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Rose Medicine Sacred Body Oil 60ml

Our blend of exquisite Rose Otto and Absolute will help comfort your heart, soothe your nerves, and mend your soul. The cosmic wisdom and tender healing ability of Rose will aid in easing sorrows, dissolving grief and instilling forgiveness. This graceful aroma will awaken your heart, elevate your mood and encourage sacred connection. Rose conjures life-force, can help balance hormones and awakens sensual desires.  This Sacred Queen of flowers, is here to love, beautify and comfort us through our earthly existence; in everyday life, practice, prayer and ritual.

Rose essential oil transmits the highest vibrational frequency (320 mhz) of all essential oils on our planet.

Since ancient times, aromatic oils have been applied for purification,  healing and to stimulate the senses. Their alchemical nature ties us to the mystical traditions of our ancestors.

Take a few centering breaths. Place 3-5 pumps in the palm of your hand and apply anywhere from the soles of your feet to the crown of your head; focusing on your heart, neck and shoulders. Rose medicine body oil soothes your soul while promoting healthy, balanced skin.

Customer Reviews

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Karen H.
Fabulous in every way!

I think you made the Rose Medicine line JUST for me!!! Is there any better form of Medicine?! I think not!!!
🤗 Kate’s Magik

Rose Medicine Sacred Body Oil

I love this oil! I’ve used it every day since I received it. As a certified Rose Priestess it resonates very much with me.

Radiant Rose!

The Rose Medicine Sacred Body Oil is a delight. It makes me feel special knowing I'm using the flower essence that vibrates at the highest frequency of any plant. The fragrance is not overpowering, but subtle and warm and natural. I'm so happy with this oil. It is a wonderful compliment to all of Kate's other body oils.

Amber L.

This rose oil smells absolutely amazing and fulfills its intended purpose wonderfully. Thank you so much I couldn't be happier with it!