedarwood provides stability and strength. Allow your desires to be anchored and awaken your highest potential. Lavish this lotion generously from head to toe while setting your intention for the day or evening. Inhale the divine aromas and visualize your wishes coming true.  

Blossom of Joy Diffuser Oil
$ 10.99

Blossom of Joy Diffuser Oilis a cheerful blend to lift the spirit and instill bliss. This oil creates a welcoming atmosphere with a joy-inducing aromatic bouquet. Blossom of Joy is a delightful blend of Sweet Orange, Mandarin, Geranium and Clove.  

$ 89.00

Pan is the therianthropic Greek goat God of all nature. His deep connection to the natural world is profoundly needed in our current time. Since the ancient past, his mirthful yet wise ways have intrigued the hearts of many mystics. Pan links us to our own animal nature and awakens our connection to the wild and untamed. He lives in dells and grottoes, woods and water, and represents the uncivilized divine masculine - primal and often lustful. The focus of August’s Bastet Perfume is for the archetype of Pan to ignite a healthy instinct to connect to the wildness within us and fine-tune our relationship to our mother planet; where we can find the deep healing we all long for. Pan Perfume was created to evoke the alluring musky scent of flora and fauna. Forestry noted are folded in with balsamic Amber - Rose and Oud create a majestic balance.


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