Aromatherapy for New Year Abundance

abundance blessing from kate

Blessings for a New decade of Magik, Beautiful People! 

Wishing you a successful and abundant fresh start to 2020! 


May your year be filled with music and magik. 

 May you shift and transform to become the most potent version of you. 

May trust and courage be your daily companions 

 May you keep following your bliss and discovering new passions

 May love and light be with you, even in the darkest hours. 

 Yours truly,


Aromatherapy for Abundance

Prosperity for the New Year

A New Decade

Happy New Year! Can you believe that it’s 2020? It’s the beginning of a new decade, which means that in many ways, you can start over again! It is never too late to begin something new or quit a habit that doesn’t serve your highest good. You don’t ever have to wait for a new year to start implementing change in your life, but it is a good benchmark in which to gauge your success! Because you will be successful. Make small goals for your life right now in the beginning of the year, with the intention that your small goals will manifest as big dreams! Shoot for the stars, as they say. But don’t set so many goals that you become overwhelmed by their magnitude and give up entirely. You might set a goal for January and then create new goals month to month. Whatever it is, believe that in this new year and new decade, you have the inner strength to overcome and the power to bring in whatever you need. 

Set New Intentions

One intention that is usually on the minds of many around this time is abundance. Whether you own a small business or you’re starting one or just want to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life, try setting intentions with aromatherapy. To set an intention is a beautiful act of love recognized by the Universe. But remember that your intentions need to coincide with inspired action. You must work to turn your dreams into reality! Intention-based aromatherapy works because your brain makes connections with scent and action. The more you do it, the more it works! 

 For example, many people burn herbs to create a sacred space or moment at their altar or throughout the day. The moment the brain recognizes the smell of that specific burning herb like cedar or sage, one’s mindset shifts into a peaceful, intentional and open consciousness in order to allow time and space for meditation, prayer or worship. You can do this kind of intention-based aromatherapy with products that engage with natural plant material like essential oils in order to help you make changes in your life! 

 Here at Kate’s Magik, we have several products that are intended to aid in the process of bringing abundance and prosperity into your life! Use them daily or create a practice which includes setting intentions to bring more abundance, growth, expansion, success, prosperity and wealth into your life.

prosperity and success

Lakshmi Sacred Perfume
$ 27.99

Use Lakshmi Sacred Perfume to evoke beauty and prosperity! Hindu Goddess Lakshmi is the embodiment of beauty, wealth and prosperity. This sacred perfume evokes both material and spiritual success while revealing authentic beauty with notes of Turmeric, Jasmine, and Honey.

Ra Sacred Perfume
$ 27.99

Kate’s Magik Ra Sacred Perfume is used for energy and empowerment! Ra is the ancient Egyptian Sun God known as creator and ruler of the Heavens. He represents light, warmth, power and energy. Deep, restorative Oakmoss with a touch of Egyptian Jasmine make this a truly empowering blend

True Abundance Diffuser Oil
$ 12.99

Use True Abundance Diffuser Oil is a prosperous blend of Bergamot, Basil and Cinnamon to attract abundance and success. A great oil to help remove financial obstacles and create a bountiful atmosphere.

Try Earth Aromatherapy Body Lotion for grounding and empowerment.The Earth is magnetic, fertile and nurturing. Earth Body Lotion will help you live in the present moment and inspires grounding and empowerment. Captivating Vetiver settles the mind and calms turmoil, while Cedarwood provides stability and strength. Allow your desires to be anchored and awaken your highest potential.

Prosperity Anointing Oil
$ 17.99

Prosperity Anointing Oil is intended to attract the energy of abundance and wealth. Prosperity Anointing Oil is a blend of Basil and Cinnamon that helps remove money blocks and manifest prosperous energy. Basil has been a symbol of wealth attraction since ancient times and encourages the flow of abundance. It is a great oil to use in your place of business to attract customers.

Rain of Prosperity Aura Mist is an abundance attracting mist to bring forth prosperity and create a plentiful environment. Rain of Prosperity Aura Mist is a blend of herbaceous Basil and Bright Citrus with a touch of Fresh Juniper that helps to create a prosperous atmosphere and serves as a tool to set and maintain your outlook. Basil and Bergamot have been used since ancient times as symbols of prosperity and as a means to direct the flow of abundance. 

Stream of Success Aura Mist
$ 17.99

Stream of Success Aura Mist is a joyful mist to create a sunny environment and evoke the sweet smell of success. Stream of Success Aura Mist is a blend of grounding, wise Cedar with Citrus and a touch of Indian spice. Stream of Success was designed to bring forth the inner smile and help radiate the joy needed to attract the rewards we deserve and manifest the energy of success in our endeavors. It's a powerful tool to attract success and good fortune as well as encourage confidence and effective communication.

Sun of Success Anointing Oil is used to open doors, foster communication and bring success. This blend of Frankincense and Citrus helps you achieve goals in any aspect of life such as career, creativity, legal matters, fame, health and more. Sun of Success attracts the energy of bright, sunny success.

Venus - A Love Oil Anointing Oil is used for love and soul mate attraction. Evoke the goddess of love and prosperity with this seductive and sensual, yet wise and spiritual blend of exotic, floral Ylang Ylang with sensual Sandalwood and a touch of Indian spice.

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