Kate's 20th Anniversary Message: The Kate's Magik Story

July 22, 2022

Kate's 20th Anniversary Message: The Kate's Magik Story

It all began in the Spring of 2001, when I visited Arizona for the first time and fell so deeply in love with the Sonoran Desert– that I was forever changed. When I first set foot on the red earth of Canyon de Chelly, I literally fell to my knees and wept tears of joy and sorrow. Joy for having arrived on this sacred land, sorrow for being an urban child, rooted in a concrete jungle that never sleeps.

Upon my return to my New York City apartment, I felt like a wildcat trapped in a cage. The spectacular view of the Hudson River and the Washington Bridge - that had thrilled and soothed me for the past ten years - had lost all its sparkle. I felt as if I had been torn away from a great love and my heart bled as I yearned for the desert. My whole world had changed. But nothing could be done. Or so I thought. My husband, at the time, and I had a full life with family, friends, work, art, music and all we could wish for. New York had been generous with us and the Big Apple was my first big love after all. But all summer long I found myself to be morose, moody and apathetic. And then, on September 11th, 2001 the towers were hit. And everything changed. 

It was a time of devastation, upheaval, horror, grief but also……metamorphoses. 

How often we forget that everything can change in an instant. Over the following weeks, as we all grieved and prayed, I started to feel a big shift in me. And one day in vocal class it all became crystal clear. It was time to transform. “I want to move to Tucson, Arizona!” I exclaimed to my coach. “...I hear there is music, art and a counterculture community. Plus, it is 60 miles from my beloved Mexico! It’s time to go.” I got on the A-train and wrote down the whole exit plan between West 4th Street and 181 Street.

Adios city of my dreams, I am leaving, with gratitude,” bound for a hot, dusty desert town. It took a few weeks for my Taurus husband to imagine this possible, but his Sagittarius wife convinced him. My mom generously bought us an old, red Toyota pick-up truck, we packed our most precious belongings in a small U-Haul trailer, made a comfy space for our 19 year old black feline, Negina, and off we went, blissed out and terrified.

We arrived in Tucson on March 23rd, 2002. After a few days we rented a small 100 year old adobe house - on an old, guest ranch, off a dirt road-  on the outskirts of town. I was in heaven. I loved the dry heat, the laid back culture, the strong Latin influence, the proximity to Mexico, and the loving community. I felt free like never before.

But now what? 

During the previous ten years in NYC, I had studied Jazz vocals, worked for a Jazz label, became a singer/songwriter, and started performing. In addition, I gained years of experience doing energy healing, inner child work, deepening my knowledge of ritual, tarot, herbs, oils, healing baths, and the power of intention-based work. One of my jobs was in a wonderful metaphysical shop, where we sold ritual tools, offered candle therapy, reiki healings and did tarot readings. This led me to have private clients. It seemed I had found my calling, because people kept coming back, and recommending their friends and family members to see me.

When I got to Tucson, I had to reinvent myself. I met a woman who had a little hut called “Anubis’s Hideaway” in the Old Pueblo of Tucson, (close to where Kate’s Magik HQ has resided since 2015). I put an ad in the paper and offered my services. Here, it became clear that I wanted to have something clients could take home to remind them of their healing path. An intention-based anointing oil with not synthetic, but only 100% pure essential oils– to benefit from the amazing properties, to smell enchanting and be transported to other realms. 

Throughout my whole life, the transcendental qualities of scents had intrigued me and I always felt a deep connection to Ancient Egypt. I was on fire. I ordered samples of various magnificent essential oils and began my studies. Three months later, I had created all the Anointing Oils and Aura Mists we offer to this day. And they seemed to just create themselves. I stepped back and let the formulas compose themselves. On July 22, 2002, I went downtown and got a business license. That was 20 years today. 

There is much more I could say about the trials and tribulations of Kate’s Magik. Let’s just say that it was not my plan to have a business. I just wanted aromatic offerings for my clients, maybe have them in local apothecaries and do a few markets. I likely would not have put my name on it, had I known that it would become a “real company”. But it clearly had its own trajectory. It was meant to come through me and out into the world.They needed to be affordable, for the people, not only the elite, and so when Whole Foods, (thank you!), brought them into 6 regions in 2005, it set the tone. 

I was grateful to make a living by getting these beautiful products into people’s hands. It continued to unfold from there, as I did my best to usher it along on its journey, often feeling like an amateur juggler. I did, however, always make it my top priority to ensure the quality, integrity, and honoring of these sacred essences. I never, and still don't, take it for granted that we have the great privilege to work with the most sacred, magical, healing-essences of Mother Earth. 

Today, I am filled with melancholy and gratitude for all the people who helped support the journey of this company. From my ex-husband who started it with me, to every employee, manager, adviser, and angel that helped me along the way. It’s been a bumpy road, but a blessed one. Thank YOU for YOUR continuous love and support. I bow to you, to all those that brought us here and the ones who are currently by my side. You know who you are and I honor you!

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