Cancer Season Energy and Aromatherapy

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On Sunday June 20th we celebrate the Summer Solstice and transition from Gemini to Cancer Season. Cancer is the first Water sign of the Zodiac Wheel ruled by the Moon. The Moon reigns over emotions, intuition, mystery, Divine perception and the inner self. Cancers are known to be receptive, sensitive, sympathetic, empathetic, intuitive and quite imaginative. Cancer is represented by the crab, symbolizing a hard exterior but a soft and delicate interior. Crabs can be threatening with their snapping claws but will retreat inside their shell or scurry back to the safety of the ocean if they feel that danger is afoot. Cancers can be a little contradictory in that they love adventures but value safety and security above all else. Princess Diana, Ernest Hemingway, Tom Hanks, Frida Kahlo, Nelson Mandela, Linda Ronstadt, Meryl Streep and Robin Williams are just a few notable Cancerians!

cancer correspondences

Duality: Feminine

Element: Water (Cardinal)

Ruling Planet: Moon

House: 4th House - The House of Foundation

Symbol: Crab

Glyph: 6 & 9 which represent the claws of the crab

Body Part: Chest & Stomach

Animals: Crab

Tarot Card: The Chariot

Color: Blue, Green + Silver

CANCER season energy 

Most people will associate Cancer Season with emotions and lots of tears. While watery Cancer will definitely bring up a multitude of emotions, Cancer Season also encourages us to use those emotions for good and to empathize with our fellow humans. When we reach down deep and evaluate our feelings and emotions, we are actually able to be our most authentic and empathetic selves. With these deep and often intense emotions, comes clarity and figuring out what is really important. These times can be tough but they also bring revelations and resolutions. If you find your emotions or feelings changing rapidly, do not dismiss this as being moody or fickle. Rather take these changes as signs and indications of where your attention or focus should turn to. This is a great practice of self-awareness which in turn allows us to expand our compassion and understanding. Pick up some books, attend workshops, listen to podcasts, watch documentaries and meditate on these things. No matter what, remember that intense emotions and feelings will pass. 


Cancer Season is also an opportune time to get your home or space in order. It’s integral that you cultivate a safe space for you to live, learn, grow and create. This could mean your home space but it also means your energy, the company you keep and the community around you. 

Take special care of yourself this Cancer Season. Cancer favors self care and encourages us to do all the small things that make big differences; cook, clean, sleep, engage in intimacy and gather with family and friends. Building these bonds with ourselves and others creates the safety and security we need in order to live healthy and vibrant lives. 

Cancer new moon ritual

The Cancer New Moon takes place on Friday July 9, 2021. Because Cancer, the sign of the crab, is really all about home, security, family and your daily environments, it is an opportunity to get it all sorted according to what you really want and need in your life. Your home life, the people you surround yourself with, where you lay your head down, should be a sanctuary and a space that encourages and nourishes you. If it’s not, think about why and how you might be able to make it so.

1. Clear negative or stagnant energy by burning cleansing herbs and incense or spraying Purification & Protection Aura Mist around you and your space.

2. Write or journal about your intentions or wishes for your home and space and how you might like it to reflect your intentions, goals, wishes, personality and aesthetics. Be specific about what you would like to manifest in the coming days, weeks and months.

3. State your intentions, release and let go of limiting beliefs and use Fertility & Manifestation Anointing Oil to manifest new ideas and create miracles. The word fertility signifies the preparation of fertile ground for planting or creating something new - in art, relationships, health, business and money etc. - in other words, generate fertile energy to manifest a new creation. Fertility & Manifestation Anointing Oil is a tool to help bring forth your inner visionary and create something uniquely your own. Fertility & Manifestation Anointing Oil is a blend of musky Indonesian Patchouli with sunny Sweet Orange and a touch of Indian spice. Apply to your Solar Plexus for added benefits related to your truth, self and center of will and to your Sacral Chakra for creativity, sexuality and strength.

aromatherapy for CANCER season

$ 95.00$ 76.00

Aphrodite is the ancient Greek goddess of love, sexuality, beauty and desire. She is associated and connected with the brightest star and the planet of love and is the counterpart to the Roman goddess of love, Venus. Aphrodite fosters desire, pleasure, seduction and love. Her mission is to spark passion, ignite creativity and lure you away from the mundane. The hypnotic aroma of Aphrodite will help unleash joyful sensuality, reveal inner desire and allow your thoughts to wander, be lost and wildly abandoned. Aphrodite is an erotic perfume extraordinaire. Use this potent aphrodisiac with the intention to summon sacred sexual connection, awaken pure passion, invoke playful vibration and fall in love with your sensual self. Aphrodite is composed around the rare, enigmatic Tuberose flower - nestled in balsamic Madagascan Vanilla, paired with fiery Ylang Ylang and fortified with zesty Citrus. 

While you may experience some moments of intense emotional feelings during Cancer Season, use Peace & Purification Anointing Oil to help promote relaxation and counter stress and anxiety. Peace & Purification Anointing OIl is a comforting and calming blend that helps support us during times of anxiety, stress, and depression and instills a deep sense of calm. A soothing and comforting blend of floral Lavender and calming Roman Chamomile, Peace & Purification Anointing Oil is also a great aid against headaches and migraines and supports rest and relaxation.

Moon Goddess Anointing Oil
$ 18.99

Moon Goddess Anointing Oil will help you instill joy and remove your fears and worries. Moon Goddess Anointing Oil is a regal Jasmine blend that is uplifting yet calming. It brings forth a lust for life and can serve as an effective aphrodisiac. This oil is also great for a woman's "moon time" and can be applied to the hands and feet during labor.

Ghostbuster Aura Mist
$ 17.99
Ghostbuster Aura Mist is a ghost and monster repellent mist created to banish bad dreams and create a peaceful atmosphere. Ghostbuster Aura Mist features a blend of Sweet Orange with soft, calming Chamomile.
Ghostbuster Aura Mist is a fun bedtime ritual for children and adults alike. It’s an empowering tool to help conquer nighttime fears by spraying under the bed, in the closet and on bed linens to create a soft-scented, sleep-inducing atmosphere. Ghostbuster Aura Mist ensures that both children and parents have a safe and peaceful night. Adults can use Ghostbuster to help clear the day's mental ghosts that can haunt our minds and cause restlessness. Simply set your intention, spray in a circular motion above your head, breathe deeply and embrace tranquility.

As a Water Sign, Cancer inspires us to embody this element and to embrace its lessons and teachings. Water Aromatherapy Body Lotion was created for purification and healing. Water is purifying, rejuvenating, and transformational. Visualize your emotional pallet being cleansed as Lavender tames your nerves and night-blooming Jasmine intoxicates your senses. Allow the energy of Water to flow through you, leaving you cleansed, feeling safe and nurtured.

Dragonfly Body Perfume Oil
$ 29.99

Dragonfly Body Perfume Oil was created for clarity, strength and endurance. Evolved over 300 million years, the Dragonfly is a beautiful, strong flier that can twist, turn and change direction in an instant or hover in mid-air with incredible endurance. It is the messenger of peace and inspiration in Native American culture. Dragonfly Body Perfume Oil will enhance your inner, vital fire, keeping you alert and awake. Focus on what you want to achieve. Don't believe in obstacles! Watch the picture getting clearer and let yourself be carried into focus. Grounding bottom notes cradle the energizing spirits of Geranium and Rosemary. Fiery Ginger is added for its power to overcome obstacles. This creates a deep and full aroma with the needed spark to ignite your spirit. Lavish yourself and apply from head to toe to perfume your whole body in the fashion of the Ancient Egyptians. It’s a great way to start the day after a bath or shower and can also be mixed with your favorite unscented lotion. 

Blossom of Joy Diffuser Oil
$ 10.99

Cancer Season encourages us to take care of our homes and community. Use Blossom of Joy Diffuser Oil to nourish an atmosphere of joy and comfort. Blossom of Joy Diffuser Oil is a cheerful blend intended to lift the spirit and instill bliss. This oil creates a welcoming atmosphere with a joy-inducing aromatic bouquet. Blossom of Joy Diffuser Oil is a jubilant blend of Sweet Orange, Mandarin, Geranium and Clove. 

Clary Sage Essential Oil
$ 11.95

Clary Sage Essential Oil an antidepressant and sedative. It is particularly beneficial for women as it is highly effective for balancing hormones and relieving hot flashes and PMS. Use Clary Sage during Cancer season for women’s health and to connect to the Divine Feminine.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon; the planetary caretaker of emotions, intuition and mystery. Tranquil Moonlight Massage + Body Oil was created for peace, relaxation and sleep. A deeply calming and relaxing oil, Tranquil Moonlight helps release tension and promotes comfort, relaxation and rest. It supports sleep and rest by inducing a state of calm and tranquility as your worries and mind-chatter dissolve away into the ether. Lavender comes together with Sandalwood to nurture and promote tranquility and grounding, Peru Balsam provides warmth and Clary Sage fosters deep calm and relaxation.

Quan Yin Sacred Perfume
$ 29.99

As you practice and engage in a routine of self-care and self-reflection, use Quan Yin Sacred Perfume to inspire kindness and forgiveness. Quan Yin is the Goddess of mercy, compassion and loving kindness. Heavenly Rose evokes the vibration of the divine feminine and re-instills faith, while Sandalwood and Vanilla encourage forgiveness and help you live in the present.

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