Winter Solstice Blessings

December 21, 2022

Winter Solstice Blessings

Winter Solstice Blessings Beautiful Beings,

It’s the day of the Solstice and I have the great fortune of writing to you from my cabin on the Blue Lotus Boat, overlooking the Nile. The sun is rising over the sacred, life-giving river and my life changing trip to Egypt is coming to an end. This afternoon we will visit the Temple of Isis, the goddess who has most supported me over the last thirty years. 

By the time you receive these words, I will have been there and on my way home. I weep as I write, for this land has touched me like no other, aside from the Sonoran Desert, that I am honored to call home. I feel my ancient ancestors here, the ones who lived here before Jews were forced to migrate. I feel them more vividly than ever before.

In Giza, I had the great pleasure to spend an afternoon with a camel named Mickey (see pic), who touched my heart so deeply, I will forever love him. I am called to go more fully into camel medicine and spend more time with them. Is it possible to have a camel in Arizona? I am intrigued and in love with those ancient creatures.

Arriving at Kamak, the temple of the lion goddess, Sekhmet, who’s helped me be in my power as a leader and a woman, was another vision come true. And…I was handed the key to open the door to her chapel sanctuary, (not open to the public) and my time with her in darkness and stillness is something that will live in me eternally.

The journey I have been on with other wonderfully wise, beautiful women has been about the blue lotus, which has awakened a deep path for me in relation to the ancient practice of oil healing, which as you all know, Kate’s Magik provides through our perfumed oils. Stay tuned for how it may reveal itself.

From this sacred land I send you the brightest blessings on this holy day of celebration of the return to light. In darkness we find the greatest healing treasures. So much is possible if we set intention, summon the courage, ask for protection and guidance from the divine as we walk with as much gratitude and reverence as we can summon.

Today we bid farewell to darkness and enter the seasons of new possibilities. Together we step into the light.

Winter Solstice Blessings Beautiful Beings!

Yours always,

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