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Spirit Cats Card Deck

 Spirit Cats Card Deck by Nicole Piar

Oracle deck consisting of 48 inspirational cards to bring you peace, connection, and clarity. Each card has a hand-painted Spirit Cat printed on one side and a unique healing message on the other.
This deck can help you:
-See a situation or yourself in a new light
-Find healing during emotionally challenging times
-Get clarity and make confident decisions
-Connect with your dreams and desires
-Be more playful and creative
-Create a simple and peaceful daily ritual

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful Art, Meaningful Deck

I've used these cards three times so far, and each reading was eerily appropriate for what was going on! I absolutely adore cats, and the lovely art helps me open up even more for whatever needs to come through. The messages are simple but powerful, and looking at the images brings me so much peace and calm. This is my new favorite deck!