Valentine's Day Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, was originally a celebration of a martyred Italian saint called Valentinus. There is some debate as to how the day came to be associated with love and romance, but since then, the day has certainly become a day to honor and recognize those you love; be they romantic or platonic relationships. It is also a fine opportunity to show yourself some much needed love and care! 

 The Kate’s Magik Valentine’s Day Collection is a collection for everyone. There are intention-based aromatherapy products for those in marriages or unions, budding relationships, those wishing to attract a mate, products for intimacy and products to inspire love and beauty within one’s self.

Intention-Based Aromatherapy for Love

Wood Nymph Body Perfume Oil was created to evoke love and trust. The Wood Nymph is an earth-loving butterfly that dips through the sagebrush, juniper-pinyon woodland, dry chaparral and open pine forests. Wood Nymph Body Perfume Oil helps you feel grounded and compassionate while revealing your inner beauty. It stimulates internal knowledge, brings peace, trust and awareness. With both feet on the ground you can sway like a tree, be rooted, yet flexible and free. Wood Nymph is a blend of earthy, sweet Cedarwood with protective, woodsy Juniper enveloped by regal Rose and sensual Jasmine. A touch of spice makes this balanced blend an intoxicating and grounding experience.

Firefly Body Perfume Oil was created for passion, love and creativity. Fireflies use a specific flash pattern to attract a mate after dark. If a flashing male catches a female's fancy, she will signal back and they mate. Firefly Body Perfume Oil unveils your unique beauty, reveals your highest creative potential, arouses your senses and lets you be seen for who you truly are; beautiful, magnificent and powerful. Let your passion rise, your fire shine and intoxicate the worlds around you. Firefly Body Perfume Oil, a blend of royal Jasmine married with seductive Patchouli forms the foundation for this captivating body perfume oil. Luminous Neroli with the blessing of sacred Frankincense makes this blend an alluring elixir.

Fire Aromatherapy Body Lotion was created to evoke love, passion and sensuality. Fire fuels confidence, passion and creativity. Fire Body Lotion is sensual and empowering. Sandalwood will encourage faith and trust, while Moroccan Rose opens the heart and raises your vibration. Lavish this lotion generously from head to toe while setting your intention for the day or evening. Inhale the divine aromas and visualize your wishes coming true.

Aphrodisian Fire Massage + Body Oil is intended for love, passion and sensuality. Aphrodisian Fire Massage + Body Oil is a bewitchingly sensual massage and body oil that enhances romance and excites the senses. It evokes Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. Massage this oil over your partner's entire body and feel the passion rising or self-apply as a skin-nourishing, fiery body oil to bring fourth passion, love and confidence. Use to heighten sensual pleasures or wear to entice, attract and seduce. Sandalwood and Patchouli are deep and sensual while sultry Rose and flowery Ylang Ylang add a touch of the feminine to this luxurious blend.

Pure Passion Aura Mist is an intoxicating aromatherapy mist to evoke passion and create a sensual atmosphere. When it comes to the senses, scent is a powerful way to manifest passion and enhance mood. Pure Passion Aura Mist will help to release your natural pheromones, bring forth confidence and reveal your beauty. To create a sensual atmosphere, spray on bed linens or on yourself and your partner to heighten the intensity of desire. Use generously and feel the passion rising. Pure Passion Aura Mist is a warm, sensual blend of Patchouli with exotic Jasmine.

Venus - A Love Oil Anointing Oil can be used for love and soul mate attraction. Evoke the goddess of love with this love attraction blend. Seductive and sensual, yet wise and spiritual, Venus - A Love Oil is a blend of exotic, floral Ylang Ylang with sensual Sandalwood and a touch of Indian spice. Apply Venus - A Love Oil to your Sacral and Heart chakras for added dimension and intentions of creativity, sexuality, love, compassion and emotion. 

Use  Sweet Marriage Anointing Oil to bring joy to a union or to attract a partner. Sweet Marriage brings love and sensuality to a union, fosters open communication, refreshes romance, increases intimacy, strengthens commitment and promotes monogamy. Sweet Marriage is also a great blend to attract marriage or a meaningful romantic partnership. Sweet Marriage Anointing Oil is a joy-inducing and sensual blend of seductive Jasmine and Sweet Orange. Apply Sweet Marriage Anointing Oil to your Sacral and Throat chakras for added dimension and intentions of creativity, sexuality, strength, communication and self-expression.

Sensual Lust & Passion Anointing Oil was created to awaken desire and attract attention. This blend is arousing and seductive and serves as an aphrodisiac. Sensual Lust & Passion Anointing Oil is an intoxicating and fiery blend of exotic Ylang Ylang and Rose Absolute cradled in wood and spice that stirs desire and attracts passionate energy while enveloping you in an aura of lusty beauty. Apply Sensual Lust & Passion Anointing Oil to your Heart, Sacral and Root chakras for added dimension and intentions of love, compassion, emotion, sexuality, grounding and sexuality.

Wear Moon Goddess Anointing Oil to instill joy and help remove worries, fear and inhibition. This regal Jasmine blend is uplifting yet calming. It brings forth a lust for life and can serve as an effective aphrodisiac. This oil is also great for a woman's "moon time" and can be applied to the hands and feet during labor. Moon Goddess Anointing Oil is a sweet, uplifting blend of different types of Jasmine. Apply Moon Goddess Anointing Oil to your Solar Plexus, Throat and Sacral chakras for added dimension and intentions of truth, communication, self-expression, creativity, sexuality and strength.

Eros & Psyche Anointing Oil is a soulmate blend for eternal love. In Greek mythology, the tale of Eros and Psyche is a love story for the ages. An eternal romance that overcame many obstacles before the princess Psyche could be wed to Eros, the God of Love. This soulmate blend helps instill faith in the power of eternal love and balances the masculine and feminine sides of us all. Eros & Psyche Anointing Oil is a warm sensual blend of Sandalwood and Frankincense with a touch of alluring Neroli. Apply Eros & Psyche Anointing Oil to your Heart and Root chakras for added dimension and intentions of love, compassion, grounding and sexuality.

Passion Rising Diffuser Oil is a seductive blend to ignite passion and fuel your fire. Diffuse while getting ready for a fun night out or use as an aphrodisiac to set the mood for love and romance. Passion Rising Diffuser Oil is an exciting blend of Ylang Ylang, Peru Balsam, Patchouli, Jasmine and Cardamom.

The purpose of  Erotika Bastet Perfume is to spark passion, ignite creativity and lure you away from the mundane. The hypnotic aroma of Erotika will help unleash joyful sensuality, reveal inner desires, allow your thoughts to wander, and to be lost with wild abandon. Use this potent aphrodisiac with the intention to summon sacred sexual connection, awaken pure passion, invoke playful vibrations and fall in love with your sensual self. The floral holy grail of Erotika is the intoxicating Tuberose nestled in nurturing Madagascan Vanilla, while illuminating Bergamot provides a splash of joyful zest while Black Pepper adds a spark of fire.

Wood Nymph Body Perfume Oil
$ 26.99
Moon Goddess Anointing Oil - Kates Magik Aromatherapy Anointing Oils,
$ 17.99
Pure Passion Aura Mist - Kates Magik Aromatherapy Aura Mist,
$ 15.99
Firefly Body Perfume Oil
$ 29.99
Eros & Psyche Anointing Oil - Kates Magik Aromatherapy Anointing Oils,
$ 17.99
Passion Rising Diffuser Oil
$ 19.99

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