November 2017 Bastet Perfume Society: Bhakti

The term Bhakti is a Sanskrit word meaning faith, love, devotion and authentic joy. I created the original formulation for this month’s Bhakti Perfume for my partner in life and love who makes his bread and butter as a country musician. Playing in honky-tonks a few times a week can at times be taxing, so he asked me to create a blend of oils that would help him connect with Source, provide protection and instill gratitude for his musical gifts. When I sat down at my perfumer's desk, I was called to create a fusion of sacred oils that have strong protective qualities and would awaken the divine to support effortless musical flow.

This blend was originally called Cosmic Cowboy, but the aroma turned out to be so exquisite, I just had to share it with my Bastet Perfume Society members! I renamed it Bhakti to highlight devotion, joy and sacred protection from outside energies that can throw off us balance - something needed more than ever during these challenging times. All of the essential oils in Bhakti have been used since ancient times for these purposes, making it a perfect perfume for daily protection, meditation, ritual, ceremony, and prayer. Bhakti is also an entrancing scent for men!

The aroma of Bhakti is deep and warming, featuring rare and precious Agarwood (sourced from cultivated trees, not from wild or endangered species), enriched with sensual, balsamy Himalayan Cedarwood and a selection of other sacred tree essences.

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