Winter Solstice Message from Kate 2021

Yuletide Blessings Beautiful People,

Since the dawn of time people have come together to honor this mid-winter sabbath. It is the longest night of the year and I wish you infinite love, joy and healing as we begin anew with the return of light and day.

Oh how I love this enchanted season! It commences with Samhain (Oct 31) when we give thanks for all the blessings bestowed upon us and begin our transformation as we descend into the darkest time of the year. I love the fire ceremonies, the harvest foods, the dim autumnal light and the opportunity to once again let go and transform. Having a Scorpio ascendant and Sagittarius Sun this time a year always feels extraordinarily empowering. After the heat of the Sonoran Summer, the Season of Darkness is a comforting relief for us desert folks - it provides the opportunity to go inside and pull away from the outside world. During these days of great darkness, we are closer to the eternal and the timelessness we all long for. It’s a magikal time of year.

On a personal note, as I look back on this year, I feel a sense of surrender. For almost two years now, we have collectively been traveling through a time of uncertainty, unpredictability and uncontrollability. I’ve had my own dark night of the soul within our collective dark night. And I know many of you have also. I’ve had two hard hits with my physical health over the last couple of years that had me spiraling at times. I was forced to summon all my healing powers, accept what is and let go of what I can not control. I chose to look closely at who I am, the choices I make and my unhealed wounds. This was very painful at times. It made me more vulnerable than I ever wished to be. But maybe more real. And I’ve been given the opportunity to heal more deeply and make impossible magical miracles happen against all adversity. Amen. As I heal, you heal; as you heal, I heal.

And through all these wild storms, Kate’s Magik and its beautiful family of magical beings prospered and more beautiful souls aligned to continue creating these sacred essences to support us as we travel onward. Speaking of essences - I love, love love all the sacred tree oils and ancient far east spices that provide the seasonal scentsory landscape. They bring feelings of warmth, comfort, sanctity and protection. Oh holy Frankincense, sacred Myrrh, protective Juniper and Cedarwood. All the precious notes that guide us through everyday life but particularly come to life during the Solstice season. Oh precious Cinnamon, intoxicating Clove and savory Nutmeg. This world would not exist without these sacred aromas which transport, purify and bless us through all time and space. I have such deep, unexplainable reverence for these plant essences. There are no words to describe what these magikal oils can do for us because they are truly otherworldly.

So let us anoint with sacred oils, light our candles, set our altars and feast on winter foods. It’s time to let go and ready ourselves for rebirth. A new dawn is upon us. 

With Love, Light and Magik,


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