Uncrossing: Removing Negative Energy

History of Uncrossing

With its roots in the Caribbean, Africa, and European folklore, the concept of Uncrossing, using an Uncrossing Oil or performing an Uncrossing Ritual has been around for eons. Essentially, the purpose of Uncrossing is to get rid of any negative energy that you may be sensing from external sources or negativity you may be feeling within yourself. Uncrossing banishes unfavorable energy and clears and removes unhelpful blocks and attachments.

In relation to Uncrossing, some will discuss having a crossed condition. A crossed condition is just a way of talking about an obstacle or hardship which keeps a person stagnant and unable to move forward. Crossed conditions can be external or internal which include: stress, negative self talk or thoughts, anger, blame, judgment, angst, attachment, etc.

Kate’s Magik Uncrossing Anointing Oil is a potent blend of Rosemary and Lemon. Not only is Rosemary exceptionally powerful as a medicinal plant, but it also carries positive energy which helps make Uncrossing intentions so powerful. Rosemary brings purification, protection and healing. Lemon also transmits impressive cleansing and clearing qualities, but is also energizing and cheerfully uplifting. 

Kate describes Uncrossing as the process of unblocking ourselves from the constraints of our own ego. When we are sitting in a place of anger, hurt, stress, guilt and fear, we block ourselves in with negativity and are therefore crossed, sometimes unable to see hope and positivity. By Uncrossing ourselves, we open up our hearts to healing and to moving forward on our aligned paths.

Uncrossing Rituals 

Incorporating Uncrossing Oil with intention and ritual creates a shield of protection and paves the way for change. Uncrossing helps to untangle whatever it is that got knotted, removes blocks and helps you realign for the Highest Good. An Uncrossing ritual can be extremely beneficial if you feel you’ve been stuck, stagnant or facing obstacles on your higher path forward. Uncrossing helps to release and uncross (unblock) the conditions and energies that may be standing in your way. It can be very beneficial to do an Uncrossing before any planned spiritual work, ceremony or ritual, so as to clear the way for divine flow. Uncrossing is also great for easing difficult dynamics within relationships, to move more swiftly through challenges and for releasing hurt and blocks which keep you from being the best you. The goal of Uncrossing is that with ritual, love and peace, we usher away whatever is crossing (blocking) us.

Kate’s Magik Uncrossing Anointing Oil

Uncrossing Anointing Oil helps to remove negativity and send away bad vibes. It is the ultimate cleansing oil which helps remove burdens, worries and banishes unhealthy, negative energy to help eliminate bad situations. Uncrossing Anointing Oil is a fresh and clean blend of bright Lemon and cleansing Rosemary. Apply Uncrossing Anointing Oil to the Solar Plexus for added benefits related to your truth, self and center of will.

Uncrossing Intention Setting 

Intention setting can be done anywhere and anytime. Simply use your Uncrossing Anointing Oil during a precious, purposeful moment. Additionally, you may even anoint your home or sacred space and special objects like candles, crystals or tarot/oracle cards.

Use Uncrossing Anointing Oil generously, frequently and with clear intentions of removing negativity, blocks and bad vibes. Apply anywhere on the body, focusing on the soft areas of the neck, decollete and arms, as well as the wrists for inhalation. For best results, apply 4-5 times a day as you would use a tincture or flower essence. With each application, take a moment for yourself to slowly inhale the beautiful aroma and visualize and reaffirm your intention.

“Whenever I am dealing with a challenge that seems too big to tackle on my own I start with an Uncrossing ritual. Personally I like to apply Uncrossing Oil after taking a shower with shungite soap. While my body is still wet, I pour a small amount of Uncrossing Oil in the palm of my hand and spread it all over my wet body. In the colder months, I take an Uncrossing Bath. After my shower or bath, I towel dry while giving thanks for the lessons and proceed to do my prayers and set intentions.” 


Uncrossing Bath

You Will Need:

Uncrossing Anointing Oil

Clearing herbs such as sage, palo santo


Lemons cut, squeezed and dropped in bath

Dry Rosemary - a hand full


  • Cleanse and purify the space with burning herbs, White Sage Sacred Mist or Purification & Protection Aura Mist.
  • Draw a warm bath and safely light candles if you wish.
  • Pour ½ bottle of Uncrossing Anointing Oil into the bath.
  • Sprinkle salt, Rosemary and squeeze Lemons into the bath.
  • Bathe in the Uncrossing Anointing Oil, Lemons, herbs and salt holding the intention of banishing negative energy,        removing blocks and visualizing a clear and open path forward. Release it all into the purifying water.
  • Strain any herbs and other materials. You may bury the materials as a symbolic gesture of releasing and banishing the negativity and blocks keeping you from moving forward.
  • Say a prayer of gratitude in faith for the way the Universe is already conspiring for your Highest Good.
  • There is no wrong way to do this. Improvise and use what you have available.

Kate’s Magik Products for Uncrossing and Protection

Uncrossing Anointing Oilhelps to remove negativity and send away bad vibes. It is the ultimate cleansing oil which helps remove burdens, worries and banishes unhealthy, negative energy to help eliminate bad situations. Uncrossing Anointing Oil is a fresh and clean blend of bright Lime and cleansing Rosemary.

$ 79.00$ 63.20

Ganesh, the elephant-headed Hindu god, is the great remover of obstacles who walks a path of trust and effortless mastery. He welcomes new beginnings without expectations or attachments and helps us move forward in life. He is a protector and keeper of wisdom. Ganesh reminds us to be present, that life’s sacred journey is the destination and that the obstacles on our path are our teachings. Ganesh Perfume can help us transform our inner and outer world and usher in a new era of possibilities. Herbaceous Rosemary and zesty Lime are at the forefront of this aromatic creation - metaphorically representing the function of the elephant’s trunk as a remover of obstacles from our path. Encouraging Neroli brings heart energy to our missions, while Turmeric conjures the healing wisdom of the far East.

$ 79.00$ 63.20

Samhain, is a magical potion, created harnessing the power of the mystical All Hallows Eve. Samhain is the Gaelic festival that marks the end of the harvest season, when the veil between the worlds is thin and we enter the liminal period of death and rebirth. This is the time to purify, let go and surrender to transformation. Make fires, set altars, gather with kin, honor and connect with loved ones passed and celebrate the great gift of life. Channel this metamorphic energy of Samhain at any time of the year or when you set intentions for rebirth and transformation. The Waning and New Moon are especially potent times to embark on a journey into the darkness in order to confront what may need to be released and let go. Samhain Perfume is formulated to open portals and transport you to other realms. Magical, mystical Spikenard, light-bearing Marigold and safeguarding Elderflower are at the core of this transformative potent perfume potion. Anoint your Third Eye, throat and wrist, and get ready to fly.

Archangel Michael Sacred Perfume instills courage and provides protection. Archangel Michael is the great protector and guide of light and love. Notes of sacred Frankincense and courageous Ginger help shield you from the unwanted and instill the trust needed to follow your path.

A blend of exotic Sandalwood and comforting Lavender, Purification + Protection Aura Mist was created to remove negativity, relieve stress and restore balance. Use Purification & Protection as an instant aromatherapy treatment by spraying in a circular motion above the crown of your head. As the mist falls down all around you, breathe deeply and feel the purifying power of the essential oils as any anger, negativity or stagnation dissolves away. Take a moment for reflection and embrace your new lightness of being. This mist is also a great way to remove bad vibes and cleanse any space to create a balanced atmosphere. Make it a part of your yoga or meditation ritual to help clear the mind and set your intention for practice. Additionally, Purification & Protection Mist is a powerful alternative when you can't burn sage or other cleansing herbs.

White Sage is a powerful and sacred herb revered for its cleansing and purifying properties. White Sage clears negative, stagnant energy and acts as an aid to connect you with the spiritual realm. Use this White Sage Sacred Mist when you are unable to burn herbs in your space or keep it with you throughout the day for those moments that need clearing, cleansing and purification. Our White Sage is grown at a small family farm in Southern California. The plant is native to the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico, found mainly in the coastal sage scrub habitat of Southern California and Baja California, on the western edges of the Mojave and Sonoran deserts. Shake well and spray around the body and living spaces to banish negativity, cleanse, purify and protect.

White Sage, with its incredibly strong, aromatic resin, is the most highly prized Western Sage. It is found in the rugged mountains of the Southwest, where it is burned ceremonially for purification rituals. Its beautiful leaf clusters and enormous flowering stalks burst forth in the Spring, painting streaks of white against the rusty green hillsides and filling the air with the pungent scent of wild Sage.

Use Shungite Soap for purification. Ancient and healing, Shungite mineral has a potent and positive vibration. It is said this mineral can absorb and eliminate anything negative in life, including EMF! Cleanse your energy inside and out, and purify the area you keep this soap!

$ 2.59

Palo Santo is known as "holy wood" in South America. The harvested wood sticks have been used for centuries by indigenous peoples to cleanse, protect and clear negative energy. Each stick burns slowly and can be used many times as it fills your space with purifying smoke and a unique, sweet smell when lit.

Burn Yerba Santa for purification, protection and to clear negative or stagnant energy.

$ 4.00

Burn Cedar for purification, protection and to clear negative or stagnant energy.

The energizing, herbaceous aroma of Rosemary Essential Oil is like a crisp mountain wind that sweeps away mental fogginess, negativity and fatigue while instilling a renewed sense of empowerment. It is an effective tool to cleanse and purify our surroundings and stimulate both the body and mind.

Frankincense Essential Oil is spiritually elevating and a powerful aid during meditation. It is calming and centering on the mind and helps instill faith and trust and reconnect you with spirit. Frankincense Essential Oil holds the wisdom of the universe. It is an ancient traditional purifying oil and helps remove blocks and negativity. It can instill trust, increase vision and concentration. It brings the blessings of the sun and successful energy.

$ 17.95

Myrrh Essential Oil has been used as a sacred oil and resin since ancient times. It awakens spirituality, aids in meditation and is ideal for cleansing rituals before healing. It instills peace, trust and courage. Helps let go of stagnant pain and resentment and can bring in forgiveness and vision for a new path.

Juniper Essential Oil is a powerful tool to purify, cleanse and detoxify the body, mind, spirit and environment and supports us during times of stress. It also facilitates connection with spirit and the communication between the heart and mind. Juniper has been used since ancient times by the Greeks to purify the air, by the Egyptians to help with passage into the afterlife, in ancient Europe to repel evil spirits and protect the home. Native Americans have used it in ceremonies as well as medicinally as a tea for colds and stomach issues.

Cedarwood Essential Oil is believed to instill harmony and compassion. It is grounding, stabilizing and encourages strength and balance. The ancient Egyptians used Cedarwood essential oil in death rituals as well as for cosmetics and perfumery. They say it arose from the god Osiris as the symbol of eternal return and when used with the proper formula contained magical powers. Native Americans used Cedar extensively for purification rituals.

$ 17.99

Pure Frankincense Resin (Boswellia carteri) is wild-harvested in North Africa. Burn to cleanse and purify spaces. Frankincense has been used for thousands of years for its purifying, protective and healing properties.

$ 19.99

Myrrh Gum Resin wild-harvested in North Africa. Burn to cleanse and purify spaces.

$ 95.00$ 76.00
$ 95.00$ 76.00
$ 79.00$ 63.20
$ 79.00$ 63.20
$ 19.99
$ 17.99
$ 17.95

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