Prepare for the Winter Solstice

The holy Yule season begins with the Winter Solstice on December 21st, when the darkness finally gives way to the light. The Winter Solstice, also known as Yule, has been recognized and observed by many cultures all over the world for centuries. It is a significant point in the wheel of the year that denotes the simultaneous end and new beginning of a cycle. December 21st is the darkest and the longest night of the year, as the days that follow are indicative of the Sun’s rebirth and return towards our planet Earth! It marks the final days of the waning half of the year and a reminder that light, warmth and growth will once again embrace us as the year moves toward the peak; the Summer Solstice or Litha, the longest day of the year.

This is a time of merry and magic when we celebrate endings and beginnings, rebirth, renewal, transformation and the return of the light. The Winter Solstice or Yule, is celebrated in a myriad of different ways: Yule, Christmas or Hanukkah trees, lights and candles, Yule logs and other special foods, altars and rituals that help us begin anew, and gifts of gratitude and appreciation. A Winter Solstice ritual can be a powerful way to create personal shifts and set intentions for the year ahead.  

Kate’s Magikal Suggestions for Winter Solstice Rituals and Celebration

These rituals may be done any time over the coming weeks with Winter’s arrival.  

  • Create a Yule fire and blow all your challenges into a stick, which you then burn in the fire. You may also burn strips of paper that have your detailed challenges, troubles, concerns and judgements listed.  

  • Take a walk in nature and be mindful of the dormant state of the land. Contemplate what needs to transform in your life as you commune with the natural world around you. Look for omens in the animals, the trees and the clouds.  

Photo by Ken Becker

  • Bake a Yule bread and share a celebratory feast of the Winter harvest with family, friends or neighbors.  

  • Make a seasonal altar of light, gratitude and intention with winter flowers, pine cones, oranges, mistletoe and fir tree clippings. Light a candle and burn resinous incense such as Frankincense, Myrrh or Copal and place your wishes and intentions for the new year here.  

  • Work with Deities such as Ganesh, Hekate, Isis, Kali or other archetypes that support the season of endings and beginnings.  

  • Walk a labyrinth near you (shed when walking in, illuminate and pray in the center, then state your intention on the way out) - a wonderful and highly effective practice!  

  • Most importantly, SET YOUR VISION, WISHES and INTENTIONS FOR THE YEAR AHEAD. Journal on the changes you are craving, your goals around your personal relationships, abundance, love, health, yourself, family, community and the planet we call home. Set your intentions on the altar.

The Kate’s Magik tribe wishes you a magical Solstice Season! For the 2020 holiday season, let us remember the ancient, sacred celebration of the Winter Solstice, which is that of renewal, peace, gratitude and intention setting. May the Spirit of Yuletide shine within and around us throughout the year, as the Wheel of the Seasons continues to turn. And let us remember that THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

Kate’s Selection of winter solstice Products

Myrrh Gum Resin
$ 19.99

Myrrh Resin is wild-harvested in North Africa. Burn to cleanse and purify spaces. Burned as an incense, Myrrh purifies the space and lifts vibrations. It is generally used in conjunction with Frankincense or other resins. Myrrh is used in healing incenses and in sachets. Its smoke is used to purify and bless objects such as amulets, talismans, charms and other magical tools.  

Frankincense Resin
$ 17.99

Frankincense Resin is wild-harvested in North Africa. Burn to cleanse and purify spaces. Frankincense has been used for thousands of years for its purifying, protective and healing properties.  

Use Isis & Rebirth Anointing Oil for transformation and new beginnings. Isis & Rebirth Anointing Oil is a sacred blend inspired by the Egyptian goddess of love, rebirth and creation. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, let go of the old and embrace transformation into your next beautiful phase. Embrace living life in the present moment! Isis & Rebirth Anointing Oil is a heavenly blend of Organic Madagascan Vanilla and floral Rose.  

Letting Go Anointing Oil
$ 18.99

Letting Go Anointing Oil was created to help you release pain, guilt, blame and to remove obstacles. Letting Go Anointing Oil assists in freeing us from that which no longer serves us and removes unwanted obstacles from our path. Letting Go Anointing Oil is a blend of soothing Bulgarian Rose Otto with rich, grounding wood notes of Cedarwood.  

$ 89.00$ 71.20

Hekate is an ancient Greek goddess that serves as a guide for safe passage through the underworld. Her torch shines dim moonlight to help us find our way through the darkness. This mystical winter perfume opens the door to a hidden, secret world, where magik and transformation can unfold. Hekate supports the spiritual warrior within and provides protection as she helps lead you forward on your path. The blend for Hekate was created around the highly spiritual Indian Spikenard oil, which was commonly used as an ointment in ancient times by priests, priestesses, queens and kings, as well as Jesus of Nazareth and Mary Magdalene, for its anchoring, calming and supernatural qualities. Joy-inducing Clementine and spicy Pimento Berry bring trust and courage to this enigmatic perfume. Inhale deeply and let the transformative aroma of Hekate usher you through the mountains, valleys, and crossroads of the upcoming winter season.  

$ 95.00$ 76.00

Anubis, the jackal-headed Egyptian god, is a protector of the dead and an overseer of embalming and funerals. He has been called “Lord of the Sacred Land,'' as well as “God of Deserts and Darkness.” He embodies a protective shaman or priest who guides mortals from one realm to another. Anubis also watches over and guides the souls of the dead on their journey from the physical realm to the afterlife. Kate created Anubis Perfume to help support us in understanding the temporary nature of our current life and to connect with those who have passed over. This magik potion will also help us travel beyond linear time. Ancient Myrrh and holy Frankincense will help instill trust in what comes after life as we know it. Together with divine Rose we will be guided to the deeper realms beyond this world.  

Mary Magdalene - A mysterious woman who traveled by Jesus’ side. Was she a sinner or a saint? A harlot or the bride of Christ? There are many speculations on the subject of Mary Magdalene; she even has ties to the sacred Isle of Avalon where she is revered as the origin of the Arthurian bloodline. This would make her an ancestor of King Arthur and his priestess sister and aunt. For Kate, Mary Magdalene represents the sacred within the feminine, the God-spark that lives within every person and the perfect balance to the masculine. Anoint yourself with the essence of Mary Magdalene to connect with the higher realms and evoke cosmic wisdom. Allow a medley of Roses and Magnolia to awaken your inner priestess, sacred Myrrh to anchor your prayers and Patchouli to align you with your true purpose. 

Krishna is the Hindu God of compassion, tenderness, and love and one of the most revered among Indian divinities. He is typically depicted with a flute in his hand and portrayed with dark, or blue skin. This divine hero and enchanting lover can be a strong guide for us on our spiritual path of wisdom, devotion and discernment. Mysore Sandalwood, deep Indian Jasmine and rich, balsamy Cardamom absolute are the aromatic gems of this highly spiritual and divinely comforting Perfume worthy of a supreme God. May Krishna be our spiritual guide as we enter a new decade.  

Use Meditation & Trance Anointing Oil to aid in meditation and enhance spirituality. Meditation & Trance is a highly spiritual, sacred blend that's perfect for meditation, yoga, rituals, ceremonies and prayer. It increases visions and connects us to the divine while keeping a centered, grounded mind. Meditation & Trance Anointing Oil is a warm subtle blend of Frankincense and Sandalwood. 

Lemon Essential Oil
$ 6.95

Lemon Essential Oil has always been recognized for its cleansing and purifying properties. It is known for being antiseptic, refreshing and cooling. Research has also shown that Lemon Essential Oil can enhance the ability to concentrate. The fruit was well known in Europe by the middle ages, and Greeks and Romans were advocates of its therapeutic properties. Lemon essential oil reached the height of its fame when the British began using the citrus fruit to counteract the effects of scurvy on long naval voyages. 

Lime  Essential Oil
$ 6.95

Lime Essential Oil has a crisp, refreshing citrus scent that has been used by aromatherapists for its energizing, uplifting and revitalizing properties. It can also act as an astringent on skin where it is reputed to help clear oily skin. Lime Essential Oil has a crisp, sweet, fresh smell characteristic of the fruit.  

Purification and Protection Aura Mist is a cleansing aromatherapy mist to remove negativity, relieve stress and restore balance. Use Purification & Protection Aura Mist as an instant aromatherapy treatment by spraying in a circular motion above the crown of your head. As the mist falls down all around you, breathe deeply and feel the purifying power of the essential oils as any anger, negativity or stagnation dissolves away. Take a moment for reflection and embrace your new lightness of being. This mist is also a great way to remove bad vibes and cleanse any space to create a balanced atmosphere. Make it a part of your yoga or meditation ritual to help clear the mind and set your intention for practice. Additionally, Purification & Protection Mist is a powerful alternative when you can't burn sage or other cleansing herbs. 

Rosemary Essential Oil
$ 6.95

The energizing, herbaceous aroma of Rosemary Essential Oil is like a crisp mountain wind that sweeps away mental fogginess, negativity and fatigue while instilling a renewed sense of empowerment. It is an effective tool to cleanse and purify our surroundings and stimulate both the body and mind. Because of its vast array of benefits, Rosemary Essential Oil is an excellent addition to any aromatherapy collection. 

Frankincense  Essential Oil
$ 15.95

Frankincense Essential Oil is spiritually elevating and a powerful aid during meditation. It is calming and centering on the mind. It helps instill faith and trust and reconnect you with spirit. Frankincense Essential Oil holds the wisdom of the universe. It is an ancient traditional purifying oil and helps remove blocks and negativity. It can instill trust, increase vision and concentration. It brings the blessings of the sun and successful energy. Frankincense has been used since ancient times as a sacred purifying incense. Also known as Olibanum, Frankincense was used by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks as an offering to the gods. It is said that it was gifted to Jesus by one of the three wise men. 

Myrrh  Essential Oil
$ 17.95

Myrrh Essential Oil has been used as a sacred oil and resin since ancient times. It awakens spirituality, aids in meditation and is ideal for cleansing rituals before healing. It instills peace, trust and courage. It helps let go of stagnant pain and resentment and can bring in forgiveness and vision for a new path. Myrrh Essential Oil has a warm, rich, spicy balsamic odor. Myrrh has been used as an ingredient in incense and perfumes, as well as for embalming and fumigation practices in Ancient Egypt. In folk tradition it was used for muscular pains and in rheumatic plasters. Myrrh Oil, distilled from the resin, has been used since ancient times to heal wounds. It is also said that one of the three kings brought Myrrh as an offering to Jesus when he was born. Myrrh was also considered to be sacred to Isis, the Egyptian goddess of motherhood, magic and fertility. 

Quan Yin Sacred Perfume
$ 29.99

Quan Yin Sacred Perfume inspires kindness and forgiveness. Quan Yin is the Goddess of mercy, compassion and loving kindness. Heavenly Rose evokes the vibration of the divine feminine and re-instills faith, while Sandalwood and Vanilla encourage forgiveness and help you live in the present.  

The term Bhakti is a Sanskrit word meaning faith, love, devotion, and authentic joy. I created the original formulation for this month’s Bhakti Perfume for my partner in life and love who makes his living as a musician. Performing can be trying at times, so he asked me to create a blend of oils that would help him connect with Source, provide protection, and instill gratitude for his musical gifts. Being a musician myself, I was called to create a fusion of sacred oils of strong protective qualities that awaken divine and effortless musical flow. Bhakti Perfume will evoke devotion, joy, and sacred protection from outside energies that can throw us off balance. All of the essential oils in Bhakti have been used since ancient times for these purposes, making it a perfect perfume for daily protection, meditation, ritual, ceremony, song, and prayer. Bhakti is also an entrancing scent for men! The aroma of Bhakti is deep and warming, featuring rare and precious Agarwood (sourced from cultivated trees, not from wild or endangered species), enriched with sensual, balsamy Himalayan Cedarwood and a selection of other sacred tree essences.  

Earth Aromatherapy Body Lotion was created for grounding and empowerment. The Earth is magnetic, fertile and nurturing. Earth Aromatherapy Body Lotion will help you live in the present moment and inspires grounding and empowerment. Captivating Vetiver settles the mind and calms turmoil, while Cedarwood provides stability and strength. Allow your desires to be anchored and awaken your highest potential.  

Use Blue Morpho Body Perfume Oil for transformation and change. The Blue Morpho Butterfly is an iridescent, blue tropical butterfly that represents transformation and metamorphosis - the ability to change. Blue Morpho Body Perfume Oil will help you grow into your next life stage with strength and an open heart. Let yourself be guided to the enchanted place that awaits you. Embrace change and visualize your life full of beautiful things. Here you are! Gentle Vanilla and mystic Sandalwood create a warm and sacred note, while savory Nutmeg and Pink Grapefruit add spice and zest. The result is a smooth, velvety aroma with a powerful undertow for people who crave change. 

Letting Go Massage + Body Oil was created for emotional relief and detoxification. Letting Go Massage + Body Oil helps eliminate negative emotions, sadness, pain and fear. Frequently we store stress and negative emotions in our bodies and they manifest as physical discomfort. This product is a great tool to assist in letting go of those manifestations and purify the body and spirit. Letting Go Massage + Body Oil is a purifying blend of woodsy, sweet Juniper, herbaceous Rosemary and uplifting Grapefruit. Juniper detoxifies the body and enhances relaxation. Rosemary brings clarity to the mind and increases blood flow in the body. Grapefruit restores emotional balance and combats stress. 

Sacred Ceremony Tea is a grounding blend of organic herbs for inspiration, purification and spiritual wisdom. Sacred Ceremony Tea was created for use during daily rituals, to aid with meditation or prayer, to share with a friend or simply to honor thyself. Stimulating spices complement the powerful properties and subtle sweetness of luscious Licorice Root. Rose and Jasmine open the heart to compassion while Tulsi and White Sage clear the mind of heavy energy, sadness, or stagnation and bring us back into balance.  

Winter solstice collection

$ 79.00$ 63.20
$ 89.00$ 71.20
$ 79.00$ 63.20
Uncrossing Anointing OIl
$ 18.99
Letting Go Anointing Oil
$ 18.99
Myrrh  Essential Oil
$ 17.95
Frankincense  Essential Oil
$ 15.95
Fir Needle Essential Oil
$ 7.95

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