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Quan Yin Sacred Perfume Wonderful Scent

Quan Yin Sacred Perfume has a wonderful scent. This scent is great for healing. I've used a number of Kate's Majick products with good results. Also Maria in customer service was very nice and helpful with one of my orders. Great people wonderful and unique products to choose from!!

Awesome products

I was recommended to purchase the 2 sprays.And I absolutely love them

Love love love

I love using this mist. I always carry one in my bag and immediately feel the change when I mist myself or others. Thank you for sharing your products! 😊

Nice moisturizer and carrier oil

Smells fresh and works well to blend other essential oils in!

Pain removal is eminent !

We have been using this product for a couple of years now and I can safely say it works great for body aches and pains from being old or over doing it ! I highly recommend this and doesn't smell like wintergreen or irritate skin.

Heart healing

I'm a massage therapist and have purchased dozens of Kate's Magik products for my practice, since I discovered her in summer 2023. I used this Sacred Rose oil for the first time yesterday evening for a client who's been processing profound grief. I dropped a couple squirts on their hand while client was supine and it was about 15 minutes before the session ended. They rubbed their palms and brought it to their face. And inhaled. I thought after say 30 seconds, they'd drop their hands back to the massage table and I'd resume the session. We'll. Remarkably, they didn't remove their hands! They clasp their palms against their nose and mouth for several long minutes!! This person truly needed sacred rose and we both know it's going to be part of their healing process. Needless to say, they'll be buying Kate's products soon.

Rose 🌹 Divinity

This smells so divine. I love inhaling it. I’m so glad I purchased this.

The sensual scent of summer nights

It was love at first smell. I love going back to this scent and can't get enough of it, it's mysterious like a summer night full of incense... and fireflies.

I love these oils. I love the smell and I love the intentions. I have used them for healing of my heart, and as perfume.

Love this!!

Wow, I love how this smells and how I feel when I use it.
I set my intentions before I put it on, reminding myself that I am protected. The smell is pleasing and long lasting, I get wafts of the scent hours after applying like a gentle reminder that I am being watched over by angels.

My favorite oil

Beautiful moments of refreshment and enchantment

Kate's Rose Petal Hydrosol is beautiful, refreshing, healing! Whether using to refresh, re-invigorate, or even to relieve skin discomfort, this beautiful hydrosol gives a moment of peace, enchantment, and renewal. Always a pleasure to use, and to look forward to!

15 years off and on . Never fails to amaze

Use it. I am 64 and just started again. Not stopping traffic YET. Did jam up the grocery boy. Go get em 🔥😁

Amazing products

I recently came across your brand with the help of my reiki master. I am definitely noticing the good, positive change your product has on me and the people around me.
Thank you!!!! 😊

Beltane perfume smells like the freedom of childhood

The Beltane perfume arrived just in time for May 1st. To me it smells like the wonder of walking home slowly without any time constraints during the full bloom of springtime.

Best sex of my life

Y’all you will not regret this. I might of sprayed a little too much haha if you what I mean. So good. Also got this at natural grocers and just figured what the heck. Thank you Kate you the best girl

Luxurious fragrances,

I love your products and use some everyday, gives me such pleasure upon awakening

Beltane Roll On

Perfectly described! Rich, exotic scent! Love ❤️ all Kate's creations! Excited to be following the Celtic seasons!

Such a comforting scent

I adore this scent and find it to be so soothing at the end of the day. It's bright yet calming, comforting, slightly feminine, and familiar. I don't think you can go wrong with this scent!

Awesome Aromatherapy

These aromatic blends are truly magical! They have intention and are high quality. The manifestation oil is lovely. Promoting gratitude and living my best life.

Magical :)

It works :)

Sometimes not as expected lol e.g Sacred Marriage martied me to God

Scent of Infinite Possibilities

I bought Sekhmet online without smelling it ahead of time. I love it! Its scent is very earthy and I can't tell if it's a familiar or foreign smell to me. This isn't something that I will wear every day but will enjoy when I do wear it.

I found it to be such an intriguing scent that I looked at it from a clairvoyant space and found the following: Sekhmet transformed chaos energy into shifting perspectives and infinite possibilities....

Ostara Ritual Tin
Genevieve D.

I love all the oils I’ve tried. Right now I am loving Ganesh again. I use the body oils and lotions. Have never been disappointed and orders are packed well and shipped quickly.

A beautiful fragrance

This truly is just beautiful....the white lotus, sandalwood, turmeric and spice all shine through in different layers, and changes to my own chemistry to become even more amazing. I put this on and set my intention for help in all areas of my life, and ask for strength for my challenges.