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Grounding Divine Scent

Lakshmi Sacred Perfume

This oil makes me feel strong and feminine. Beautiful scent. I only wished it lasted longer.

Pleasant with or without moonlight accompaniment.

I have tried four of Kate's Magik oils. All were interesting and different. Tranquil Moonlight has a pleasant scent, owing to its mixture of sweet almond, avocado, clary sage, lavender, balsam, and sandalwood. I love it. Excellent for massages.

Earthy Luxurious Scent

Amazing smell. Got a lot of compliments

Magik is Magic

Love love love. Thank you


I love Aphrodisian Fire and am so impressed with all Kate's Magic products. Truly the best you can find

Wonderful product!

This is my favorite scent because it's earthy and woody and only a little bit floral. I use it as a hair oil - just a little bit brings out the curl.

sensual delight

I look forward to the arrival of this wee box-o-magick each month. It is a sensual experience from the moment the box opens <3 Each vial of perfume is a delight. This subscription makes an incredibly beautiful gift as well. Thank you!


I love the scent of this oil. Highly recommend.

Ra Sacred Perfume
Abigail M.

I purchased 3 items from Kate's Magik recently for my sister's birthday. They arrived in perfect time, and were a lovely way of sending quality Reiki charged fragrance as a present.
I find that these products are always of exceptional quality and blended with the utmost excellence and craftsmanship. Always pleased with my purchases from Kate's Magik.


Clients love the scent and sensation of the rose mist hovering and landing over their heart chakra, when lying supine on massage table.

Banditos Natural Defense Protective Mist


I have been craving a lush-smelling rose oil to wear to calm my nerves & the anxiety I feel frequently, with such unrest in the world. This roller has been wonderful! I blend it with a touch of lemon oil for an extra boost, and couldn’t be more satisfied with it!

Truly Magikal!

After years of feeling trapped in a never ending pattern of constant negative and weird energy and trying everything under the sun to shake it, finding this oil has been a God send! This has been the first time in a long time I have felt glimmers of happiness and euphoric feelings I’ve forgotten could exist in my life. I noticed a shift almost immediately after using it the first time. It smells so good too! Thank you for such an incredible product!

Love this oil!

Both my husband and I have been using the unrolling oil and we love it! Really warm and earthy scent. We both have felt things "shift" in our lives. Highly recommend!

Letting Go Anointing Oil

This is truly lovely Patchouli

To me Patchouli has a unique musky earthy smell. This product did not disappoint. The slightly sweet but also slightly spicy undertones were pleasant. My earth workings are done with more confidence when using quality ingrediance.

Nothing better than Vetiver

Pungent smell of fresh cut grass without the eye burn. This product was amazing and has helped me with both grounding and earth work. Quality product!

Isis rebirth is a favourite

Best smell ever sweet and delicate


A breath of heaven every time I wear it. My favorite so far from Kate!

Sweet and powerful sent

Sweet , woody and floral, Mary Magdalena is a numerous woman as this perfum ;-) I love it

Great change of pace from Muscle Magik!

We love Muscle Magik, but who doesn't love a change now and again? If that's you, just "Let(ting) Go!"

Dear Joe,

Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us about your tried and true favorite as well as your Magikal foray into the world of Letting Go!

We are so happy to hear that your products are working their Magik in your life. When you infuse intention with the scents of Earth’s healing, aromatic plants, expect Magik to happen!

We look forward to your review of other Kate’s Magik products. Thank you for your support and kind words!

Birthday bloss

I got this gift tin for my Virgo sister’s birthday and she loved it. We passed the tin all around the table and each one of us got lost in a happy Virgo moment.

Embrace goddesshood

This body oil emits an exquisite aroma, making the wearer feel blessed and those who engage her are charmed.

My favorite

I love these oils. Sphinx moth is my favorite. Such a different scent than most and I’ve gotten many compliments.