Autumn Equinox / Mabon Message from Kate

September 22, 2022

Autumn Equinox / Mabon Message from Kate

Harvest Blessings Beautiful People!

On this auspicious day, light and darkness are in perfect balance as we stand at the precipice of the season of darkness, introspection and transformation. Today, on this first official day of Autumn, we celebrate and give thanks, we reflect on the harvest and we look west, to the setting sun, with gratitude in our hearts for all that has transpired. Although our minds tend to scan for troubles, there is always so much to be thankful for: in the light, the dark and the gray.

Today, we say thank you for all the blessings, small and grand. Now we can let go, allow and trust. This year’s harvest will be completed on Oct 31, Samhain. For now, our work is done. Personally I love the golden Autumn light, the touch of coolness in the air and the moments of melancholy as we bid farewell to the summer sun and our desert monsoons.

This evening my goats and I were able to take a proper sunset walk down our long dirt road as we felt a hint of the cooler days ahead. Even my infirm unicorn goat (one horned), Vindaloo, was willing to walk with a slight skip in his step. And the great horned owls have been back, visiting our land nightly, at sundown as I put the goats to bed. All changes of season have a mystical air - a liminal quality that can be bedazzling - but the transition from Summer to Fall is the most magical of all. 

Rejoice, today is Mabon, the Autumnal Equinox, or Alban Elfed as the druids call it - the time of balance and harvest.

On this day I invite you to join me in my reflections on all the gifts and teachings that have come our way since we fertilized our seeds (Intentions) on Imbolc, February 2nd of this year. It is so easy for the little miracles received and small goals reached to go unnoticed. The harvest comes in many forms and this is the time to recall the blessings, set your altars, feast on the fruits of the earth and GIVE THANKS. 

On Mabon I will sit in sacred circle, by my earth altar and give thanks for the following:

Resolved conflicts, wounds healed, health restored, lessons learned, bills paid, food consumed, bread shared, love felt, love given, opportunities taken. The guides, gods, angels and ancestors that have protected me/us through the storms of daily existence.

The rain, the wind, the sun, the moon, the stars and the snow to come, the mountains that hold us, the flora and fauna that support us. Add anything that comes to you.

Together let’s reflect on the gratitude for the life we have lived in this impossible world. We have come a far way over the past few years. Put your hands on your heart and close your eyes, and say THANK YOU!

With Infinite Gratitude for YOU!

Love, Kate

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