Eclipse Reflections + Sale

August 21, 2017

Eclipse Reflections + Sale

There's no doubt you have felt the build up of energy culminating in the Solar Eclipse on Monday 8/21;  what you do with it can help set the tone for the next six months.  Know that you're not alone in whatever beginnings and endings have been abruptly brought to light recently as the Leo New Moon + Solar Eclipse energy is rocking the human collective.  There are plentiful opportunities for growth and healing here. The dark is coming out right now, however, so be cautious of exaggerated anxieties, insecurities or feelings.   Resist the urge to react.  Try not to be distracted by what the other people in your life should or shouldn't do, but rather look inward to see how you can personally edit your role in your closest relationships for the better. 

Turn your focus inward to your own feelings, even if it is overwhelming, because this dramatic energy can spark significant transformations.     It is a perfect time to examine any negative attitudes, indulgences or patterns that have limited your path towards healing and bring your attention to intention work, essential oils, journaling, ritual, and self-care.  Now is the time be brutally honest with yourself and decide what changes you're ready to make.  The Eclipse energy will help amplify your intentions and guide you on your path towards healing.  

Although it can be deeply jolting to confront that which lies in your shadow (the theme of this eclipse season), there is an opportunity to use this fierce energy to examine the darker depths of the self. Embrace the challenges that have appeared recently with your own inner power, set your intentions and be ready to fully blossom in the months to come.  Believe in yourself, know yourself (the light and the dark) and live your truth. 

Blessings on your path to authentic power!

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