Intention-Based Aromatherapy Gift Guide for Men

June 07, 2019

Intention-Based Aromatherapy Gift Guide for Men

Aromatherapy for Men and Masculine Perfumes

In honor of Father’s Day, Kate’s Magik would like to reintroduce our intention-based blends with the male identity in mind. The power of intention-based Aromatherapy can benefit all those who identify as men. Kate’s Magik Aromatherapy Blends are not gender specific yet may incorporate more masculine scents and energies. For the way an aroma smells is based on each individual’s unique body chemistry. Essential oils interact differently with the person who wears them based on his/her/their pheromones and oils on the skin. Since these scents adapt to the wearer, they will naturally smell more feminine or masculine depending on the individual. Although, Kate exclaims that floral and feminine scents can be even more captivating and sensual on men as they are on women! So, there really are no concrete rules when selecting aromas.

The most unique aspect of Kate’s Magik is the intention of each product. Aromatherapy combined with the power of intention can benefit men in self-care rituals. Our intention-based blends can serve as aromatic tools that provide a therapeutic approach to healing energy and transformation. Most fragrances for men are synthetic and alcohol-based. Instead, give a one-of-a-kind scent that will uniquely bond and evolve with one’s own skin and enhance their individuality. 

When uniting aroma and intention, we amplify the mind to empower change and personal growth. In this modern time of masculinity, it’s especially important for men set intentions and live each day with purpose. That’s where our reiki-charged formulas can help men  to overcome obstacles, improve awareness, and provide a healing space within. Set an intention when applying an anointing oil, natural perfume, aura mist, or diffuser oil throughout the day. The power of intention can help release unhealthy thought patterns while identifying and clarifying our needs to manifest our desires.


Aromatherapy Gift Guide for Men

The following collection of Kate’s Magik Aromatherapy products are recommended for men, or anyone who enjoys wearing more masculine scents. Many of the products below tend to be popular with men, yet not exclusive to men alone.


Diffuser Oil Blends & Single Notes

For men who are new to the benefits of Aromatherapy, introduce them to diffusing oils. The benefits of diffusing essential oils can shift the energy of a room instantly. To relieve stress, try the calming blend of Lavender, Lemon, Sandalwood, and Frankincense in  Breath of Life. Use this Diffuser Oil with the intentions to nurture the spirit and inspire sacred wisdom. While  Grounding Earth Diffuser Oil can assist in one’s reconnection to nature,Cedarwood and Juniper combat the chaos of modern life with the ancient aid of Frankincense. Kate's Magik undiluted diffuser oils can dramatically affect the energies of an environment and those who are present in it.

Kate also recommends single notes  Vetiver, sacred and purifying  Frankincense, and sustainably harvested Australian  Sandalwood. These single notes can be used in diffuser oil lamps or added to a carrier oil and applied to the skin. These three aromas evoke sacred grounding energy for meditation and guiding spiritual connection to the earth. Each single note is 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils that can aid in healing properties. Many can feel the health benefits when absorbed into the body through the skin.


Aura Mists

Men on-the-go can enjoy the benefits of an instant Aromatherapy treatment with Aura Mists. These instantly shift the energy of a space: spray an Aura Mist around you while setting your intention.  Rain of Prosperity Aura Mist is an abundance-attracting mist that helps create a prosperous atmosphere and plentiful environment. Since ancient times, Basil and Bergamot have been used as symbols of prosperity, to help direct the flow of abundance. Many men gravitate to  Pure Passion Aura Mist for it’s warming and sensual effects of Patchouli and exotic florals with a hint of spice.

Massage + Body Oils

A massage with Kate’s Magik Massage + Body Oils can help release tension, ease stress, provide energy, evoke passion, relieve anxiety or help you sleep. When essential oils are absorbed into the skin, they travel through the bloodstream to areas of the body that need healing. A post-workout massage with  Muscle Works will help relieve muscle and joint pain and reduce tension. Use with a therapist, massage partner, or self-apply and feel your muscles relax as tightness fades away. For deep sleep and relaxation, try  Tranquil Moonlight with a blend of Sandalwood, Peruvian Balsam, Clary Sage, and Lavender. Apply before bed and massage over the entire body with emphasis on the heart and solar plexus.

Start the day instilling a lust for life with an application of  Sphinx Moth Body Oil. Apply from head to toe after a morning shower or mix with an unscented lotion. This blend inspires one to be free! Run, dance, howl, for this life is yours to do with as you please.


Anointing Oils

For men who are masters of meditation and spiritual warriors, Kate recommends  Meditation and Trance Anointing Oil. This sacred blend of Frankincense and Sandalwood increases visions and connects us to the divine while keeping a centered, grounded mind. For the romantic or men seeking a soulmate,  Eros & Psyche is the blend for you. This blend will help balance the emotional aspects of the feminine and the grounding strength of masculine energies within. Manifest artistic inspiration and expression and remove writer’s block with the grounding aromas of  Creativity and Performance. Use anointing oils as a hands-on blessing tool to help set intentions, clarify needs, and make positive changes in life.


Sacred and Bastet Perfumes

There’s a common misconception that Perfumes are feminine and colognes are masculine. Yet, the truth is that Perfumes are typically a higher quality product. Natural perfumes are a concentration of essential oils and aroma compounds in comparison to alcohol-based cologne. Kate’s Magik all natural Perfumes are meant for those who can appreciate the finer things in life. Each formula contains 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils with no synthetic fragrances, emulsifiers or colors.

Ra Sun God

The Egyptians associated perfumery with the gods and perfumes were applied to promote healing. This inspired Kate to create a line of special perfumes that incorporated some of her favorite deities and archetypes. Harness the power of light and wisdom with the help of Sun God  Ra. Instill courage with  Archangel Michael, the great protector, as your guide. Starting a new chapter? Clear old baggage with the great remover of obstacles  Ganesh.

Kate also has formulated fragrances with men in mind, such as  Bhakti, which was created for her life partner, a professional musician, to keep him protected yet creative while playing in nightclubs. This Bastet Perfume has strong protective qualities that help awaken the divine and support effortless musical flow. The musk-like aroma forHart evokes the scent of a morning walk in a conifer forest. These woodsy fragrances and their intentions provide grounding of the masculine energy within us all.

Many of these products are popular with men and masculine energies. These aromas are intended for anyone who wants to raise their vibration to new heights while staying grounded to Mother Earth. If you enjoyed this gift guide for men, please leave a comment below. Also let us know which of these products you would recommend! See the full collection of Aromatherapy for Men.

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