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Love love love

It’s is my favorite scent. Quick ship excellent customer service. Did I tell you I love my oil!

I admit it- I am addicted

I cannot (or do not want to anyway) live without this and the Aphrodisiac Fire body/massage oil. They are similar in scent and work great layered. The lotion is nice and creamy and soothing and a bit more delicate than the massage oil. I have people follow me around and ask me why I smell so good (right- kinda of weird but it could be worse). Try it- you will not be disappointed!!


Passion Rising Diffuser Oil


When using I make intentions for letting go. It is a lovely sensation and fragrance —


Very calming, my husband and I both love it and use it regularly.


Smells VERY heavily of tuberose to me. I was expecting more of a fresh jasmine smell, but this is very old and medicinal smelling--reminiscent of something my grandmother would wear.

Perfect for home office

I'm self-employed and staying motivated and energized is very important to my financial well-being. Stream of Success is the perfect addition to my self-care when it comes to work. I spritz it all over my office before working and it puts me in the right state of mind.

Must have!

I absolutely love this Aura Mist, and so does my husband. We set our intentions every morning with Purification & Protection, spraying over our heads--it always puts us in a positive mindset. I also like to mist our bedroom/pillows with it. Will purchase again & again!

Pretty, but not as I expected

I purchased this as a blind buy--I loved every single note in this perfume so I knew I wouldn't dislike it. I also loved the meaning/intention behind Blue Morpho. I was surprised by the mildness of the fragrance, no particular note jumped out at me aside from soft, powdery vanilla. I suppose I expected more grapefruit, more sandalwood, maybe a little more nutmeg. Once on the skin, the citrus does come forth, yet not as prominent as the vanilla. I detect little to no woody notes, and maybe just a bit of nutmeg. Overall, not a bad purchase, just smells a little too generic vanilla for my taste. Will I buy another bottle of Blue Morpho? No, but I will try for another KM product with more character.

Heavenly Scent

Essential oils have been become passion for me. They help uplift and heal.
This blend is absolutely wonderful! I'm glad I found Kate's Magik


Creativity & Performance Anointing Oil

My favorite blend

I've been buying the Kate's Magik anointing oil blend 'sweet marriage' for years, even though I didn't live in AZ anymore. I still have the old vintage bottles! This Jasmine orange blend is absolute Bliss and I love using it during heart chakra classes :-)

Never got it

When the package came in the mail it was had been opened and taken. When I emailed them (twice) to see if anything could be done I never got a response back. However the product is amazing I just wish I had it.

We are deeply sorry that the message was overlooked originally. Torder was refunded and hope you're enjoying the free replacement we shipped out.

it was the perfect gift!

Safe & Secure

When I tried Divine Mother for the first time, not only was I very pleased with the "happiness" of the fragrance, but the FEELING of being fully safe and secure enveloped me. This is how I've wanted to feel! I immediately ordered more of this perfume. I LOVE wearing it: I feel like I'm wearing a security field during the day, and at night my sleep is much deeper, better dreams, less waking up.

Thanks for your speedy delivery.

I have used your oils for three years and they really do set the tone for massage sessions. I have a Masters (Calypso model) cerulean massage table, and they compliment it well. (I also have the table surrounded by a Shoji Japanese screen.) Thanks!

Bastet was purrfectly lovely

The 1st place I went , a sales clerk ask who smelled like roses. It was nice . I love the pink pepper

Smells Refreshing

As a student, this oil helped me concentrate on my studies. Thank you.

Divine Mother Perfume Roll on

I love this scent, very nurturing! One of many I choose from daily!


Love this months oil and the image is Divine!


It was shipped super fast. Love the smell and feels so wonderful on my skin. Can't wait to try all of them


Aphrodisian Fire Massage & Body Oil

Clarity & Focus Anointing Oil

I love the idea of putting a scent to an intention. This anointing oil has helped me to better stay on track with tasks by reminding me through its lovely scent of cinnamon and citrus of that intention.


Amazing Blend


All of Kate’s creations are infused with high quality ingredients and magik! I love annointing myself with this “uncrossing” when I ever I feel bad vibes or have clouded energy.

Favorite Scent

I love the scent of Blue Morpho Body Perfume Oil, and it is so nourishing to my skin.

Wonderful fragrance

Firefly smells amazing.....lovely combination of the jasmine and patchouli


Amazing amazing amazing

Best for the winter skin blues

LIving in the midwest, single digit temperatures and the heat constantly roaring in the house, my skin doesn't have a chance, it is terrible dry. I have found that if I apply the Earth body lotion right out of the shower on damp skin this wonderful lotion does the trick for the most moist beautiful feeling skin without having to reapply.


I love the scent quite uplifting I have to remember to apply it

Gift Was Well Received!

This is the 3rd time a Kate's Magik product found its way onto a Christmas Gift list and was once again met with a "Yay!" Clearly there IS some magic in Kate's Magik!

Hart Perfume Rollon

This one is my personal favorite!

No need for a title

A waste of money

Great for winter!

This is a nice, hydrating oil blend that I love to use after bathing. It does a good job of keeping my dry skin soft, even in the winter, and the aromas are vibrant without being harsh. The Letting Go aroma blend is, for me, warming, comforting, cerebral, and invigorating. I like the way it makes me feel.


I use this daily instead of fragrance. I always have someone who is standing next to me comment on how nice I smell. It’s not the overpowering strong cologne scent that stays in the elevator all day. It is subtle, soft and welcoming only those who are close to get a little closer ;-) I find it calming and peaceful. Thanks for such a beautiful, healthy product. BTW, it is a lovely massage oil too!

My new scent

I find this scent suits me perfectly. Its subtle beauty enriches my life. Will be wearing it for years to come

Great before bed

The Moonlight Massage blend is lovely as a full body treatment after a shower at the end of the day. It leaves my dry winter skin feeling soft and well hydrated. And the aroma is comforting and nurturing. Woody-herbal, with a touch of something creamy, almost like vanilla. I wouldn't have bought it if I knew that it had this vanilla note (I'm not sure what it is - isn't listed on the ingredients), but I've actually come to enjoy it, finding it supporting and protective.


I apply after my shower and it's aroma and essence last all day. Thanks.

Love them all!

I’ve purchased 4 oils from Kate’s Magik and I adore them all! I use them all and if anything it’s hard to pick a favorite! Today I am wearing Isis Rebirth my newest oil, I wore it to bed last night. I also love Venus Love oil, Women See Bright, and Moon Goddess. These oils truly are powerful and beautiful. I hope to purchase the Ra perfume soon! I’m very connected to Isis and Egypt. Thank you Kate!

Oohh Kate - Iam in Mn & wish I could purchase more Kate’s @ the MOA Mall of America!! Or St. Paul...

excellent!! Thanks

Sweet Marriage Oil

Very Powerful stuff

Yummy stuff!

Love the fragrance, oil feels good on the skin!

Fire Aromatherapy Body Lotion

I've been using the Water Body Lotion for years to help me sleep (and stave off winter hands!) but as I'm on the cusp of Pisces/Aries (Water/Fire) I was curious about the Fire lotion. I began using it as my daily moisturizer recently to help set the intention for motivating solar-plexus activating Fire throughout the day and soothing Water at night. Just like its yin counterpart, the Fire lotion has become a new staple! It's lavish, decadently scented, rubs in quickly, and best of all, requires far less product to get the same result as most lotions. Another hit by Kate's Magik!


I had never tried Firefly Body Perfume Oil before (Wood Nymph is my favorite), but it is simply intoxicating. I love the combination of royal jasmine, patchouli, neroli, and frankincense. The scent is magnetic and long-lasting. I think I have a second favorite!

It’s subtle and beautiful.

This is my second bottle of Blue Morpho. It’s a warm and interesting scent that is not overpowering. It’s comforting. I love Kate’s Magik in general. I’ve been a customer for several years and used almost all the oils, many of which I can’t do without. I occasionally buy 8-10 products at a time. I look forward to trying the new monthly perfume offerings soon. If you’re a creative, open person who likes unusual scents filled with intention, Blue Morpho and all the Kate’s Magik products are worth trying. I love opening the box when it arrives at my door!


Sphinx Moth Body Perfume Oil

Sublime Lotion

I absolutely love Earth Aromatherapy Body Lotion...I'm on my third bottle! It's a great way to start the day moisturized, grounded, and smelling divine!



Aphrodisian Indeed

That night...I didn't pay too much attention to the smell of the fragrance rather it ignited a fire of freedom... in combination of another influence but there was something definitely magical that happened. It's a mystery until this day and oddly we've walked away...oooh but now I remember that smell kissed my sheets the morning after. A month later I just remembered I still have a full bottle of this magik potion patiently waiting until next time.