An Imbolc Message from Kate

January 30, 2018

An Imbolc Message from Kate

The ground is hard and frozen in most places in the northern hemisphere. The seeds (intentions and wishes) we planted for this year’s harvest are deep in the unseen realms, gestating and coming into creation. Like a fertilized egg in the womb, they are gathering strength, growing at their own pace and forming into new, one of a kind manifestations. During this waiting period, fears and doubts can arise as expectations and anticipations may begin to dominate our thoughts. A major issue facing us is the perception that every seed we’ve planted will grow and bloom as originally intended - yet any true creation does not necessarily unfold as expected. Knowing that we do not have the power over outcomes, this time between Imbolc and the Spring Equinox (February 3 - March 21) is an ideal opportunity to intently practice patience and take time to recharge and trust that things will spring forth when the moment is right. It is also imperative to remember that not every seed grows as we envisioned. Sometimes the environment is not ready – for example, you may want children but have not yet manifested the safe, warm and nurturing home needed for them to flourish. In which case you would work on creating the environment for that manifestation to be supported. In other words, our desires may first need a foundation to support the big goal. Use this time before the Equinox to identify those steps, renew your intentions and meditate on trusting your path while tending to the seeds in your garden.

Imbolc falls on February 3rd this year - it marks the middle of winter as well as the advancement of growth. In Bern, Switzerland, where I spent the majority of my childhood years, I would rejoice when the crocus flowers started peeking out from the snow, marking the earliest signs of Spring. Later, living in New York City where the winters seemed endless, I would go to central park in early February to inspect the trees to see if buds were forming, searching for clues that warmer weather was near.

My personal mantra for 2018 is RETREAT – I want to inspire you to schedule time for yourself to take respite from your regular world. For me, this means spending time in a natural setting, away from home, family, work and daily responsibilities, making space for introspection, healing, meditation and ritual. Camping or “glamping” is a perfect way to get closer to nature, but renting a comfortable cabin or casita can be equally effective. Ideally, I unplug from the digital world or keep it to an absolute minimum. Most importantly, I set an intention to help clarify my needs and then evoke the gods, spirits and ancestors in prayer to assist in my rejuvenation so I can fulfill my highest potential. These types of retreats can be spent alone or with a friend who has similar intentions. The value of this practice is indescribable and highly necessary in these charged times. Imbolc is the perfect time for you to look at the calendar and set some retreat dates. I invite you to do this right now!!!

For tomorrow’s January 31st blue moon/blood moon/supermoon/total lunar eclipse I asked my personal astrologer, Thea Wirshing, to provide a blurb for my readers:

“The upcoming Full Moon in Leo is tightly conjunct minor planet Ceres.  Leo’s natural dignity is elevated by the energy of the ancient grain goddess, producing a potent combination that is the perfect time to stand in your power and ROAR!  The Sun conjunct sweet Venus in Aquarius points to plans and projects that will benefit the collective.  The balance of groups (Aquarius) and the individual (Leo) in this powerful lunar eclipseinvites you to shine in your unique gifts for the pleasure of your community.  Sometimes we have to get a little loud and flashy to get the message across - but Venus in the mix promises that our authentic expression will be graciously received.”
For more on Thea’s work check out

Blessings for the End of Winter Dear Friends!


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