Reach for the Stars and Follow your Heart-Song in 2016!

January 08, 2016

Reach for the Stars and Follow your Heart-Song in 2016!

As the New Year is on its way we have yet another opportunity to contemplate our goals and implement the necessary changes in order to create our best possible future.

I am strongly of the opinion that, this chapter we call 2016, will positively support those of us who have the courage to jump forward, reach for the stars and follow our heart-song that has been playing for years, if not lifetimes. We humans fear change and are terrified of failure; but in order to move to the next level, we must go beyond the walls we’ve constructed. We can no longer stay dormant and inactive or else we’ll be gobbled up by mediocity, which can create a life of suffering. This reminds me of my favorite quote by Master Yoda: “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

All that said, how do we find the courage? How do we uncover our most meaningful wishes? How do we follow our heart song? While I am no master, I am a dedicated student, with suggestions to share that continue to help me expand my limitations, chase my dreams and move to the next level in life:

First we must withdraw into ourselves. Take a few days, weeks or however long you need to nurture, prepare and energetically charge yourself. Take hot baths, submerge in nature, commune with the spirit world, you know best what serves you well.

Spend some time cleaning up your emotional life and getting your manageable affairs in order. It is also very effective to make physical space in your life by clearing out your closets and generally letting go of material matters that no longer serve a purpose or give you joy.

Once you feel that the energetic and physical weight has lifted, begin to draw a map of your goals. Clarify your hopes and dreams for this year and identify what obstacles stand between you and your aspirations. Don't judge them, but detach, observe and acknowledge. Then determine what steps need to be taken to move towards your destination. Think baby steps, one foot at a time. Check in with your heart to make sure your intentions are pure and coming from a true and authentic place— keep in mind the higher good of all those involved. By embracing this clarity and putting our intentions out to the Universe, we are one step closer to manifesting our goals.

Lastly, get to work! Make those calls, reach out to your connections, ask for guidance, find mentors, talk with those who have already done what you are trying to achieve. We have the power to manifest our highest potential— it is our birthright and we owe it to ourselves and our struggling world. But we can’t kid ourselves, it is hard work moving through life and karma and often we stumble on the way up.

We have to earn that which we seek, but it's worth it and the rewards can bring us places we had never thought we could reach. With our achievements come peace, joy and fulfillment for ourselves, our surroundings and our planet of one. We must honor who we are and the gifts we’ve come to share. And then pay it forward.

With Love,

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