A Summer Solstice Message from Kate

August 02, 2018

A Summer Solstice Message from Kate

Greetings Beautiful Kate's Magik Friends,

I just arrived in Tintagel on the coast of Cornwall, in the southwestern part of England, a magnificently wild and rugged place steeped in arthurian legend. As I write, I sit in a little cottage named Pendragon that overlooks the sea, though currently the dense mist is obscuring the ocean view. We just happily devoured a plate of homemade scones with rich clotted cream and local jam prepared as a welcoming gift by our Cornish hosts. It feels good to be far away from big cities and I’m grateful that Stuart is doing all the driving (on the left) while cars pass us nonchalantly on narrow country lanes.

The last four nights we spent at the Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury - or the ancient Isle of Avalon as we call it - where I was able to fulfill a mystical desire to make a pilgrimage to a sacred spring, a living sanctuary, to which I feel a deep karmic connection. Arriving there was as rewarding and nourishing as I had envisioned. I have worn the Vesica Pisces symbol - one of union of heaven and earth, spirit and matter, and the masculine and the feminine - around my neck ever since my last visit in 2016 and have felt a sense of completion as I was able to bless it with the holy waters of this healing well.

As we enter the final days of this year’s flowering season (Spring), the sun reaches its highest point on the northern hemisphere’s horizon, summer commences and we enter a time of maturity, of ripening and fine tuning. For many of us, including myself, it has been a time of transformation and change where we are forced to trust our path, even when outside circumstances don’t (yet) reflect the intentions we set (in the Spring) and the outcomes we desire don’t (seem) to be coming to fruition. This is the juncture when our tools and hard earned practices have the opportunity to move us forward in a big way! Though we often find ourselves disconnected from source (in ego) with little access to our higher, mature selves: There are always reminders and guides all around us ready to help reinstill our faith. After this last new moon, I personally felt rather low, in spite of being in a place laced with magik, and I have noticed that many people I conversed with were in a similar place. I chose to keep surrendering to my feelings, going within for answers and praying for guidance. Divinely, answers and miracles always come; If we dare to ask! Just yesterday I met a wise woman, an elder and a familiar from another time known as the grandmother of the Chalice Well. She offered me energy healing and this simple message: “You must reclaim and shine your light and everything else will align!” Although we know this, we still need to be reminded by other beings who can appear for us in the most unusual places in any shape or form, we just need to ask, look and listen. As I review my journal entries from the past few days I see this note:

“We all have the responsibility to carry our own light!”  This is more than just serendipity.

Practices that help me reignite my light:
  • Get present in the moment and ask LIGHT to shine through me and out of my chakras, focusing on solar plexus and heart chakra

  • Switch a thought from worry to SHINE MY LIGHT

  • I AM LIGHT - I SHINE MY LIGHT used as a simple mantra or word repetition interwoven with breath

As we hit the peak, the climax of light, we descend back into darkness. In times where we feel verloren or alone and as the global currents works out its karma, we must remember that it is our responsibility to reclaim our own light and SHINE IT!

BUT FIRST, on Thursday June 21st, we celebrate Litha (the Celtic word for light), the turn of the wheel, the completion of a six month cycle towards light. Let us honor our passage, the gifts, abundance and blessings we’ve received - let’s light fires and candles, sing songs, place sunflowers on our tables and decorate alters in honor of the sun and set our intentions once again for the abundance of this year’s harvest.  

AND …. stay tuned for the announcement of a ceremonial trip to mystical England with me as your guide in the Summer of 2019.

Faithfully Yours,

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