Kate's Ostara Message 2023

March 20, 2023

Kate's Ostara Message 2023

Spring Blessings Beautiful People,

On this last day of winter, March 19th, I have the privilege of writing to you from the Sea of Cortez, in Sonora, Mexico, where my beloved, our cat Babu and I have spent the last week decompressing and getting some much needed time by water. Although the desert suits me perfectly for my homebase, I find it necessary and extremely beneficial to spend time immersing myself in different climates and elements. It always seems to feed my mind, body and soul, refresh the senses and rejuvenate my outlook on what’s ahead. This has been perfect timing for the change of the seasons.

As you read this Spring has begun and with it the season of awakening, fertility and increasing light. Winter can feel endless in certain parts of the world and even though we live in the southwest of the United States, where temperatures generally stay pleasant, it has been a chilly winter for us this season. That said, I sense that most of us in the northern hemisphere are ready to shed our winter clothes and blues, open windows and doors and enjoy time frolicking in the warmth of our life giving sun. 

The Spring Equinox, Ostara or Alban Eilir as the druids call it, is a day of balance and beginnings. On this special day, the night and day are equal in length and from here on forth until the Summer Solstice on June 21, light will continue to increase as the flowering season brings the promise of bountiful harvest. So let us turn our focus on the joy in our lives and the anticipation of new and fulfilling possibilities. “Out with the old and in with the new” can be the simple motto of the coming days and weeks as we clean our homes and shift our moods.
Granted it is often not easy to be lighthearted even if the season encourages this energy. We all go through so much on this journey called life and the last three years have been traumatic on a global level. Wars and natural disasters continue to rage leaving people vulnerable and houseless, technology is giving our children challenges of a whole new magnitude with severe social and behavioral issues. Yes, we are in trouble, there is no denying that and we need each other for support, love and a sense of belonging. 

So maybe as Spring has sprung and we are renewing our intentions and planning our activities, we can also collectively make an inner pledge to support, aid, encourage and help inspire those who could use our help. It can be an act of service, a donation or a warm embrace. Let’s just never forget that we’re not in this for ourselves, but with each other, and together, we can make this year one of more love, light and wisdom. 

May your Spring be blessed and bountiful! 

With Love and Magik, yours always,


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