July 2018 Bastet Perfume Society: Erotika

July is a sultry month, a sensual time, when the earth is penetrated with summer’s heat; our bodies are warm and our minds more open to spontaneity. The purpose for this month’s Bastet perfume Erotika, is to spark passion, ignite creativity and lure you away from the mundane. The hypnotic aroma of Erotika will help unleash joyful sensuality, reveal inner desire and allow your thoughts to wander, be lost and wildly abandoned.

Use this potent aphrodisiac with the intention to summon sacred sexual connection, awaken pure passion, invoke playful vibrations and fall in love with your sensual self. The floral holy grail of Erotika is the intoxicating Tuberose nestled in nurturing Madagascan Vanilla; Illuminating Bergamot provides a splash of joyful zest while black pepper adds a spark of fire.

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