Imbolc Rituals and Aromatherapy


This year, Imbolc falls on Monday February 1 - Tuesday February 2, 2021. It is typically celebrated sundown to sundown, between February 1st and 2nd. Imbolc is the Sabbat which marks the middle point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. Imbolc means “in the belly” which signifies that the Earth is pregnant and expectant of the coming warmer months which bring the return of plants and animals. This is a time for purification and fertilization of our desired manifestations which we will harvest later on in the year. The ground is hard and frozen in most places in the northern hemisphere. The seeds (intentions and wishes) we planted for this year’s harvest are deep in the unseen realms, gestating and coming into creation. Like a fertilized egg in the womb, they are gathering strength, growing at their own pace and forming into new, one of a kind manifestations. It’s a powerful time to patiently foster the faith that our wishes and desires are coming into form.

celtic goddess brigid

Brigid is the Celtic patroness of healing, poetry and smithcraft. She represents the maiden aspect of the triple goddess associated with Spring, fire, hearth, motherhood and childbirth. Brigid provides uninterrupted inspiration and encouragement. This makes her the ideal Goddess to usher in a new year and help solidify our desires for the seasons ahead. Brigid is an Empress in the making, a master medicine woman in her most innocent form. 

It is believed that Imbolc was originally a pagan festival to honor the goddess Brigid and was later Christianized as the feast day of Saint Brigid. Brigid is typically portrayed as a flame-haired Irish goddess with a cloak made of sunbeams. Her name means the “Exalted One” and she is also known as Brigantia, Brid, Bride, Briginda, Brigdu, and Brigit. Brigid’s main place of worship is at the monastery in Kildare, Ireland, where she has continued to be revered and honored as St. Brigid, after the Christianization of the British Isles. There is some evidence that suggests that Saint Brigid is an actual woman who was the daughter of a Druid king and his Christian wife. The Flame of Ireland still burns at this monastery in Brigid’s honor. Today, many pilgrimage to Kildare seeking Brigid’s sacred healing well waters and holy sites.

Saint Brigid's Cathedral, Kildare Town, Ireland

imbolc correspondences

Use these correspondences of Imbolc to decorate your altar and space in celebration of the coming sun and warmer months!  

  • Brigidstatue, photos and related objects
  • Brigid offerings of milk, bread and candles
  • Seeds
  • Eggs
  • White candles
  • Snow flakes and snow  
  • Spring flowers like Daffodils and Tulips  + other symbols of Spring
  • White, Green, Gold and Red colors

imbolc rituals

Seasonal holidays honor the cycles of our Mother Earth, Father Sun, and Grandmother Moon. These are days full of power that bring potency to our personal and collective work. These rituals are a fitting way to celebrate Imbolc and welcome back the heat of the sun.

  • Light fires of inspiration to illuminate our path ahead. For those living in urban environments, upon sunset (on February 1st) light every lamp in the house. Better yet place a candle in every room if only for a few minutes to honor the sun’s rebirth. 

  • Eat spicy foods such as stews and curries to symbolize the warming of the Earth!

  • Get crafty and make a traditional Brigid’s cross for your altar or to hang over your door.  
  • Brigid Dolls made of corn husks are traditionally made during this time to represent fertility, fortune, healing and fertility.   

  • Make seed cakes for yourself and for the birds! 

Ribbons, cloth and gifts hanging from the branches of a tree at the Holy Well shrine for Saint Brigid in Kildare.

  • Visit a holy well, spring, stream or body of water and engage in a ritual that symbolizes the purification and fertilization of your intentions!  
  • Tie ribbons or string near a spring, stream or well. It is believed that Brigid or Saint Brigid will touch these ribbons and imbue them with healing powers. 

aromatherapy for imbolc

Kate’s Magik products for Fertility - Light - Warmth - Sun - Fire.

Fertility & Manifestation Anointing Oil was created to manifest new ideas and create miracles! The word Fertility signifies the preparation of fertile ground for planting or creating something new - in art, relationships, health, business and money etc. - in other words, fertile energy to manifest a new creation. Fertility & Manifestation Anointing Oil is a tool to help bring forth our inner visionary and create something uniquely our own. Fertility & Manifestation Anointing Oil is a blend of musky Indonesian Patchouli and purifying Cedarwood with sunny sweet orange and a touch of Indian spice.  

Clarity & Focus Anointing Oil helps remove blocks and improve concentration. This mentally and emotional uplifting blend is great for studying, exams, decision making and bringing clarity to an overworked mind. Clarity & Focus Anointing Oil is a blend of bright Citrus, focus-enhancing Rosemary, and warm spicy Cinnamon. 

Sun of Success Anointing Oil opens doors, fosters communication and brings success. Sun of Success Anointing Oil helps one achieve goals in any aspect of life such as career, creativity, legal matters, fame, health and more. A blend of deep and grounding Frankincense with bright, uplifting Citrus, Sun of Success Anointing Oil attracts the energy of bright, sunny success.  

Heart & Spirit Aura Mist is an aromatherapy mist intended to lift the spirit and open the heart to compassion, love, healing and grace. With its highly spiritual vibration, Heart & Spirit Aura Mist is an instant aromatherapy treatment that empowers grace from within. It creates an atmosphere that promotes healing and is a great way to open the heart for meditation, yoga, or any spiritual practice. Set your intention and spray generously in a circular motion above your head, as the mist falls down all around you, breathe deeply and feel your spirit soar. Heart & Spirit Aura Mist is a blend of uplifting Neroli and balancing Geranium.  

Firefly Body Perfume Oil was created for for passion, love and creativity. Fireflies use a specific flash pattern to attract a mate after dark. If a flashing male catches a female's fancy, she will signal back and they mate. Firefly Body Perfume Oil unveils your unique beauty, reveals your highest creative potential, arouses your senses and lets you be seen for who you truly are: Beautiful, magnificent and powerful. Let your passion rise, your fire shine and intoxicate the worlds around you. Royal Jasmine married with seductive Patchouli forms the foundation for this captivating body perfume oil. Luminous Neroli with the blessing of sacred Frankincense makes this blend an alluring elixir.  

Use Energizing Wind Massage + Body Oil for energy and strength. An invigorating and energizing massage and body oil, Energizing Wind helps prepare you for the day and serves as a potent pick-me-up. It keeps the mind and body alert while  encouraging a bright attitude to overcome challenges. Energizing Wind Massage + Body Oil is a blend of bright, stimulating Geranium, fresh Citrus and herbaceous Rosemary. Geranium helps revitalize skin and muscles, Citrus wakes up the mind and Rosemary increases circulation.  

Breath of Life Diffuser Oil is a calming blend of Lavender, Lemon, Sandalwood, Frankincense to nurture the spirit and inspire sacred wisdom. Breath of Life Diffuser Oil is a perfect oil to relieve stress and diffuse during yoga, meditation or any spiritual practice.  

Passion Rising Diffuser Oil is a seductive blend to ignite passion and fuel your fire. Diffuse while getting ready for a fun night out or use it as an aphrodisiac to set the mood for love and romance. Passion Rising Diffuser Oil is a blend of Ylang Ylang Extra, Peru Balsam, Patchouli, Jasmine and Cardamom.    

Aphrodisian Fire Massage + Body Oil for love, passion and sensuality. Aphrodisian Fire Massage + Body Oil is a bewitchingly sensual massage and body oil which enhances romance, excites the senses and evokes Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. Massage this oil over your partner's entire body and feel the passion rising or self-apply as a skin-nourishing, fiery body oil to bring fourth passion, love and confidence. Use to heighten sensual pleasures or wear to entice, attract and seduce. Aphrodisian Fire Massage + Body Oil is an exotic wood and flower essential oil blend. Sandalwood and Patchouli are deep and sensual, while sultry Rose and flowery Ylang Ylang add a touch of the feminine.    

$ 27.99

Ra Sacred Perfume is an essential oil perfume roll-on created for energy and empowerment. Ra is the ancient Egyptian Sun God known as creator and ruler of the Heavens. He represents light, warmth, power and energy. Deep, restorative Oakmoss with a touch of Egyptian Jasmine make this a truly empowering blend.    

Fire Aromatherapy Body Lotion was created to evoke love, passion and sensuality. Fire fuels confidence, passion and creativity. Fire Aromatherapy Body Lotion is an exotic wood and flower essential oil blend. Deep wood notes are sensual while sultry florals add a touch of the feminine. Fire Body Lotion is sensual and empowering. Sandalwood will encourage faith and trust, while Moroccan Rose opens the heart and raises your vibration. Lavish this lotion generously from head to toe while setting your intention for the day or evening. Inhale the divine aromas and visualize your wishes coming true.  

This Bastet Perfume is created in honor of the Corn Maiden. She has many names, has been honored in most native traditions throughout the Americas with countless stories and legends shared in her honor. Corn (maize) is a sacred, vital plant that represents sustenance, and carries the quality of plenty. Our intention when working with this perfume is gratitude, generosity, and abundance. Our prayers are that we may thrive, grow and prosper. Cornmeal has played an important role in ceremony and is most commonly used as an offering - to give thanks to corn spirit and mother earth for the blessings that have been bestowed upon us. Joy inducing Orange Blossom represents the maiden;  and is the centerpiece for this evocative midsummer blend, while woodsy-balsamic Amyris and supportive Siam Wood provide a fertile base. A touch of spice ignites its power.


Sol Bastet Perfume was composed in honor of the Summer Solstice, aka Litha, a celebration of the sun, joy, abundance, fulfillment, and celebration - all qualities much needed in our times. Litha, the Celtic word for light, is when the sun reaches its highest point on the horizon (in the northern hemisphere) and midsummer light shines to its fullest capacity. Sol will spark your spirit, outshine negativity and instill a sense of hope and authentic joy.Balsamy, balancing Himalayan Cedarwood, provides a supportive foundation while tenderhearted Neroli illuminates and comforts. A sunny medley of Citrus with a touch of fiery Pink Pepper emanates rays of liquid sunshine. June’s Bastet Perfume Sol, shall bring delight, inspire happiness, and instill a sense of limitless possibilities.  


Priestess of the Moon and sacred Magik, reflector of light, bearer of water and divine knowledge. The Priestess resides at the portal betwixt the visible and the invisible world and serves as a conduit between spirit and matter, Heaven and Earth and the Gods and the Soul. She helps us heal from suffering and understands the spiritual basis of our Earthly existence. The archetype of the Priestess provides us with ancient wisdom and the ability to move beyond the density of this physical world. She enhances deep listening, luminous vision and understanding of the natural world.Priestess Perfume is composed around the alchemical trifecta of heavenly Carnation, divine Rose and mystical Myrrh - a touch of Clary Sage strengthens third eye vision. The aroma of Priestess is trance inducing, otherworldly and magically sensual. Allow her to guide you in your spiritual practice and conjure divine wisdom.  


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