Summer is the Season to Recharge Newsletter

June 10, 2016

Summer is the Season to Recharge Newsletter


As the blazing hot Sonoran Desert Summer takes us towards the longest day of the year (June 20th), it is time to slow down. Most of us have worked too hard over the Winter and into the Spring, but now it is our duty to create space for relaxation and recuperation. The seeds have been sown and the summer soil is fertile, so ideally we nourish our garden and watch it ripen. Easier said than done with all of our responsibilities and unfinished projects? Maybe so, but we are creators and manifestors. If we can look beyond our blocks, fears and anxieties to see all that we have created, it may become evident that we could also manifest some time out of mind for ourselves. Summer is the season to recharge, so we are ready to begin our work anew in the Autumn.

My life has been overwhelmingly full since last October when I went into the studio to record my third full-length record, Pirate Radio. A concept album about the historic usage of old ships for broadcasting and the importance of independent radio, Pirate Radio is also an intimate portrait of my journey through inner-shadows in order to follow the beat of my heart song. I worked harder on this record than I have ever worked on anything. I got my voice in top shape and had the privilege to work with some the best musicians available, including Petie Ronstadt (Linda’s nephew of Ronstadt Generations) who produced the album. During this busy time, I was maintaining Kate’s Magik as well as I could while caring for new baby goats and visiting my terminally ill uncle in Switzerland. I also went to New York to be with my grandmother for her final days until she passed on May 10th. With a heart full of grief and gratitude and a sore throat to top it off, I released Pirate Radio on May 20th to an audience of nearly 300 people. Before she died my grandmother said I was absolutely “mashugana” (yiddish for crazy) and she was right! It’s time to slow down.

As our turbulent times on planet Earth continue, we must remember to care for and pace ourselves. We must also recognize that we are good enough even if we are not going 100 miles an hour and that we deserve to rest and be nurtured. It is important to have time away from our daily routines and devices to allow mother earth to fill us with her life force. So join me in planning a camping trip, spending time away by the beach, or taking a day off to hike or stroll through nature. Even allowing for some leisurely time to drink tea with a friend can be immensely beneficial. There is a time to work and a time rest. Summertime is for relaxation and gratitude – an opportunity to acknowledge and honor all the hard work that we have done.

Happy Summer Solstice Beautiful People!




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