April 30, 2024


Beltane Blessings Beautiful People,

Magikal May is upon us! We find ourselves at the portal to Summertime, the season of plenty, warmth and pleasure. Beltane is the third and most potent of the three Spring festivals, harnessing the energy of passion, vitality and fierce potential. Though Beltane may be considered the most sensuous of all Celtic Sabbats, this powerful fire festival celebrates the peak of the fertile season (Spring) and serves as a gateway to the last six weeks of increasing daylight. Summer Solstice is drawing near. 

April was a wild month charged with eclipses, retrogrades, and tense planetary conjunctions, all culminating in the fiery, youthful sign of Aries. After the astrological magnitude of what we all just endured, it is now time to let go, dance and jump over the fire! Whether you are calling in love, protection, fertility or good health, the Magikal properties of the Beltane fire are age-old and proven to help manifest blessings and miracles. If you have the ability to celebrate around an actual bonfire, that is ideal, however you can make a proverbial fire with a candle or any object you deem fit.

An important aspect of the teachings of 2024 appears to be focused around relationships. We are all in relationship-– whether it be in love, marriage, family dynamics, with religious groups or world leaders. I can attest that 2024 has been a time of losing, healing, mourning, rectifying and changing deep bonds. Relationships can be the most nourishing, rewarding and comforting aspect of human life. This contains the duality that they are also the most challenging part of our human existence. Who doesn't long for love, companionship, friendship or to be held by a family construct? 

Yet we have so much to contend with. The present is a result of the decisions made in the past and our future depends on the current choices we make. We are collectively healing ancestral trauma while simultaneously witnessing the suffering of our beloved humans, animals and plants who are Earthside. Our world is at war and our (fallible, mere human) leaders are making irreversible choices in the name of god, gold and land. No wonder we often feel lost and confliced, unsure what is best for us and our loved ones. It’s difficult to live in this era and find equilibrium. The natural world remains one sure place of solace, where we may find silence, peace and healing.

I’m merely a human striving to do her part in the midst of a storm of transformation. With the work I do, I long to help inspire, as so many of you deeply inspire me. The magnificence and capability of people is limitless. We are infinitley powerful because we are all part of each other and the source of it all. Let us take care of one another even in the darkest of times.

On this auspicious day, I want to encourage you to tend to your inner fire and do all the little things possible to contribute to the healing of humanity. Beltane is about the force of fire, igniting passion, strength, vitality and the marriage between the divine feminine and masculine - within and without. On the night of Beltane join me and my sisters as we bellow out our ancestral prayers, dance like the ancient wild ones, singing, drumming and jumping over the Beltane fire. 

Yours Always with Love and Magik,


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