Happy Autumn Equinox: Season's Blessings from Kate

September 20, 2017

Happy Autumn Equinox: Season's Blessings from Kate

As the final Harvest Season moves closer, a time of gratitude, ritual, and spiritual introspection begins. With today’s Virgo new moon, it is a good day to call forth the energy of healing, self-love, and care as we embark on a sacred time of celebration. September’s new moon also falls on the first day of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year.  On this holiday, my family as well as other Jews all over the world come together with loved ones to light candles, blow the Shofar (a ceremonial horn), and share honey and apples to bring in a sweet new year. Friday is the Fall Equinox, when the length of the day and night are equal, and we enter the darker half of the year. To celebrate this time of gratitude for this year's harvest, I encourage you to contemplate your own personal blessings while you decorate your home with seasonal symbols of Autumn and Harvest. Stock your bowls with pears, apples, nuts and pomegranates. Display gourds, squash and corn husks by your door and try new ways to make warm, healing soups, stews, and curries. For those of us who have altars, we want a theme of harvest colors, fruit, corn, autumn-colored candles and anything else that’s fitting as we move towards Samhain (October 31) and Dia de Los Muertos (November 1), a time where we celebrate and honor loved ones passed.

On another note, I MUST share an incredible story with you: In my last newsletter entitled Kate’s Year of the Deer, I shared a highly personal vision I had during meditation on a troubled, moonless night where antlers grew out of my forehead, freeing me from all my worries. After this experience, a relentless fascination began; I tried to find out anything that would lead me to a female figure with antlers, but no answers revealed themselves…until I arrived in a faraway land. In August I made a pilgrimage to the west country of England and visited Glastonbury, a place steeped in mystery and legend, said to have been the location of the ancient Isle of Avalon. When I was a young woman, I read Marion Zimmer-Bradley's The Mists of Avalon, in which she relates the Arthurian legend from a female perspective. This 800+ page story stirred something profound in me - like an ancient memory that was there waiting for my arrival.  After perusing the mystical town of Glastonbury, I came upon a temple solely dedicated to the Lady of Avalon and lo and behold there was a room full of depictions of her, adorned with antlers, symbolizing the perfect balance between masculine and feminine. What an enlightening miracle this was for me and a huge confirmation that things come to us for a reason; symbols, dreams and visions all carry meaning and often a message from the unconscious that can lead us to new heights, awaken a dormant gift or uncover a truth that is ready to be known.


Bastet Perfume Society members received the Hart perfume in September, which was inspired by my year of the deer and the antler vision. Surprise: October’s perfume will be called Avalon, a scent that I formulated to evoke the immortal, sacred feminine energy of the Isle of Avalon. Avalon will be shipping out to members on October 1st, so there is still time to join and experience my latest creation featuring trance-inducing Jasmine melded with herbaceous Blue Tansy to evoke the healing Goddess energy of the Isle of Avalon. I also brought in a touch of enigmatic Clary Sage, known as the “woman's herb”, to bring spiritual growth, clairvoyance and align us with the high priestess within.

As of today, there are a couple spots left for the Nov. 1-5, all-inclusive Sedona Sacred Chakra Retreat. Here I partner up with my yoga teacher and owner of Barefoot Studios in Tucson, master yogini Brianna Arndt, to share our individual knowledge of the seven main chakras, providing various methods to balance and align these energy centers. Activities include: Yoga (all levels welcome), scent therapy, sound healing, chakra dance, ceremonial drumming and tipi ceremonies.

Lastly, with all the current natural and political disasters in the world, I encourage each one of you to say daily prayers, light candles at temples, churches, shrines and altars. Offer help where you can to give some relief to the millions of people suffering right now. Stay tuned for upcoming sales where Kate’s Magik matches your donation to trustworthy causes.

Gracious Blessings for a mindful passage into our 2017 Autumn Season.

With Love Always!


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