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On March 20th, we celebrate the Spring Equinox and the festival of Ostara. Ostara is the first day of Spring in the northern hemisphere and marks the end of Winter. The Sun is gaining strength and the Earthly creatures make more and more appearances as they flourish, thrive, and repopulate the land. On this day of the Spring Equinox, light and dark, day and night, and the God and Goddess, are in perfect balance. After Imbolc, we enter the second half of the season of illumination; the days get longer, until they reach their peak on Litha, aka the Summer Solstice (June 21, 2022). The Spring Equinox represents the balance of light and dark, masculine and feminine and truly heralds the first day of Spring.

Ostara and the Spring Equinox signify a time of new beginnings, renewal, and fertility. The hopes and planted seeds of intentions from Imbolc are beginning to come alive. It is time to turn our intentions and goals into action and lively energy in order to manifest our inner and outer desires and ambitions.

goddess ostara

The festival sabbat of Ostara gets its name from the Anglo Saxon/Germanic goddess of Spring, Ostara or Eostre. The origins of Eostre can even be traced all the way back to the ancient Assyrian goddess, Ishtar and the Sumerian Inanna. She is a goddess of fertility, rebirth and renewal celebrated with the coming of Spring. Eostre is deeply associated with rabbits and hares and is sometimes portrayed as having the head and shoulders of a hare. It is from Eostre that the Christian celebration of Easter has evolved, as well as the hormone Estrogen which is essential to women’s fertility.

inspired by the goddess ostara

 Ostara, or Welsh Alban Eilir, signifies “the light of the Earth,” is the second fertility festival of the year and marks the midpoint between the Summer and Winter Solstice. Ostara gets her name from the folkloric Germanic goddess of Spring and Dawn, Eostre. She represents the awakening Earth, the first warm breeze, blossoming flowers, bird songs, nests, eggs and hares. Ostara beckons the animals to venture out from their Winter shelters, encourages buds to sprout and flower, and emanates life-force throughout the land. Scent Profile: Delightful Honeycomb and tender Cedarwood provide the fertile ground for a floral delight of illuminating Neroli and sophisticated Geranium Absolute. A dash of sunny citrus ignites Ostara and the aroma of Springtime’s fresh green glory, sweet flowers and infinite potential. Allow Ostara to reawaken, support and empower you from now until Litha, the Summer Solstice.

ostara correspondences

Decorate your Ostara + Spring Equinox altar with:

  • Spring Flowers: Daffodils, Tulips, Lilies, Primroses, Violets + Crocuses
  • Rabbits, colored eggs, seeds + feathers
  • Green, Yellow + Purple candles

*Remember that your Spring Equinox - Ostara altar can be as intricate and detailed or as simple as you want. What matters most is your intentions and that the things you place on your altar have meaning to you! Read more about altars here

rabbit + hare

The Rabbit or Hare is strongly associated with the goddess Ostara and Spring time. Rabbits symbolize fertility, new life, Spring and are also closely identified with the Moon and Moon deities. The date of Christian Easter is determined by the phases of the moon. Easter Sunday always follows the Full Moon that occurs after the Spring Equinox. The nocturnal rabbit or hare, was believed to die and resurrect every morning and night, just like the Moon. Thus the rabbits' association with resurrection, Spring, the Moon, and Ostara slowly transformed into the Easter Bunny who brings eggs and treats to children on Easter Sunday, the Christian holiday which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ


The egg is another symbol of fertility and the promise of new life that represents the cyclical nature of life, death and rebirth. Many traditions see the egg as a symbol of the universe with the energies of light and dark, masculine and feminine found in the egg white and egg yolk. The egg holds the full potential of life and creation itself.

ostara rituals

  • Decorate boiled eggs with magical images or use natural dye and write your wishes. The yolk represents the Sun nestled in the white fold of the goddess.
  • Decorate your home and altar with Spring flowers like daffodils, tulips, violets, or pussy willow and take time to SMELL THE FLOWERS!
  • Gather for a potluck with family or friends or create a special solitary celebration.
  • Intuitively collect or choose wildflowers, look up their meaning and take their messages for what you may need right now.
  • Plant seeds or bulbs charged with your intentions and commit to nourishing them into maturity and take time to work with herbs and plant material.
  • Make foods and baked goods featuring seeds.
  • Light candles or a fire to honor the increasing daylight.
  • Bury a raw egg by the entrance to your home to ensure abundance for the forthcoming year and fertility in your life and garden.
  • Bake a celebratory Ostara cake or a Hot Cross Bun (you can find a personally suitable recipe online).
  • Do a Spring cleaning and cleanse your home of stagnation and negativity and any energies that might block you from a more abundant and fulfilling life.
  • Journal on how you plan to put your wishes and intentions into action. List a few new things you are wanting to do this year, starting TODAY. Contemplate and record where and with whom you are wanting a fresh start.
  • Ground yourself and take frequent walks in nature to commune with the elemental spirits - THEY WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT YOU.
  • Consider dancing and singing more, either solo or with others
  • Say, sing, or call out your prayers to the wind.
  • Give thanks and make offerings to Mother Earth with rose or lavender petals, tobacco or cornmeal.
  • Be kind and generous with those around you and hold them in your prayers.

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aromatherapy for ostara

Brigid is the Celtic patroness of healing, poetry and smithcraft. She represents the maiden aspect of the triple goddess associated with Spring, fire, hearth, motherhood and childbirth. Brigid provides uninterrupted inspiration and encouragement. This makes her the ideal Goddess to usher in a new year and help solidify our desires for the seasons ahead. Scent Profile: The aroma of Brigid perfume is a rich fusion of earth, spice and flower. Mystic Myrrh represents the sacred ground, while aromatic Bay Laurel evokes her victorious potential. Queen Rose joins it all together with her fiery but deeply compassionate nature. Brigid perfume is deeply complex, yet fiery and triumphant.
Pan is the therianthropic Greek goat God of all nature. His deep connection to the natural world is profoundly needed in our current time. Since the ancient past, his mirthful yet wise ways have intrigued the hearts of many mystics. Pan links us to our own animal nature and awakens our connection to the wild and untamed. He lives in dells and grottoes, woods and water, and represents the uncivilized divine masculine - primal and often lustful. Scent Profile: Pan Perfume was created to evoke the alluring musky scent of flora and fauna. Forestry noted are folded in with balsamic Amber - Rose and Oud create a majestic balance.
Heart Chakra

Find breath and stillness. Connect your mind with your heart. Feel your entire being expand with pure love flowing through you. Inhale Devotion Divine Scent and affirm, “My heart is compassionate, grateful and forgiving.”

Scent Profile: Sacred Sandalwood, celestial Rose and balancing Clary Sage provide the foundation for miracles of love, peace and healing.

Firefly Body Perfume Oil was created for passion, love and creativity. Fireflies use a specific flash pattern to attract a mate after dark. If a flashing male catches a female's fancy, she will signal back and they mate. Firefly Body Perfume Oil unveils your unique beauty, reveals your highest creative potential, arouses your senses and lets you be seen for who you truly are. Let your passion rise, your fire shine and intoxicate the worlds around you. Scent Profile: Royal Jasmine married with seductive Patchouli forms the foundation for this captivating body perfume oil. Luminous Neroli, with the blessing of sacred Frankincense makes this blend an alluring elixir. 

Lakshmi Sacred Perfume evokes beauty and prosperity. The Hindu Goddess Lakshmi is the embodiment of beauty, wealth and prosperity. This sacred perfume evokes both material and spiritual success while revealing authentic beauty with notes of Turmeric, Jasmine, and Honey.

Fearlessness + Confidence Anointing Oil was created to help fight fear, insecurity and instill power. A blend of luscious, warm Madagascan Vanilla with a kick of courageous spicy ginger, Fearlessness & Confidence Anointing Oil provides the motivation and courage needed to conquer challenges in all realms of life. It’s great for interviews, speeches and performances.

Fertility & Manifestation Anointing Oil was created to manifest new ideas and create miracles. The word Fertility signifies the preparation of fertile ground for planting or creating something new - in art, relationships, health, business and money etc. - in other words, fertile energy to manifest a new creation. Fertility & Manifestation Anointing Oil, a blend of musky Indonesian Patchouli and purifying Cedarwood with sunny sweet orange and a touch of Indian spice, is a tool to help bring forth our inner visionary and create something uniquely our own.

Sun of Success Anointing Oil opens doors, fosters communication and brings success. A blend of deep and grounding Frankincense with bright, uplifting Citrus, helps achieve goals in any aspect of life such as career, creativity, legal matters, fame, health and more. Attracts the energy of bright, sunny success.

Moon Goddess Anointing Oil instills joy and helps remove worries and fear. This regal Jasmine blend is uplifting yet calming. It brings forth a lust for life and can serve as an effective aphrodisiac. This oil is also great for a woman's "moon time" and can be applied to the hands and feet during labor.

Lavender Essential Oil is good for many uses and applications. The aroma of Lavender is calming for body and mind and can help reduce anxiety, stress and promote sleep. It is an antidepressant and when applied to the temples can provide instant relief of stress or even headaches. It is also a great healing aid when applied to burns, scrapes and blemishes. Lavender can be a great help to calm and relax children. The aroma of our Bulgarian Lavender is floral and bright with a sweet undertone. It's an exceptional, highly beneficial Lavender that is perfect for medicinal and aromatherapeutic use.

Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil is an adaptogenic oil that has powerful antidepressant properties and also can serve as an aphrodisiac. It is a sensual, yet soothing and calming oil that promotes love and peace and a positive mood. Since ancient times, Jasmine has been referred to as the King of flowers (Rose is the Queen). It takes 8,000 carefully hand-picked jasmine blossoms to produce about 1 ml of Jasmine Absolute. The flowers also have to be handled carefully as not to bruise them. Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute has a smooth, extremely intense floral smell that is both sweet and lingering.

From Morocco, Rose Absolute Essential Oil can help relieve stress and has aphrodisiac properties. When diffused, it fills the room with a bouquet of roses and has an intense and striking aroma that is invigorating. Rose is known as the Queen of the Floral Oils. Its exotic nature and value were appreciated in ancient times by the Greeks, Chinese, Indians, Persians and Romans.

Geranium Essential Oil has a delightful, floral aroma with complementary hints of mint and citrus. This wonderful, versatile essential oil has many uses but primarily serves to bring balance to the body, mind and spirit. Geranium’s uplifting and cooling properties revitalize tired muscles and instill strength to move forward on our path. As you inhale the uplifting aroma of Geranium Essential Oil, embrace your grace and feel a return to balance. Geranium is a bright and floral aroma with complementary hints of mint and citrus.

Ylang-Ylang is considered to be an aphrodisiac. It also evokes feelings of calm that melt away anxiety, tension and stress. It can bring on feelings of euphoria and makes you feel beautiful. Ylang-ylang Extra Essential Oil has a sweet, exotic, floral scent that is one of the most sought after aromas.

Courageous Spirit Diffuser Oil is an uplifting blend to instill clarity and build confidence. This oil empowers you to conquer fears and inspires courage. Courageous Spirit is a blend of Ginger, Litsea Cubeba, Rosemary, and Clary Sage.

Blossom of Joy Diffuser Oil is a cheerful blend created to lift the spirit and instill bliss. This oil creates a welcoming atmosphere with a joy-inducing aromatic bouquet. Blossom of Joy Diffuser Oil is a blend of Sweet Orange, Mandarin, Geranium and Clove.

Stream of Success Aura Mist creates a sunny environment and evokes the sweet smell of success. We crave success to feel good. Stream of Success Aura Mist was designed to bring forth the inner smile and help radiate the joy needed to attract the rewards we deserve and manifest the energy of success in our endeavors. It's a powerful tool to attract success and good fortune as well as encourage confidence and effective communication. A blend of grounding, wise Cedarwood with radiant Red Mandarin, this mist is also a great way to create a positive ambiance before any meeting or to spray around the office or place of business to help uplift the mood and bring forth success.

Heart & Spirit Aura Mist lifts the spirit and opens to heart to compassion, love, healing and grace. With its highly spiritual vibration, Heart & Spirit Aura Mist is an instant aromatherapy treatment that empowers grace from within. It creates an atmosphere that promotes healing and is a great way to open the heart for meditation, yoga, or any spiritual practice. Set your intention and spray this blend of uplifting Neroli and balancing Geranium generously in a circular motion above your head, as the mist falls down all around you, breathe deeply and feel your spirit soar.

Energizing Wind Massage + Body Oil was created for energy and strength. An invigorating and energizing massage and body oil, Energizing Wind helps prepare you for the day and serves as a potent pick-me-up. It keeps the mind and body alert while encouraging a bright attitude to overcome challenges.Energizing Wind Massage + Body Oil is a bright, stimulating blend of energizing Geranium, fresh Citrus and herbaceous Rosemary. Geranium helps revitalize skin and muscles, Citrus wakes up the mind and Rosemary increases circulation.

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