A Lammas Message from Kate's Magik

August 02, 2018

A Lammas Message from Kate's Magik

Today we celebrate Lammas, the midway point between Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox, the harvest of the summer, and the beginning of seasonal change. Lammas has many names and is ritualized by a variety of traditions, customs, and cultures. From pilgrimages, festivals, feasts, reunions, and blessings, the Gods, Goddesses, and practices may differ, but the impulse is the same: to honor our work and celebrate our harvest!

Although many of us no longer plant and harvest the food we eat (and congratulations if you do!), humans are still on nature’s clock; we abide by the rhythms and cycles of the universe. By August, we are well acquainted with the feeling of having sewn, of having worked hard, of the energy it’s taken to get us to where we are (no matter where that is). It has taken discipline, focus, and hard work to cultivate our ideas and projects. There have been set backs and side steps; milestones which brought us joy; discomfort and pain; clarity, presence and patience—through all of it, there have been lessons.

Just as the grain is harvested to feed and nourish our bodies, our projects and ideas are brought into existence to nourish and develop our soul and the potential of which we are capable. Although we may have yet to actualize particular goals, it is a product of cultural conditioning which keeps us from seeing, and celebrating, that which we have accomplished and are ready to reap! Instead of looking at or critiquing one grain today, Lammas encourages us to adjust the lens of our focus to see the whole wheat field we have been growing! Your goals may be related to external materiality (to the substance of our lives) or to internal development (to the rich world of emotional, cognitive, and spiritual growth)--in either case, you have made progress! Whether that progress is in the form of an articulation of a feeling, or of mountains moved, you have dedicated your energy to growth—take today to celebrate!

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With love and light,

The Kate's Magik Tribe

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