Let's Celebrate Love

January 30, 2016 2 Comments

Let's Celebrate Love

Celebrate Valentine's Day with Purposeful Gifts to Warm the Heart and Instill Love, Passion & Creativity...

At Kate's Magik, we support any opportunity to bring more love into our world. Sometimes in the chaos of day-to-day life we forget show our love to those who brighten our lives the most and serve as our biggest cheerleaders. Whether it's the partner that's there next to us through our best moments and biggest challenges, the friend that always makes time to listen, or the coworker that's always got our back —  Let's use Valentine's day as a reminder to tell these fantastic people that they are loved.

Let's also take a moment to show ourselves some love. We are all aware of how self-critical our inner monologue can be at times; how easy it is to forget to nurture and honor our emotional and spiritual selves as much as our physical and intellectual ones. Make a commitment to do something loving for yourself in the next two weeks; take a long healing bath (see below), commune with nature, or a treat yourself to a massage.

Let's show appreciation.
Let's live with passion.
Let's honor ourselves.
Let's celebrate Love.

20% Off Products to Support the Heart and instill Love & Passion thorough February 14th

Kate's Recipe for a Healing Bath to Nurture the Self

Light Candles, Draw a warm bath and add:

  • 1/3 Bottle of an Anointing Oil or 20 drops of an undiluted soothing essential oil blend or single note
  • Handful of Rose Petals
  • 3-5 Cups of Coconut Milk, Goat’s Milk or Condensed Milk

As you soak, breathe deeply and focus on opening your heart and ask for love to fill your being. Set your intention and let go of self-guilt and judgment. Allow yourself to honor the love within, for you are beautiful, deserving and worthy of a life filled with love!

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February 10, 2016

Oh, I see! My faves are already marked down FOR VALENTINE’S DAY! Well, goody! Thank You!


February 10, 2016

Hi Friends –
How do I apply the 20% off Valentine’s Day discount to my total order? A couple of my favorite things were already on sale. Will it apply to those, too? Is it going to register automatically when I check out on Friday? or do I need a code?
Thank You!!!

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