Leo Season Energy and Aromatherapy

sun in LEO

On Wednesday July 22nd the glorious Sun moves into the flamboyant fire sign of Leo! Symbolized by the lion, Leo is of course ruled by the Sun, the center of our solar system and the life and light giving star that provides us with the energy and heat needed to survive. Leos are often described as creative, enthusiastic, extravagant, loyal, self-assured, courageous and powerful. Sometimes Leos crave center stage attention and believe that they are the life of the party. This is due in part to their dominant, electric and magnetic personalities. People flock to Leos! Leos can be misunderstood as being narcissistic or egocentric, but they often truly believe they have so much to give. Do any of these famous Leos fit those characteristics? Julia Child, Madonna, Mick Jagger, Amelia Earhart, Carl Jung, Jennifer Lopez, Barack Obama and Andy Warhol are just a few famed celebrities who are Leos. Leo may want to be the center of attention, but they should be! Leos aren't afraid to dance to the beat of their own very, special, original, drum.

LEO season energy 

During this Leo Season, try to embody some of that confident Leo energy and be bold in whatever you do! Leos aren’t afraid to take up space or be in the spotlight, and neither should you. It’s ingrained in us as children to not take up space, to be humble and to not draw attention to ourselves. While this may be sound advice in some situations, to live by this rule is soul deafening. Remember and honor your value and gifts. What you have to give is important and integral to the Universe. 

Remember to also take care of yourself this Leo Season. Leos are all about caring for #1 and it’s critical to emulate this sentiment in your own life as well. You cannot pour from an empty cup. Fill your cup first so that you can assist others with theirs. This sign also encourages us to be bold and courageous when it comes to the things that matter. Stand up for what is right and do not be afraid to stand alone, for when you stand, you give others the courage to do so as well. Then, you will not be alone.

aromatherapy for LEO season

Fearlessness & Confidence Anointing Oil was created to help fight fear, insecurity and instill power. Fearlessness & Confidence provides the motivation and courage needed to conquer challenges in all realms of life. It’s great for interviews, speeches and performances. Fearlessness & Confidence is a blend of luscious, warm Madagascan Vanilla with a kick of courageous spicy ginger.

Use Creativity & Performance Anointing Oil for grounding inspiration and to manifest creativity. Creativity & Performance Anointing Oil is an inspirational blend for enhancing artistic expression and overcoming blocks in self expression and creativity. Creativity & Performance is a blend of deep, grounding wood notes and earthly Patchouli. 

Rain of Prosperity Aura Mist is an abundance attracting mist to bring forth prosperity and creates a plentiful environment. Rain of Prosperity Aura Mist helps to create a prosperous atmosphere and serves as a tool to set and maintain your outlook. Basil and Bergamot have been used since ancient times as symbols of prosperity and as a means to direct the flow of abundance. You can also use Rain of Prosperity Aura Mist in your place of business for vibrant money attraction. Mist generously around the space and visualize the thriving atmosphere of success. 

Sphinx Moth Body Perfume Oil was created for grounding and empowerment. The Sphinx Moth is a strikingly beautiful moth family named after the Great Sphinx of Egypt - part human, part animal and lover of the sun god Ra and the earth from which it rises. Sphinx Moth Body Perfume Oil empowers you and instills a lust for life, letting you feel the joy of the sun and the depth of the Earth. Run, dance, howl, this life is yours to do with as you please. Just let yourself be free. You are safe now. Sophisticated Oakmoss combined with musky Labdanum creates a profound and highly spiritual cradle for the sunny-sweet spirit of Bergamot and the tender-hearted Ylang Ylang. This blend is worthy of the Ancient Egyptian Gods.

Fire Aromatherapy Body Lotion evokes love, passion, sensuality and a fire for life. Fire fuels confidence, passion and creativity. Fire Body Lotion is sensual and empowering. Sandalwood will encourage faith and trust, while Moroccan Rose opens the heart and raises your vibration.

Courageous Spirit Diffuser Oil is an uplifting blend of Ginger, Litsea Cubeba, Rosemary, and Clary Sage created to instill clarity and build confidence. This oil empowers you to conquer fears and inspires courage. 

Use Muscle Works Massage + Body Oil for sore muscles, aches and pains. Muscle Works is a powerful massage oil that helps relieve muscle and joint pain and reduces tension. Whether from physical activity or everyday soreness, our muscles become knotted and tight. This massage oil supports relief from all kinds of physical aches and pains. Muscle Works Massage + Body Oil is a blend of warm, camphorous notes of Marjoram and Rosemary with a touch of Lavender and a spicy kick of Ginger. 

Ra Sacred Perfume
$ 25.99

Ra Sacred Perfume was created for energy and empowerment. Ra is the ancient Egyptian Sun God known as creator and ruler of the Heavens. He represents light, warmth, power and energy. Deep, restorative Oakmoss with a touch of Egyptian Jasmine make this a truly empowering blend.

Sekhmet Bastet Perfume 10 ml
$ 95.00

Sekhmet is the Egyptian lion-headed solar goddess of destruction and ferocious healing. The medicine of Sekhmet is needed now, for she aims to return balance to the human condition by restoring calm out of turmoil. Let us stand strong and fierce, yet allow the heart to guide us. 

Sacred Myrrh was an obvious choice for the bottom note of this Egyptian creation of Sekhmet Bastet Perfume. Spellbinding Tuberose brings heart magik and Citrus infuses the solar power needed to face the toughest of challenges.


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