April 2019 Bastet Perfume Society: Star Medicine

the star medicine story


Star Medicine will guide you beyond this dense reality, help you surpass the turbulence of the human condition, and align you with the enlightened sphere of the stars. The inspiration came to me in a meditation, on a particularly challenging day when I was craving escape from the unstoppable thought patterns of my mind. As I was working on lifting my consciousness beyond the static, I began to experience an otherworldly atmosphere which I could only describe as Star Medicine. April’s Bastet Perfume will help you move beyond the terrestrial world and into the magical universe of the stars.

Tunisian Neroli, with her ability to touch the celestial realm, is the star of this aromatic medicine. Sacred Frankincense from Oman cradles her in his ancient arms. Apply this heavenly perfume to your third eye, your wrists, and your palms for inhalation.

star medicine perfume is a retired kate's magik perfume

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