Resurrection, Liberation, and Courage - A Message from Kate

April 18, 2019

Resurrection, Liberation, and Courage - A Message from Kate

The land is awakening as we move through what many call the “Holy Week” or “Semana Santa.” It is undoubtedly a charged time considering that Passover, Full Moon, Easter, Earth Day, and Beltane (aka May Day) are all upon us. In addition, the Pascua Yaqui tribes in the Southern Arizona region perform the deer dance ceremonies where representations of the inevitable and profound struggle between good and evil; invoking the restoration of balance with nature.

The following excerpt by Inge van Schoonveld (Sinchi Foundation) seemed fitting to share in this time of resurrection (Easter), liberation (Passover), Earth honoring (April 22), and the gateway to new harvest (Beltane):

“In Yaqui mythology, the deer represents good and the dancers tell the story of the deer, their little brother, and the flower world. In the flower world, all animals are our friends. It is believed that during a fiesta, the deer comes to the Yaqui people and they sacrifice him to the Gods, in return they perform a dance and a ritual in his honor and thank him for giving himself to their well being.”

On a recent trip to the Egyptian wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, I found myself inexplicably drawn to a statue of Sekhmet, the lion headed goddess of destruction and ferocious healing. I’ve always known of her, but never felt a strong connection until this encounter. As I stood next to this depiction of her, I felt the veils of time dissipate and a magnetic pull, which left me unable to leave her side for a very long while. It almost seemed like I recognized her from an ancient time and she pulled me close to instill some of her knowledge. Since this encounter, a thread of fierce energy has arisen within me - a necessary force for some of life’s current challenges - and her presence is strongly with me at this time.


Since we are all part of this collective, I believe the medicine of Sekhmet is good for us all in these desperate times. Let’s stand strong and fierce with our hearts on our sleeve. For this mid-point between Spring and Summer (Beltane/May Day), let’s gather around purifying fires, set intentions, sing our prayers for the planet and those in need. We are not alone, yet the work we do is often solitary. By tending to our own fires, we can purify, resurrect, and liberate for the good of all. This may take some sacrifice, but together we can build the faith needed for a new and healthy harvest in 2019. Join me!

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