May 2019 Bastet Perfume Society: Sekhmet

the sekhmet story


On a recent trip to the Egyptian wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, I found myself inexplicably drawn to a giant statue of Sekhmet; the lion-headed solar goddess of destruction and ferocious healing. As I stood next to her, the veil of time dissipated and I felt captivated by a magnetic pull. Since this encounter, a fierce energy has arisen within me; a necessary force for some of life’s current challenges and her presence is strong within me. I believe the medicine of Sekhmet is needed now, for she aims to return balance to the human condition by restoring calm out of turmoil. Let us stand strong and fierce, yet allow the heart to guide us.

Sacred Myrrh was an obvious choice for the bottom note of this Egyptian creation. Spellbinding Tuberose brings heart magik and citrus infuses the solar power needed to face the toughest of challenges.

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