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A mysterious blend that intrigues the senses!

I love this perfume! It's unlike any others I have tried, a very unique and sacred blend that feels lovely on!


Smells like a high end niche fragrance and lasts! Have gotten compliments from coworkers. Love this scent, I originally picked three years ago because the description of the oils intention deeply spoke to me at that point in my life. Please continue to make this wonderful perfume oil!


Being an artist, I loved Muse. The fragrance was different than what I usually wear, but I really liked it!

Woman See Bright

Fabulous & new for me, anything with Jasmine...

Quick service. Aroma was disappointing.

This anointing oil is a blend of citrus and frankincense and was disappointing. It's aroma is mostly citrus with hardly any noticeable frankincense. The oil's aroma faded very quickly. It does have a warming quality to it which is nice, and it was shipped quickly. Because of the quality ingredients used in this brand I would give one more chance by trying another oil. :-)

Love the concept

I love the concept of this, and the branding and packaging is great. I just found this first month's scent to be really heavy and unlike what I had previously experienced with Kate's Magik. But I have high hopes for the next month. I do think the size is ridiculously tiny. I realize I was buying anointing oils before, but the size/prize disparity between the two is comical.


What a wonderfully unique, delicious blend.

Lucky me

Went to casino and used rain of prosperity before I went in. It certainly did bring me luck!!!


Dragonfly Body Perfume Oil


Isis & Rebirth Anointing Oil

Delicious and sensual

This oil is sexy and feminine, with aura of sensual passion about it. It makes me feel lovely.


this smells incredible! firebird indeed!


Moon Goddess Anointing Oil

Truly magical

In the best sense of the term it's magic is real! Absolutely mystifying and calming and alluring.


Bastet Perfume Society Subscription

Love the fragrance!

The Blue Morpho oil is the most unique, interesting and pleasant fragrance. I could just inhale the aroma all day long! The oil sinks in very quickly and is lovely. I only wish the fragrance would stay potent longer.

Aura Mist

I have used many of Kate's aural sprays and they not only are of high quality but influence whatever area of your life you wanted to work on.

Always erotic

Once again, this purchase will bring many love filled hours

May prosperity rain!

Using the mist along with affirmations and meditations is powerful!

Wonderful !

Could never accurately describe the smell or how your skin and mentality feel after use!! It is just a wonderful product !


I was really excited for this but was more impressed with the packaging than the scent. It was nothing I haven't smelled before and felt like the description was so cool and then the smell was kind of a bathroom air freshner mixed with really nice oils, for $22. Something I would pass up at the renaissance fair. I expected a mixture I hadn't smelled before but this wasn't it. Hopefully the next one will smell as exotic as the description and hype. I love Kate's Magik and her products, so staying hopeful!

Thanks for your feedback, Mimi. We're sorry to hear that the Firebird perfume wasn't a good fit for you. While Kate strives to create blends that appeal to lots of different tastes, sometimes there might be ones that don't resonate with everyone. We hope that the Muse perfume is more suited to you. Please write in to let us know your feedback. Thanks for your continued support of Kate's Magik!
Bastet Fire Bird

This is a unique opportunity to be a lucky recipient of such alchemy! Fire Bird is
A powerful and magical blend! I feel blessed, and certainly am excited by further alchemical creations of Kate's!


Bastet Perfume Society Subscription

Muscle Works Massage & Body Oil

My husband and I love this massage oil, it works wonders! Truly helps sore muscles, smells heavenly and leaves the skin feeling revived.


Rain of Prosperity Aura Mist


Muscle Works Massage & Body Oil


I've tried a number of different oils that are supposed to help you relax/sleep. And this is the best of the best. It's not too strong and it doesn't just feel "sleep"y (i.e., lavendery) but also has a really comforting, grounding smell to it. I love it and will be ordering more when I run out.


Cedarwood, Himalayan Essential Oil


Fantastic Frankincense!


Fire Aromatherapy Body Lotion

Happy member of the Bastet Perfume Society!

Having been a client of Kate's for a few years, I was really excited to read about the Bastet perfume society offering, and even more excited to receive the premiere perfume, Firebird, today. The packaging is beautiful and thoughtful, and included an information card describing the inspiration and intention behind this specific perfume's formula. I absolutely love the scent & can't wait to order a larger bottle! (I also can't wait to see what arrives next month!)


Aphrodisian Fire Massage & Body Oil

blue morpho

I recieved my first bottle as a gift, I love the scent. Since then, I have gifted to others, and re-gifted myself. I love your products! I especially appreciate the intention and Reiki in every product you make. Thanks!


Purification & Protection Aura Mist

Fantastic as always

I work with a ton of people and I'm constantly flooded by energy. This helps me keep grounded and makes me smell incredible.

Best oil ever

Can't live without this oil ..
I bought it a week ago and want to order mord asap ..


This product really works and is an excellent !

5 star

Sensual Lust & Passion Anointing Oil

5 star

Letting Go Anointing Oil

so delicious my friend took it! ;-)

I got one day's use out of it before a friend-- who hates perfumes-- talked me out of it. So... as I recall, it was quite delicious.

5 star


It works!!

This oil smells amazing, and, as advertised comes infused with some seriously good juju! Just a few days after I started using it, Isis began appearing in my dreams. I love it.

Rapturous Wrap

Lovely a light, warm hug. Beautiful!

Water body lotion

One of the best lotions ever. I also rub some into my palms before I go to sleep. The lavender aroma helps me off to sleep.

5 star

Moon Goddess Anointing Oil

I love it!

I have to admit, I was a little nervous ordering this. I am a little old to wear a scent that hearkens back to life in the 60's. It doesn't. I rarely treat myself, and this feels and smells like an indulgence. Wonderful work/product!

3 star

Aphrodisian Fire Massage & Body Oil

yes! you want one of these !

I bought it as a gift. It's even more fabulous than a picture could convey. Arrived really quickly & Jess had included some info about the Archangels for the recipient. Of course, now I want one of my own!

Sphinx Moss

Nice fragrance, wonderful body oil. Although Blue Morpho is my favorite, this fragrance is longer lasting on the skin.

Great Product!

My wife and I use this massage oil regularly, and always keep a supply on hand. We have tried numerous other products over the years, and nothing else compares.