January 2019 Bastet Perfume Society: Mercury

The Roman god Mercury, often identified with the Greek Hermes, is a liminal character who dances between the worlds and has the ability to swiftly cross the borders between the mortal and divine planes. With his winged sandals, this fleet footed messenger of the gods is a protector of travelers, merchants, poets and thieves, but also carries trickery and brings necessary teachings to humankind. I chose to start off 2019 with Mercury as our ally to help us with our agility and wit as we enter another year of political, social and environmental challenges. The qualities of Mercury will help us to be crafty and quick as we move between the worlds.

Exotic White Ginger Lily is the highlight of Mercury and provides the wings for this delightfully elegant, ethereal floral perfume. Balsamic Eaglewood and Cedarwood bring soothing and balancing elements, while an uplifting bouquet of citrus helps clarify and promote swift action.

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