Kate's Imbolc Message 2023

February 01, 2023

Kate's Imbolc Message 2023

Imbolc Blessings Beautiful People,

Today we stand at the gateway into the season of fertility, awakening, hope and Spring. Imbolc is one of my favorite festivals of the year. Why? Because it’s a time of inspiration and the fertilization of our wishes, dreams and intentions. Beginning today, Feb 1, through the Spring Equinox on March 21 (northern hemisphere), the Earth is preparing to bloom, blossom and shine. As nature effortlessly does what it's here to do,we humans can do the same for our own lives - physically and spiritually.

As we experience the sunlight growing stronger day by day, let us remember that we ourselves will grow and the light that shines within us, can bring forth a great harvest. This is our knowledge and may serve as a daily affirmation during this time.

In times of great hardship, war, loss and tragedies, it can be difficult to believe that Spring is near. The saving grace is that our sacred planet keeps on orbiting the life-giving Sun and the tranquil Moon continues to move around the Earth. Spring will come and Summer will follow, the tides rise and retract, that is for certain. So for now, on this perfect day - the midpoint between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox - let us light a transformative fire; the potent, purifying flame that burns away all that no longer serves us and keeps us tethered to the past. And before long, we can sense life force, faith and hope arising within us. This is the magik of Imbolc.

During this time, I try to more carefully and attentively listen to the signs, watch for signals and hear what life is trying to show me. The path is always there, sometimes the fog is just too thick to see it. Then, we wait, pray and conjure the light that also emanates strongly within us. One of the multitude of things I was reminded of during my trip to Egypt last month, is that RA, the sun, is ever-present and wanting to provide us with life force; ready to breathe vitality and power into us and show us the way to higher ground.

Imbolc Blessings, Beautiful Ones!



Art by Wendy Andrews

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