2023 Beltane Message from Kate

May 01, 2023

2023 Beltane Message from Kate

Beltane Blessings Beautiful People!

Today is full of the magnificent energy of Beltane - a fiery, blossoming, joyful day filled with fierce opportunities and endless possibilities. Beltane is the third fertility festival when the Earth is ripe with flower-power and ready to burst into full potential. Spring has culminated, the wildlife babies are born and the winged ones are almost ready to fledge. Summertime is swiftly approaching as light and day continue to intensify and the flowers are gradually turning into fruit. How invigorating and glorious! It's a time for celebration!

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of celebrating my mom and oldest friend’s birthday in the UK on one of my yearly pilgrimages to the Chalice Well in Avalon. Though the climate was good old wet and chilly English weather, the gardens were magnificent and the woodlands carpeted with bluebells, clumps of primroses, little violets and wood anemones! It was SO magical! The magnolia and apple trees were also in full bloom. I felt infinitely blessed to be an Earthling (this time around) and able to experience such soul-lifting splendor.
In the Sonoran Desert where I live, we’ve also had the most extraordinary Spring. In February and March the wildflowers were scattered across every hill and mountain with blues, purples, yellows and reds - colors that dreams are made of. Flabbergasting. Now the cacti have taken over the show with a force rarely seen - prickly pear, cholla, hedgehog, ocotillo and saguaro flower explosions that take your breath away. And to top it all off the Palo Verde trees just burst into full yellow bloom making the desert look like a land of blossoming sunshine. How lucky I feel to be alive, regardless of my earthly worries.

Join me in bringing this time of flowering into our hearts and spilling it into the future. The Earth is our mother and we are her children, so this glorious spectacle of color and floral sensuality is most certainly a reflection of something that strongly resides within ourselves. 

It is Spring everybody, and it’s the most fertile time of year. We stand at the gateway of Summer and it’s time to light fires, dance our ritual dances, call in our mates and tithe for an abundant harvest. This energy will be held all throughout May.

I wish you boundless creativity, vitality and healthy balance for what lies ahead.

I am glad there is you!

With Love and Magik,


The Fire Inside You
There is enough fire inside you
to put all of hell to shame,
but you are pretending to be water
for someone who is too afraid to handle
the dragons in your belly.
Stop crushing the thing that makes you.
Embrace the flames.
Be whole again for yourself
and no one else.

-Nikita Gill

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