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healing essential oils 

Having a foundation in essential oils is necessary to utilize their healing and aromatherapeutic benefits. The possibilities and capabilities of essential oils are endless, as there are many different types to choose from which will help and aid in distinctive ways. Essential oils are fundamental in aromatherapy, herbalism and alternative medicine.

Essential Oils are concentrated liquefied extracts containing the volatile aromatic compounds from plants, flowers and trees. They have been used for thousands of years for both ceremonial and medicinal applications going back to Ancient Egypt, China and India. Pure Essential Oils contain numerous complex components that often cannot be replicated in a lab, which makes them powerful tools for healing and well-being.

There are plenty of different essential oils to choose from, but we’ve compiled a list of 10 essential oils which we feel are most helpful, accessible and varied in their uses. Please find our complete collection of essential oils here

how to use essential oils

There are many, many ways to use essential oils. Outside of perfumery, essential oils can be used topically when combined with carrier oils or lotions, diffused throughout your living spaces, used with cold and hot compresses for medicinal purposes, in baths, through steam inhalation and some neat application directly to the skin.

  • Diffuse- Add a few drops of any essential oil to the water in your electric or candle lit diffuser.
  • Mix- Add a few drops of any essential oil to a carrier oil such as Jojoba, Sweet Almond or Avocado Oil for skin application. Additionally, you may add a few drops to unscented lotion or to your shampoo, conditioner or body wash.
  • Palm Inhalation - Put a drop or two of essential oil into your palms for a quick and easy inhalation method. You can also add a few drops of the appropriate oil to your facial steamer or sauna for added skincare benefits.
  • Bath- Create a relaxing and rejuvenating, healing bath by adding a few drops of any essential oil to your warm bath water.


Helichrysum is a member of the daisy and sunflower family and is among the most miraculous and powerful healing plants on our planet. Helichrysum italicum essential oil, also known as Immortelle, is revered for its unparalleled, regenerative and protective benefits in skin care as well as its anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. In aromatherapy, Helichrysum essential oil instills deep peace and tranquility and provides support in releasing emotional trauma. It is also a useful tool to help us reconnect with the spiritual realm and opens the heart and mind to new experiences and practices.

The name Helichrysum is derived from the Greek words helios meaning sun, and chrysos meaning gold, which refer to its numerous clusters of tiny yellow flowers. These dried flowers were presented as an offering to the Gods in Ancient Greece, used in Medieval Europe as potpourri and have flavored sauces in various cultures around the Mediterranean. While the origins of the name Immortelle are not well documented, it derives from the word immortal and most likely refers to the long life of the cut flowers and the powerful anti-aging properties of the essential oil and extracts derived from these sacred yellow blossoms.

When it comes to essential oils for skincare, nothing beats the effectiveness of Helichrysum. It contains antimicrobial, antibiotic and regenerative compounds that promote healthy skin cell growth and regeneration. It also helps speed up healing of wounds, burns, and rashes and reduces scarring.


Lavender essential oil is probably the most well-known of all essential oils, and the plant’s sweet, herbaceous floral aroma has been used for its nurturing and cleansing properties for thousands of years. Lavender essential oil is aptly referred to as the “mother of essential oils” by aromatherapist Valerie Ann Wormwood, for its compassionate nature and the ability of Lavender to “let us know that we are all her precious children and we all have our destiny of goodness to fulfill.” Pure Lavender essential oil also possesses a myriad of therapeutic and medicinal properties that have furthered its popularity and make it a staple in any essential oil kit.

Its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and calming properties help with headaches, bug bites, cuts, skin irritations or anytime we need a little extra support during times of stress or anxiety. While we recommend diluting essential oils in a carrier for use on the body, Lavender is quite gentle and is typically safe to apply neat (undiluted) when only using a drop or two for a small area or palm inhalation. Lavender essential oil also helps enhance the body’s immune response, and its nurturing properties ease a troubled mind during times of illness.

Lavender instills feelings of calm and peacefulness and can help “blow away the blues and cleanse the emotional palette,” as Kate has said. It has that gentle, nurturing energy that brings forth inner peace and supports us during times of stress and turmoil. Lavender can also promote spiritual healing, clear blockages of energy in the body and is a beneficial oil to diffuse during meditation to help calm and center the mind. Its ability to bring forth compassion and uplift us in times of sadness are remarkable.


Frankincense Essential Oil (Boswellia carterii) is one of the most powerful and deeply spiritual essential oils available. Frankincense has a long history of use in a multitude of religious and spiritual practices going back thousands of years – so much so, that it has ingrained itself into the root of human consciousness. The profound connection felt when we inhale its warm, grounding aroma is the reason that it resonates with most everyone.

Frankincense, or Olibanum as it is also called, comes from the resin of the Frankincense tree that grows in North Africa and Arabia. It was one of the most prized commodities in early commerce, finding universal appreciation as it was traded throughout the ancient world on the “Incense Road.” The resin itself has been burnt for many thousands of years for its ability to purify, protect and connect us to the divine. Following this tradition, we can still burn Frankincense resin today with incense charcoal for a transformative, aromatic experience that fills any space with purifying smoke. Frankincense resin has been depicted in Egyptian temples, mentioned in Hebrew texts and the three Magi presented it as a precious gift to baby Jesus.

Medicinally, we are only now starting to fully realize Frankincense's full range of benefits for healing both the mind and body. Adding a couple of drops of the essential oil to your skincare regimen promotes healing and skin cell regeneration, especially in those exposed to environmental stress. Additionally, many studies have demonstrated its ability to help treat depression and anxiety, lowering cortisol levels and producing calmative effects on the psyche. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant properties benefit the respiratory system – easing coughs and supporting deep breathing for relief from symptoms of bronchitis and asthma.

One could write an entire book on the amazing history and spectrum of benefits derived from the unassuming Frankincense tree. It encourages the incredible feeling of interconnection between all people and is able to enlighten us to the powerful correlation between ritual, spirituality and aroma. Deeply sacred and divinely powerful, Frankincense essential oil calms the mind, uplifts the spirit and provides healing for all inhabitants of this earth.


Like most citrus essential oils, Lemon essential oil is liquid sunlight. The aroma of Lemon is intense, bright, refreshing and revitalizing. It can help bring light to darkness, remove negativity, instill balance and uplift the spirit. Lemon essential oil possesses qualities of youthful exuberance which brings forth joy, clarity and motivation. Its unique wisdom illuminates our connections to the ethereal realm and assists in clearing away feelings of apathy and ennui.

Overall, citrus essential oils are multifaceted, versatile, and their aromas are almost universally enjoyed by all. Lemon essential oil is great for diffusing in the home or office and can also be used for palm inhalation. Citrus oils are powerful tools to promote concentration and keep the mind alert and focused. A study published by Takasago in Japan indicated that when Lemon Essential Oil was diffused into the air at a data entry facility, errors were reduced by 54%.

Essential Oils in the citrus family have potent detoxifying, clarifying and protective elements that make them effective for removing negativity and guarding against bad vibes. Diffusing Lemon is a great way to purify the air in living and work spaces. Lemon has antimicrobial properties that help remove odors and impurities.

Overall, Lemon essential oil is a supportive tool to instill happiness and motivate us to affect positive change within and around us, especially when combined with the power of intention. As you inhale the uplifting, sun-kissed aroma of our Lemon essential oil, allow it to illuminate your soul and fill your heart with a zeal for life and the joy of each day.

clary sage

Extracted from the plant by steam distillation, Clary Sage essential oil can be used for many purposes. When we breathe in the aroma and apply it to the skin (diluted in a carrier oil), it calms the nervous system, easing feelings of depression, tension and stress during tumultuous times.

Emotionally and spiritually, Clary Sage helps to bring light to darkness, dispels insecurity and promotes clarity. In the Old World, Clary Sage was at times known as “See Bright.” In addition to easing discomfort during PMS, menopause and childbirth, this oil helps bring forth wisdom and intuition, evoking the sacred, divine feminine.

The comforting and supportive effects of Clary Sage also serve us as a means to release timidity and move forward with clear vision. As you inhale the floral yet herby aroma of therapeutic grade Clary Sage Essential Oil, allow yourself to be guided through the fog and forgiven for anything you are holding within. Go forward on your path with an open heart and a calm, strong resolve.


The energizing, herbaceous aroma of Rosemary essential oil is like a fresh mediterranian mountain wind that sweeps away mental fogginess, negativity and fatigue while instilling a renewed sense of empowerment. It is an effective tool to cleanse and purify our surroundings and stimulate both the body and mind. Getting through the dark, cold winter months of the year can sometimes be a bit of a drag. But using Rosemary Essential Oil can add some much needed pep to your step! Because of its vast array of benefits, Rosemary essential oil is an excellent addition to any aromatherapy collection.

Hailing from the Mediterranean region, Rosemary has been used for both culinary and medicinal benefits since ancient times and venerated as a sacred plant by various cultures. The word Rosemary comes from the Latin, ros maris, which translates to “dew of the sea.” This is most likely due to the herb growing and thriving alongside its native home of the Mediterranean Sea. It also has a rich history of use in a variety of spiritual practices and ceremonies, particularly weddings and funerals as a symbol of remembrance. The ancient Egyptians would honor their loved ones by leaving sprigs of the herb on coffins or tombs. Dried Rosemary was burnt in Greek temples as an offering to the gods and goddesses and during the Middle Ages the fragrant smoke was used to ward off negative energy or malicious spirits. Ancient Greek scholars wore Rosemary wreaths around their heads during exams to promote recollection and clear thinking.

The numerous aromatherapeutic benefits of Rosemary essential oil make it a perfect choice to diffuse in the office, workplace or while studying. As you inhale the bright intensity of this powerful essential oil, feel yourself being cleansed of negativity as your mind becomes clear and centered, ready to take on whatever awaits you.

tea tree

Tea Tree is a small tree or shrub which is mainly cultivated in Australia. Used first by the Aboriginal people of Australia for medicinal tea, like the needles of the Cypress tree, Tea Tree essential oil is created from steam distillation for many different purposes.

Tea Tree essential oil is cleansing, stimulating and healing. In aromatherapy, Tea Tree essential oil is used as a stimulant to awaken the mind, enliven the senses and revitalize the spirit. Tea Tree essential oil is also a potent and powerful tool for cleansing and purifying your home or space.

Tea Tree essential oil is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antifungal, making it extremely useful in preventing infections. Tea Tree essential oil has also been used to stimulate respiratory function, clean and clear wounds, rashes, and blisters and relieve itching from insect bites and stings.


Roman Chamomile essential oil is widely cherished for its soothing and calmative properties. The aroma is sweet, fruity and herbaceous with hints of apple and straw. Chamomile has been used for thousands of years by numerous cultures and remains a powerful, yet gentle, healing herb. Amongst the different Chamomile varieties, Roman Chamomile is prized for its exceptional aroma. Growing natively in northern Africa and Western Europe, Roman Chamomile has now been cultivated all over the world (our Chamomile oil is sourced from here in the USA). The word “Chamomile” itself is derived from the ancient Greek meaning “earth apple” and was named for the plant’s apple-like aroma. Also known by gardeners as the “Plant’s Physician,” Chamomile can keep other plants nearby healthy and thriving in the garden ecosystem. Roman Chamomile along with its cousin German Chamomile are both consumed as the ever-popular herbal tea used for centuries for its ability to calm, soothe and relieve insomnia.

Its white and yellow flowers reach out to the Sun, pulling light energy and healing down from the heavens. This sweet, nurturing oil brings warmth and illumination in times of darkness, instilling serenity and bringing awareness to the interconnected cosmic light that shines within all of us. In addition to soothing the inner child, Chamomile essential oil is an effective yet gentle way to calm children and promote harmony by diffusing it in the home.

Since ancient times, Chamomile has been recognized as a potent healing plant. The Egyptians held it in the highest esteem and dedicated it to the Sun God, bringing light and divine healing energy down to earth. Ancient Greek doctors prescribed it for nervous conditions. It was also one of the “Nine Sacred Herbs” identified by the early Anglo-Saxons. Each time you inhale the scent of Roman Chamomile, feel your spirit soften and inner-peace wash over you. Honor the interconnectivity of all beings as you embrace a renewed sense of calm.

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Peppermint is an aromatic herb which comes from the mint family that is actually a hybrid cross between watermint and spearmint. Mint plants have been used since ancient times, with evidence of Peppermint being found in Egyptian tombs dating back to 1000 BCE. It has been used extensively in Eastern and Western medicine for a variety of ailments and complaints. Peppermint was first cultivated in Europe for medicinal purposes but it has since made its way across the world. Extracted from the leaves of the Peppermint plant, Peppermint essential oil is cooling and uplifting and has many different uses and purposes.

Peppermint essential oil can help provide energy, stimulate the mind and raise our spirits with its intense herbaceous aroma. Peppermint essential oil can also relieve stress and anxiety and leaves us with a sense of being awake and enlivened.

Medicinally, Peppermint essential oil can also help to alleviate stomach upsets, nausea, indigestion and promotes healthy respiratory function. It can also be used to provide relief for muscle pains, migraines, headaches and as a cooling agent for use during hot flashes because of its high menthol contents. In addition it makes a great breath freshener when gargled with water or adding a drop or two to your water bottle.


The bright, sunny aroma of Bergamot uplifts the spirit and enhances mood. If you close your eyes and inhale the slightly sweet, complex bouquet you can almost feel the sun on your skin as your mind is transported to the beautiful green, rolling hills of Southern Italy.

For centuries, Bergamot essential oil has been one of the most prized citrus oils and has been widely used in both perfumery and the culinary arts. The name Bergamot is derived from the Italian city of Bergamo, where the oil was first sold. Most of the production of Bergamot essential oil takes place in Southern Italy, where it is expeller-pressed from the peel of the citrus fruit after the pulp has been removed. Until the mid-19th century, this process was done by hand and quite intensive as it takes 200kg of fruit to produce one liter of essential oil.

While the fruit itself is not edible, the dried peel and/or essential oil give Earl Grey tea its unique flavor and are also used as an ingredient in Turkish delight. In perfumery, Bergamot was one of the ingredients in the original Eau de Cologne that was all the rage of many 18th century European courts. In Aromatherapy, Bergamot essential oil is a powerful tool to help boost mood and bring light and happiness into our lives. It helps illuminate our darkness and instills a sense of clarity and joyful harmony. A shift towards a positive outlook can open our minds to new opportunities, wherein lie the seeds of renewal and abundance. By keeping our inner light radiant, we are able nurture those seeds and grow them into something wonderful. 

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Bergamot’s antiseptic and antidepressant qualities support healing of both the emotional and physical bodies. Additionally, Bergamot is a great oil to diffuse in your office or while studying as it encourages mental clarity and relieves tension. If you don’t have a diffuser handy, put one drop on your palms, rub together and breathe deeply. The delightful, fresh aroma of Bergamot essential oil cuts stagnation, restores balance and is sure to bring a smile to your face. As you inhale deeply, feel your light shine and remember that you are a beautiful, empowered being with the ability to affect change. 

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