Imbolc Blessings - A Message from Kate

January 30, 2019

Imbolc Blessings - A Message from Kate

Imbolc Blessings,

February 2nd isImbolc, aka Candlemas, a Sabbat which marks the middle point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. This is a time for purification and fertilization of our desired manifestations (harvest). Now the days are notably getting longer as the night slowly recedes giving way to lady light.

Life is a sacred journey; an awakening is clearly happening. People are coming together again in circle and ritual, in churches and temples, in homes and around fires. These are the little ripples that create a big wave of change. Together we are nurturing our mutual desire to find a way back to community, collaboration, support, and most importantly an effective way of dealing with life’s challenges.

Imbolc marks the peak of the gestation period in the western world, when the seeds deep beneath the frozen surface are growing, making their way to the surface, but not yet seen. It’s a powerful time to patiently foster the faith that our wishes and desires are coming into form.

How do we tend to the unseen? By doing what we magik people do - tending to our inner world and communing with the divine.

How? In meditation, prayer, ritual, ceremony, journaling, coming together with like-minded people, making offerings of gratitude, stepping between the worlds, or going inside to connect with the sacred. And in order to do this, we must create what has become the most valuable commodity - TIME. Let’s create it!

Believe me, I struggleas much as most with this concept. In fact, just this morning as I was sitting under a tree attempting to calm my mind for meditation. I awoke to the fact that I spend a lot of energyplanning a quiet, spiritual lifestyle. Here I was on the sacred desert land that I’m honored to call home, contemplating what I would write for this newsletter, how much I could learn from my new fascination with Greek mythology, and what deity statue I would buy at the Tucson Gem Show this year….. Luckily the call of a red tailed hawk brought me back to the present moment. I had the realization that I spend too much time thinking, planning, reading, watching, talking, and writing about finding inner peace, yet too little time actually being in that space. If this sounds familiar, we’re in this together!!!

So, here is my suggestion: As we come upon Imbolc, instead of putting our main focus on the worldly matters (money, relationships, validation, etc.) let’s put our emotional and spiritual requests to the forefront.

  • How do we hope to feel in 2019?
  • Where do we want to focus our energies, and what do we want to nourish?
  • What parts of ourselves are we willing to grow, heal, and expand?

Examples would be asking for a more profound connection to the divine, healthier relationships, clearer understanding of our past, moving beyond the fears that trap us, forgiveness (of ourselves and others), deeper sensuality, etc. I suggest we start and/or end our days this week journaling about all the non-tangible matters we would like to manifest and positive habits we want to develop; in order to live a more fulfilling and authentic life for ourselves and those whose lives we touch. How about we do it together?

Seasonal holidays honor the cycles of our Mother Earth, Father Sun, and Grandmother Moon. These are days full of power that bring potency to our personal and collective work. This is why they are so important for us earthlings to celebrate; especially in these heightened times where the old, primal ways have been neglected and forgotten. With that said, on this Saturday, February 2nd, a holiday that represents the renewing power of the Sun, let us light fires of inspiration to illuminate our path ahead. For those living in urban environments, upon sunset (on Feb 2nd) light every lamp in the house. Better yet place a candle in every room if only for a few minutes to honor the sun’s rebirth. Orange candles and white flowers are perfect offerings for the altar. Frankincense, cinnamon, orange, and rosemary oils or incense are supportive aromatic tools for this holiday. Eat spicy foods such as stews and curries. These rituals are a fitting way to celebrate Imbolc and welcome back the heat of the sun.

Spirit pulsates in everyone and everything, let us honor it ALL!

Blessings beautiful people! 

With Love Always,


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