Blessed Supermoon Ostara - A Message from Kate

March 18, 2019

Blessed Supermoon Ostara - A Message from Kate


Blessed Supermoon Ostara Beautiful People,

How magical to have a Full Supermoon on the Spring Equinox. A moment of perfect balance when night and day are equally long and in perfect symmetry of dark and light; the masculine and the feminine. This day, March 20th marks a time of fertility, renewal, and new beginnings. Therefore it’s the perfect time for turning our intentions (set on Imbolc) into action. As Father Sun gains more power, the days become warmer and longer giving opportunity for growth and expansion.


spring equinox Kate's goat Zizou and cactus flowers

Kate's pet goat Zizou enjoying the wildflowers and cactus flowers

Here in the southern Arizona desert, we’ve had the wettest and coldest Winter I’ve experienced in the 17 years in which I have called Tucson, Arizona my home. In addition, it seemed like February was an extra gloomy month. I shadowboxed my way through it, struggling to keep the faith while it became evident that many of the people around me were dealing with emotional challenges also. In my humble opinion, the fact that our lives are increasingly computerized and our mother earth more polluted, is undoubtedly influencing our often fragile state of mind. Long winter nights and cloudy skies enhance this reality and make it harder to feel the light. Therefore, we need to take extra measures to connect with our true nature, awakening our creative fire to make time to get out of our heads and into our hearts. The seasonal holiday of Spring Equinox is a perfect opportunity to tunein to the voice of our soul’s wisdom and give birth to new ways and new ideas.


Here are some suggested rituals for the Spring Equinox celebration:

  • Gather for a potluck with family or friends
  • Create a special solitary celebration
  • Decorate your home and altar with Spring flowers with daffodils, tulips, violets, or pussy willow. SMELL THE FLOWERS!
  • Light candles or a fire to honor the increasing daylight
  • Decorate boiled eggs with magical images or use natural dye and write your wishes; the yolk representing the sun nestled in the white fold of the goddess
  • Plant seeds or bulbs charged with your intentions and commit to nourishing them into maturity
  • Bury a raw egg by the entrance to your home to ensure abundance for the forthcoming year and fertility in your life and garden.
  • Bake a celebratory Ostara cake or a Hot Cross Bun (you can find a personally suitable recipe online)

ostara rituals

On a more personal note, let us:

  • Do a spring cleaning and cleanse your home of stagnation and negativity and any energies that might block you from a more abundant and fulfilling life.
  • Journal on how you plan to put your wishes and intentions into action. List a few new things you are wanting to do this year, starting TODAY. Contemplate and record where and with whom are you wanting a fresh start.
  • Take frequent walks in nature to commune with the elemental spirits - THEY WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT YOU.
  • Gather with like-minded people away from intoxicants and substances
  • Consider dancing and singing more, either solo or with others
  • Say, sing, or call out your prayers
  • Give thanks and make offerings to mother earth with rose or lavender petals, tobacco or cornmeal
  • Be kind and generous with those around you and hold them in your prayers

Wishing you unity, love and more community for this Spring of 2019. I have two more spots for my Spring retreat this May where I would love to host you in ritual, dance, renewal and awakening.

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