Happy March - A Message from Kate

March 04, 2019

Happy March - A Message from Kate

Happy March and Farewell to the Winter Season
A Message from Kate

With March upon us and the Spring Equinox only 20 days away, it is time to bid farewell to the Winter season and the February Blues that often plagues those of us living in the Western Hemisphere. My recommendation for the weeks leading up to the Equinox is for us to collectively work on melting away heavy heartedness. It's time to dissolve unnecessary blocks and stagnation in order to make room for a time of awakening and renewal. 

During the coming, weeks I encourage you to carry Uncrossing Anointing Oil with you wherever you go. Use Uncrossing to cut through negative thought patterns by applying it to your hands and deeply inhaling it as you release negativity.

In addition, Letting Go Anointing Oil is one of our most powerful and effective blends. A great daily companion to use at home to help process emotional matters such as grief and fear. Letting Go Anointing Oils is best applied to the heart followed by deep in-palm inhalation during a time of rest, meditation, or before sleep.

For additional support to kick the Winter Blues and clear the way for the Spring season, I recommend: Water Aromatherapy Body Lotion for purification, Letting Go Massage and Body Oil to release physical stagnation, and Archangel Michael Sacred Perfume to provide additional protection and support.

Good news! The EARLY BIRD SPECIAL is now extended to March 11th and I highly encourage you to join me and my beautiful tribe of exceptional beings THIS SPRING for the Kate's Magik Retreat!

In this Kate’s Magik Retreat, you will have an opportunity to step out of ordinary life and be guided in meditation and prayer, sacred aroma and song medicine, ceremonial dance and shamanic drum journey - amplified by the healing powers of Sedona. We will come together as women on mystical land to raise our vibration, find inner and outer balance, and awaken to our sacred power to meet the moon cycles ahead with compassion, courage, and clear intention.

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