EO Spotlight: Geranium Essential Oil

October 20, 2016

EO Spotlight: Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium Essential Oil has a delightful, floral aroma with complementary hints of mint and citrus. This wonderful, versatile essential oil has many uses but primarily serves to bring balance to the body, mind and spirit. Geranium’s uplifting and cooling properties revitalize tired muscles and instill strength to move forward on our path.

The Ancient Greeks used both the plant and essential oil of geranium for medicinal purposes. The Egyptians used it as a powerful ingredient in skin preparations for the oil's ability to revitalize dry skin and promote radiance. Geranium Essential Oil is a wonderful skin-balancing oil that helps with both oily and dry complexions. Its components regulate sebum production and have anti-microbial properties, making it a great choice for treating acne. It also helps to speed skin cell regeneration and tones the skin. Add one drop of Pure Geranium Essential Oilto your cleanser and/or moisturizer to restore equilibrium and promote a healthy glow.

Emotionally, Geranium offers comforting support and eases nervous tension; like many floral oils, it possesses antidepressant qualities. It nurtures our inner child and gives us comforting, motherly energy during difficult times. Geranium helps ease our fears and instills within us the power to change, which is why it is a key ingredient in our Break Patterns & Addictions Oil. It also opens the heart to healing, compassion and grace, making it a perfect choice to include in the Heart & Spirit Aura Mist, which we love to use before yoga or meditation to encourage connection to the higher self.

Geranium Essential Oil is also known for its energizing properties, helping us to stay inspired and achieve goals. The undiluted oil is lovely to diffuse in the home or office for this purpose or try using Euphorian Wind Massage & Body Oil as a “get up and go” morning blend after the shower or a powerful pick-me-up when the afternoon lull sets in.. Geranium is also paired with other pure essential oils to promote clarity and strength in our Dragonfly Body Perfume Oil.

As you inhale the uplifting aroma of Geranium Essential Oil, embrace your grace and feel a return to balance.

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