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Magical :)

It works :)

Sometimes not as expected lol e.g Sacred Marriage martied me to God

Scent of Infinite Possibilities

I bought Sekhmet online without smelling it ahead of time. I love it! Its scent is very earthy and I can't tell if it's a familiar or foreign smell to me. This isn't something that I will wear every day but will enjoy when I do wear it.

I found it to be such an intriguing scent that I looked at it from a clairvoyant space and found the following: Sekhmet transformed chaos energy into shifting perspectives and infinite possibilities....

Ostara Ritual Tin
Genevieve D.

I love all the oils I’ve tried. Right now I am loving Ganesh again. I use the body oils and lotions. Have never been disappointed and orders are packed well and shipped quickly.

A beautiful fragrance

This truly is just beautiful....the white lotus, sandalwood, turmeric and spice all shine through in different layers, and changes to my own chemistry to become even more amazing. I put this on and set my intention for help in all areas of my life, and ask for strength for my challenges.

Always pleased with what I order from Kate's Magick

I have always been pleased with the quality of everything that I have ordered, and it has arrived very quickly.

Birthday Gift

Big hit as a birthday gift. Love everything ❤️ @ Kate's!


Very similar to Yemen red from years ago. Looks and smells like molmol. Some tears, a good quality, and, moderately tenacious. A stronger myrrh not carried by Yemen - yet?


A little dry and dirty compared to the hojaries of Oman. Very little scent, with some pea sized tears that melt or boil when burnt. A smooth, high quality, low impact hojary.

Mesmerizing and Empowering

I am in love with this perfume. It is earthy, empowering, and sensual. I have placed it on my altar on my Sekhmet statue. I will order a full size soon.


I love this perfume so much! It is earthy, empowering, and sensual.

Don’t Be Without It !!!

Have been using it for YEARS !!!! I don’t ever want to be without it ….goes perfectly with my body
lotion…..People frequently ask what I’m wearing….

A Magical Oil For Women!

This is such a beautiful, balanced, and healing oil for women at all ages and stages! Thank you so much for creating this lovely product! ❤️

Such a beautiful, balanced, and healing oil for women at all ages and stages! A forever favorite! Thank you so much ❤️


Thank you so much for your wonderful products! I am also wanting to purchase your ORANGE PATCHOULI Oil as well as, the fabulous HEALING OINTMENT-LAVENDER-BERGMOT...LOVE the sample you included!

Dare to smell DELICIOUS

I put this body oil on and my husband said I smelled so good! I agree with him. The product is super high quality. Will be re-ordering.


Perfume gives me a headache so I ordered this sample to make sure I liked the scent before purchasing a full size and it’s amazing. The myrrh is strong but not overpowering and it fades nicely throughout the day. I am definitely getting a larger size.

Anointing oils

I love all of the anointing oils that I have from you


These are the best oils & I rely on them. I Love these oils!

I have been selling and using essential oils for over 30 years.

I Love Moon Goddess blend!

I used it during my February full moon ritual and loved the intentions that emanated from the oil. 🙏Thank you

Love it

This blend of essential oils really lifts my mood and is so pleasant! One of my favorites.

Amazing products!

I love everything I ordered! Quality products - beautiful packaging - love that my items have been reiki blessed!! Thank you!

I was hyped and rightfully so!!

I am no stranger to the Kate’s Magik brand, in fact, the first product I ever received from Kate’s Magik was her Detox Oil that quickly relieved tension.

So when I heard about the Energizing Wind oil, I was stoked for energy boost. Every day I use it, I feel a lot more energetic and lively which makes it that much easier to do physical activity and go about my day.

Definitely making this a signature fragrance for me!!!

Great products and customer service

I ordered the Isis and Rebirth and the Creativity oils and both smell amazing. There was an issue with my shipping address and I contacted customer service-they were friendly and prompt in resolving the issue for me.

Captures your senses

I love this essential oil… I use it daily… It’s warm… Inviting… And beautiful

Wonderful scents, very healing!